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master-General of the Continental Army, the articles of timbers, boards, shingles, brick, or stone, or to sell or let their horses, oxen, carts, or carnages, for transporting the same, or to furnish any other necessary supplies and assistance for the use of said Army, it shall be the duty of any one Assistant or Justice of the Peace within this Colony, and they are hereby ordered and directed upon application to them by any such Quartermaster or Quartermasters, their agent or agents, to grant a proper warrant or warrants for the impressing from any such person or persons so refusing, any of the necessary articles or things aforesaid, or of any other article or thing needful for the support or supply of said Army, or for the transportation of the same, directed to the Sheriff, his Deputy, Constable, or any indifferent person within the County where such application shall be made, who shall impress and cause an apprisement to be made thereof by two or more indifferent men within said County, to be appointed by the authority granting such warrant, at the just and true value, and deliver the same to said Quartermaster or Quartermasters, their agent or agents, he or they paying to the owner or owners thereof, or into the hands of such officer who shall impress the same, the sum or sums at which the said article or thing shall be apprised as aforesaid, or so much as shall be reasonable for the use of such horse or horses, oxen, cart, or carriages, when the same shall be returned again to the owner thereof, by his own consent and agreement.


Resolved by this Assembly, That there be provided in this State, as soon as may be, for the use of the Militia thereof, when called into actual service, the following articles of camp equipage and utensils, viz : two thousand Tents, two thousand Iron Pots containing two gallons each, four thousand Wooden Bowls, and six thousand Canteens, or Wooden Bottles.

And be it further Resolved, That the same be provided by the several towns in this State, in manner and proportion following, viz : That one Tent, one Iron Pot, two Wooden Bowls, and three Canteens, be provided for every thousand pounds of the general list of such towns respectively in the year 1775 ; and the Selectmen of the several towns in this State are hereby directed and required to procure the aforesaid Tents and Camp utensils, and them keep and have in constant readiness, for the use of the Militia in their respective towns when called into actual service, the cost and expense of procuring the same to be paid and borne by such towns respectively.

And be it further Resolved, That the Selectmen of the several towns in this State shall also, at the cost of their respective towns, provide and have in constant readiness, suitable boxes, in which to place and secure the Iron Pots aforesaid, for transportation ; and also that they do from time to time, take care and keep the Canteens aforesaid tight, and in good order, and fit for use.


Whereas General Gates by a letter has requested a number of Iron Spades and Iron Shovels to be sent to Ticonderoga, and a quantity of Flour to be sent to Skeensborough, with some Shingle Nails for the use of the Army under his command :

Therefore, Resolved by this Assembly, That Major Ebeneser Gay be appointed and directed to purchase two hundred Spades and Iron Shovels, and send them forthwith to General Gates, at Ticonderoga, for the purpose aforesaid ; and also to purchase ten tons of Wheat Flour, and transport the same forthwith to Skeensborough, to be stored and guarded in such place and manner as General Gates shall direct. And that the Treasurer be and he is hereby directed to deliver said Major Gay the sum of three hundred pounds, taking his receipt to account for the same : And that Dr. John Dickinson be and he is hereby appointed and directed to employ a proper number of nail-makers, forthwith to manufacture Shingle Nails, and that his Honour the Governour be desired to inform General Gates thereof, and request information how many will be necessary for his purpose.


We, your Honours' Committee, appointed to take into consideration what further measures are best to be taken to provide for the comfort and relief of the Militia of this State in service, and for obtaining as early release for them as possible, beg leave to report it as our opinion, that his Honour the Governour be desired to write to his Excellency General Washington, requesting him as soon as possible to discharge all the sick in the Militia who it shall be judged incapable of further service, and likewise that he would in some way which his wisdom shall devise, provide blankets and clothing for those of the Militia who have been so unfortunate as to lose theirs in retreating from the enemy, or permit some suitable persons on furlough to repair to the various parts of the State as may be convenient, to procure those articles of the friends of those soldiers who are thus deprived of them.

All which is submitted by your Honours' humble servants.

Signed per order :



Whereas this Assembly at their Sessions in June last appointed Samuel Squire, &c., to purchase barrel Pork for the use of the Colony, and it being now represented to the Assembly that some persons in the County of Fairfield still retain quantities of Pork that is wanted for the publick service contrary to said resolve ; which makes it necessary that further provision be made in order to carry the same into execution :

Resolved by this Assembly, That Samuel Squire, of Fairfield, be directed and empowered, and he is hereby empowered, to seize and take any quantity of Pork that is wanted for the publick service, from any person or persons that have refused or shall refuse to sell the same agreeable to said resolve of June ; and when so seized or taken to pay the owner or owners thereof according to said resolve ; and said Squire is hereby further empowered and directed, in case of refusal,.as aforesaid, to command and take with him proper and sufficient assistance for that purpose, and to break open any shop or store in order for taking and seizing the same for the purpose aforesaid.


Upon report of the Committee appointed to consider what further provision and encouragement should be made for the procuring Fire-Arms and Gun-Locks :

Resolved by this Assembly, That Captain Robert Faireheld, Captain Ephraim Pease, Captain Dudley Wright, Doctor John Dickinson, Mr. Asahel Holcom, Mr. Nathan Frink, Captain Jabez Huntington, and Captain John Phelps, be and hereby are appointed a Committee in addition to those gentlemen heretofore appointed for procuring of Fire-Arms and Gun-Locks, and that the same powers and authority heretofore given to a former Committee be and the same is hereby revived and given to said Committee for the purpose of executing the aforesaid trust, and said Committee are directed to exert their utmost endeaours to effect the manufacture of good Fire-Arms and Locks upon the encouragement heretofore granted, and make report of their doings to the General Assembly in May next, to which time their authority shall continue.

And it is further Resolved, That Mr. Elihu Clark, Mr. Nathaniel Brown, Mr. Samuel Smith, Captain Lemuel Stoughton, Mr. Isaac Doolittle, Mr. Joseph Hopkins, Mr. Samuel Noyes, Mr. John Raymond, Captain Daniel Judson, Captain Jabez Huntington, Mr. Elnathan Walker, Mr. Edmund Beach, and Captain Mathew Gillett, be and they are hereby severally appointed Inspectors, to examine and approve of all such Fire-Arms and Locks as shall be made within this State ; and none of such Arms shall be received or paid for by said Committee for the use of this State, or any premium allowed thereon to any manufacturer, until examination and due proof has been made of such Arms by said Inspector or Inspectors, and a proper certificate given thereof under his or their hands, that the same are good, well wrought, and sufficiently strong and substantial ; and Tiler Hosman, Esq., at his own request, is hereby released from any further trouble in procuring Fire-Arms and

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