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Resolved, That David Baron be allowed the sum of twenty Pounds, Proclamation Money, for so much advanced by him to pay for work done on the Guns, Carriages, and for Horse-hire, and other services to further the expedition against; the Insurgents, as appears by the Newbern District Committee; that either of the Treasurers pay him the same, and be allowed in their accounts with the publick.

Resolved, That Colonel William Williams, with the Martin and Bertie Troops under his command, do return to their respective Counties with the same, first sending off to Colonel James, under a sufficient guard, such Ammunition as he now has in his possession.

This Council, in the warmest terms, return the gentlemen Officers and Soldiers from the Counties of Martin and Bertie, their thanks for their readiness and spirited conduct in marching against the enemies of their country.

The Council adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o’clock.

Sunday, March 3, 1776.

The Council met according to adjournment.

Resolved, That the Publick Treasurers, or either of them, be empowered to draw on the Continental Treasury for any sum not exceeding twenty-five thousand Dollars, towards defraying the expense of the Troops on the Continental establishment in this Province.

Resolved, That all the Publick Records, of what nature soever, in the custody of the Secretary, be immediately removed from the Secretary’s Office, and that all the Papers appertaining to the Court of Chancery, or any other person, be immediately removed, and kept in some secure place, by Mr. Christopher Neale, who is hereby required to see this necessary order carried into execution; and in case of necessity, to call on the Colonel of the Militia for sufficient force for that purpose.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the several Committees in this Province, to remove the Publick Records of their respective Counties, and secure the same in the hands of some trusty person, wherever the same are now in the hands of persons suspected to be inimical to the American rights.

Resolved, That the next Congress shall be held at the Town of Halifax, in the County of Halifax, the 2d day of April next, and that the Printer to this Province give notice of the same, by printing and dispersing a number of Handbills, and inserting this Resolution in his publick Gazette.

The Council adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o’clock.

Monday, March 4, 1776.

The Council met according to adjournment.

Whereas, by sundry Resolutions of the Continental Congress, the Provincial Council is authorized to permit exportation from this Province, under certain restrictions, in order to procure in return Salt, Arms, and Ammunition. And whereas, persons willing to adventure, may, from the difficulty of making application, lose the opportunity of so doing:

Resolved, That Archibald Machine, Richard Quince, Sen., and Henry Toomer, for the District of Wilmington; James Davis, Alexander Gaston, and Christopher Neale, for the District of Newbern; and John Smith, Andrew Lytle, and Samuel Dickinson, for the District of Edenton, be appointed Commissioners to carry the said Resolution into execution in their respective Districts, under the Rules, Regulations, and Instructions, formed and laid down by this Council.

Instructions for the Commissioners, viz:

That no Pork, Beef, Flour, Bacon, Rice, or Peas, be exported, except in return for Salt, Arms, or Ammunition, actually imported into this Province.

That before any person be permitted to export any commodity whatever, he enter into Bond, with good and sufficient security, in the sum of twenty-five hundred Dollars, that he will comply with the Resolutions of the Continental Congress respecting the importation of Salt, Arms, or Ammunition, and also take the following Oath:

“You swear that you will not land the cargo shipped in the—, in any part of the world prohibited by the General Congress, and that you will not export in said Vessel more Staves and Naval Stores than is contained in the Manifest exhibited, and that you will, to the utmost of your power, invest the proceeds of said cargo in Salt, Arms, and Ammunition, or either of them.”

Resolved, That the Freeholders of Currituck County may choose one Delegate in the room and stead of Mr. Joshua Campbell, deceased.

Resolved, That it be recommended to Colonel Thomas Polk and Major John Pfifer to recruit seven hundred and fifty men, to be formed into a Regiment, upon the Continental establishment, at the next Provincial Congress.

Resolved, That Colonel John Bryan, of Craven County, take into his possession of the Effects of Captain James Green, and John Owens, his security, sufficient to satisfy a Bond entered into with the Committee of Newbern, and retain the same in his hands, subject to the control of the Congress.

Resolved, That Colonel Isaac Gregory, Messrs. Abner Harrison and Peter Dauge, or any two of them, do immediately take into their possession all the Estate of Robert Gilmour, of what nature or kind soever, now in the hands of Thomas Humphries, and others, in the Counties of Currituck, Pasquotank, and Perquimans, and secure the same in the best manner they can, until further orders.

Resolved, That the Treasurers, or either of them, pay into the hands of Mr. President, sixty Pounds, Proclamation Money, to pay Expresses, and be allowed in their accounts with the publick.

Ordered, That Henry Young be appointed First Major of the Regiment of Militia for the County of New-Hanover, and that John Dubois be appointed Second Major and Adjutant in the same Regiment.

Resolved, That the Committee of the Town of Salisbury be allowed the sum of five Pounds ten Shillings for Express, and for conveying a Tory Captain to South-Carolina, being for money advanced; that the Treasurers, or either of them, pay the same, and be allowed in their accounts with the publick.

Resolved, That the thanks of this Council be given to Colonel James Moore, and all the brave Officers and Soldiers of every denomination, for their late very important services rendered their country, in effectually suppressing the late daring and dangerous insurrection of the High-landers and Regulators; and that this Resolve be published in the North-Carolina Gazette.

Resolved, That Colonel Robert Howe is justly entitled to the most honourable testimony of the approbation of this Council, for his important services while in the Colony of Virginia, rendered to the common cause of American liberty; and that the President transmit the warmest thanks of this Board, in the fullest and most honourable terms, to Colonel Howe, and all the brave Officers and Soldiers under his command, for their spirited conduct, having acquitted themselves greatly to their honour and the good of their country.

The Council adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o’clock.

Tuesday, March 5, 1776.

The Council met according to adjournment.

Resolved, That Colonel John Bryan dismiss the Militia now in arms in the Town of Newbern, as there appears to be no immediate occasion for their service, and that he assure them they will be paid for the time they have attended.

Resolved, That the Colonels of the several Regiments of Militia in this Province, do immediately call a General Muster of their respective Regiments, and cause every Officer and Soldier thereof to appear at such muster complete in Arms, Ammunition, and Accoutrements, and certify the same to the next Provincial Congress, to be held at Halifax on the 2d day of April next, the number of effective Men in each respective Regiment, that, are able to turn out in the service of their country on any emergency, the number of Arms fit for service, and the quantity of Ammunition in each Regiment.

Resolved, That all persons who shall be disarmed by the Town, and County Committees, and other suspected persons

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