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that the King was only playing with them now, and correcting them as he would his child, and that the ships in the harbour were as thick as the trees in an old field, (pointing to a field where the trees stood very thick,) and that the King could take this country in three weeks if he pleased." And that a certain Morris Lewis told this deponent that the said Daniel Shelly wanted much to inlist him under him for the space of six months, offering him a bounty of nine pounds, and that the said Lewis asked Shelly for what. He told him it made no odds for what ; that this deponent asked him would he make up a company, and he said he did not know what he wanted him for.


Sworn and subscribed before me, 2d July, 1776.



[Read 8th July, 1776.]

Annapolis, July 4, 1776.

SIR : In obedience to the order of Convention, I enclose you their Resolutions for raising the number of Militia required of this Province for the Flying-Camp. The alacrity and unanimity with which these resolutions were formed and passed, are a proof of the readiness in this Convention to do everything in their power that may contribute to the common safety. I make no doubt the same disposition will prevail individually, and that the several members will use their influence in forwarding this service, which I hope will be soon completed.

I am also directed to request you will, by the first opportunity, order to be transmitted to the Council of Safety for this Province the last Resolution of Congress respecting the pay of the Militia when called into actual service.

I have the honour to be your most obedient servant,


To the Hon. John Hancock Esq., Philadelphia.

In Convention at Annapolis, June 25, 1776.

Resolved, unanimously, That this Province will furnish three thousand four hundred and five of its Militia to form a Flying-Camp, and to act with the Militia of Pennsylvania and the Delaware Government in the Middle Department, that is to say, from this Province to New- York, inclusive, according to the request of the Congress in their Resolution of the 3d day of this instant June.

That, for that purpose, four Battalions be instantly raised, each of them to consist of nine Companies, and each Company to consist of ninety men, to wit : one Captain, two Lieutenants, one Ensign, four Sergeants, four Corporals, one Drummer, one Fifer, and seventy-six Privates ; each of the said Battalions to be commanded by one Colonel, one Lieutenant Colonel, and one Major ; and that to each Battalion there be allowed a Quartermaster, an Adjutant, a Surgeon, and two Assistants ; and that over and above the said Battalions, there be also instantly raised one other Company, to consist of one Captain, three Lieutenants, four Sergeants, four Corporals, one Drummer, one Fifer, and ninety-six Privates ; and that the whole of the said Militia so to be raised be commanded by a Brigadier General, who shall have the appointment of a Brigade Major.

That warrants immediately issue to such persons as shall be appointed by this Convention to take the enrolment of the said non-commissioned Officers and Privates, which enrolment shall be made of those who shall voluntarily offer themselves for the said service and subscribe an enrolment in the following words, to wit : " We, the subscribers, do hereby enrol ourselves to serve as Militia of Maryland in the Middle Department, that is to say, from this Province to New- York, inclusive, until the 1st day of December next, unless sooner discharged by the honourable Congress, according to the Resolution of the Convention of Maryland, held at Annapolis, the 21st day of June, 1776."

That the said warrants be in the following form, to wit :

"By the Convention of Maryland, June 1776 :

" You are empowered to enrol . . . . . . effective freemen, to act as Militia of this Province in the Middle Department, according to the Resolutions of this Convention and the form of enrolment herewith delivered to you ; and on your doing which, and their passing as effective, you are to be entitled to, and shall receive a commission as Captain, as First Lieutenant, or Second Lieutenant, or Ensign, as the case may be, of a Company to be composed partly of those you enrol."


Extract from the Minutes :                   G. Duvall.


Joseph, by the Grace of God, King of Portugal and of the Algarves, &c., &c., &c.: I make known to all who shall see this present Edict, that having been lately informed that the English Colonies in America had not only separated themselves, by an act of the Congress the 15th of May last, from the subjection to the Crown of Great Britain, but also were making laws of their own, and giving particular power to resist the lawful authority of his Britannick Majesty, my good brother, friend, and ally : And whereas so pernicious an example ought to interest even the most indifferent Princes not to favour or assist, directly or indirectly, subjects thus publickly and formally rebelling against their lawful Sovereign, it is my will and pleasure to order, that in all the ports of these Kingdoms and his dominions, no shelter shall be given to any ships, loaded or in ballast, coming from any of the ports of the said North American British Colonies ; but, on the contrary, that they are to be repelled from the said ports, and in the same manner they entered, without giving them the least succour of any kind whatsoever. The Masters of ships who have been permitted to enter hitherto, in consideration of not having received any express injunction to the contrary, shall be notified to depart with their ships out of the abovementioned ports within the space of eight successive days without fail ; examination being had before their departure, if they have on board any gunpowder, or other warlike stores, of the kinds already prohibited by my Royal Orders, given the 21st of October last, to the Arsenal of the Army, and to the Office of Outward Consulship ; and confiscating, for the benefit of the publick works, any of the said ships on board of which shall be found clandestinely concealed any of the abovementioned warlike stores, as goods rightly seized and manifestly known to be the property of Rebels.

Our Lord the King hath ordered this by his Royal Decree of the fourth of this current month of July, and directed it to his Royal Council, commanding it to be printed and set up in all publick places of Lisbon and ports of this Kingdom, and of the Algarve, in order that every one should have notice thereof, and that no person may pretend ignorance.

    (Signed)             COUNT DE AZAMBUJA, President.

Lisbon, 5th of July, 1776.


Paris, July 5, 1776.

SIR : I am privately informed that at the General's Office they are actually raising funds for a great armament, now fitting out by land and sea, with the greatest despatch.

I did not receive this advice until last night, and that with the greatest secrecy. I hasten to inform you of it, and shall not neglect it on my part.

I shall be very happy when my dear country will have a common cause with yours ; in the mean time recommend me to the favour of our future allies.

I am, with all my heart, my dear friend,



At a Council, July 5, 1776 : Present : His Excellency Archibald Bulloch, Jonathan Bryan, John Houston, John Girardeau, Daniel Roberts, Nathan Bronson, John Wereat, Benjamin Andrews, John Adam Treutlen, William Le Conte.

Mr. Jonathan Bryan, John Houston, and Colonel McIntosh, waited on the Board, and reported what they had represented to General Lee relative to the state of this Province, which was as follows, viz :

The Deputies sent by desire of General Lee, from the Colony of Georgia, to confer with him upon the state of

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