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men at Egg-Harbour for King and country, and that they were not far off; and further says not.

N. B. Said Harris is taken by the Sheriff, and now confined in Richmond Jail, on account of a debt. The Committee knows not by what means to bring him to trial; would be glad of advice.

The Committee then proceeded to the trial of Richard Conner, Esq.; but no evidence appearing against him, it was referred till Friday,the 15th instant.

For more particulars relative to the foregoing trials, and others, reference to the Journal of the Committee may be had.

We are, gentlemen, your very humble servants,

By order of the Committee:


To the Provincial Congress of New-York.

To the Honourable the Provincial Congress for the Colony of NEW-YORK, in Congress convened.

The Memorial of ABRAHAM LOTT, Treasurer of the said Colony, humbly showeth:

That by a law of the Legislature of this Colony, passed the 16th day of February, in the year 1771, one hundred and twenty thousand Pounds, in bills of credit, were ordered to be, and were accordingly emitted, and put out on loan; that the interest money arising therefrom should yearly be paid to the respective Loan-Officers, on the third Tuesday in April; and that one-tenth part of the principal sum should be paid in on the third Tuesday of April,in this present year 1776, and so on, one-tenth part annually, until the whole principal is paid off; which respective tenths are, by the said law, ordered to be annually sunk.

That the Memorialist has been informed by some of the Loan-Officers, they apprehend it will be impracticable, at this time, for the borrowers of the money to procure New-York currency to pay off the interest, and one-tenth of the principal sum borrowed, as none of that money now passes; and are totally at a loss how to act, whether to receive any money now current, or whether to insist on payment in the currency the law directs.

The Memorialist, therefore, in behalf of the Loan-Officers, as well as of himself, humbly requests the honourable Congress will be pleased to give it as their opinion, whether the Loan-Officers, and consequently himself, shall receive any money that now passes current in this Colony, or whether payment must be insisted on in the money required by the said law.

And the Memorialist, as in duty bound, shall ever pray, &c.

Treasury Office, New-York, March 7, 1776.


[Read March 21, 1776.—Referred to Mr. Wythe, Mr. Harrison, and Mr. S. Adams.]

Albany, March 7, 1776.

SIR: Since my last of yesterday, I have received a return of our force at Quebeck,from which I have extracted the enclosed. I am, also, honoured with two letters from General Washington,of the 25th and 27th ultimo. He entreats me to purchase arms in this quarter for his Army. It would give me great happiness if we could comply with his request; but with all the pains taken, we have not hitherto been able to procure a sufficiency for the troops that will pass through, and go from hence to Canada. Governour Trumbull,by whom I am also honoured with a letter of the 1st instant, says: “I expect they (Colonel Rurrell’s Regiment) will need the arms and accoutrements you gave encouragement to supply them with.” I will continue to purchase whatever can be procured, even at the high price we are obliged to give; but begin to be very apprehensive that a sufficient number cannot be procured, nor can we get any from New-York.

The heavy cannon from New-York are at Poughkeepsie, and preparations were making for transporting them by land, which would occasion a vast and needless expense, as they could not be sent from this place, if they were now here, nor from Fort George, until the lakes open. One of the Committee who had them in charge called upon me this day for my advice; which was, to leave them on board of the vessels, and to come up the river as the ice should give way. There is a prospect that the river will be navigable in a very few days.

Governour Trumbull has desired me to mention to Congress the necessity of appointing persons to liquidate the accounts of the taking of Ticonderoga,&c. It is really very necessary that it should be done. Perhaps the Committee of this city might be thought competent to it.

I should be happy if I could, with any propriety, render myself at New-York immediately; but until all is in a proper train for the Northern service, which cannot be until the lakes are open, I judge it would be prejudicial to the service for me to leave this, although I stand in great need of relaxation, as the frequent letting of blood, which is thought necessary for my disorder, weakens me much; but I am nevertheless much better than I have latterly been, and hope a change of air will perfectly restore me.

I have just received accounts from the posts above that the sleigh-men refused to carry the heaviest cannon I ordered from Fort George, &c.

The expense of ferriage, and the transportation by land from hence to Fort George,runs so amazingly high, that I propose to have the provisions carried partly by water; which will not only make some abatement in the expense of transportation, but lessen the charge we are at in maintaining the roads.

The bearer is Colonel Dongan; to his services, I have been informed, we are much indebted. His influence with the Canadians,and the assistance given by him during the seige of St. John’s,have been frequently mentioned to me.

I am, sir, most sincerely, your obedient, humble servant,


To the Honourable John Hancock,Esq., Sic., &c.

A Return of the Forces of the UNITED COLONIES in Camp before QUEBECK, fit for duty, FEBRUARY 18, 1776.


Colonels. Liew. Colonels Majors Captains Captains-Lieutenís Lientenants Ensign. Chaplains. Adjumants. Qnariermasters Surgeons. Surgeonsí Mates. Sergeants. Drumnírs & Fifers. Rank and File Total.
Colonel McDongall’s---2-8--1-1-12398125
Colonel Van Sehaick’s--13-5--111-10498124
Colonel Clinton’s1115-9------145151187
Colonel Holme’s---2-2------736882
Colonel Arnold’s Detachment, }---1-5------10395114
Col. Livingston’s Re-gim’nt of Canadians, }1-18-12------142155192
Major Brown’s Detachment, }--14--------145107136


A Return of the Officer’s, non-commissioned Officers, and Privates, of the above Corps, who are either on command, sick in Camp or Hospital, prisoners with the enemy, deserted, dead, or on furlough in some of the UNITED COLONIES.


Colonels. Liew. Colonels Majors Captains Captains-Lieutenís Lientenants Ensign. Chaplains. Adjumants. Qnariermasters Surgeons. Surgeonsí Mates. Sergeants. Drumnírs & Fifers. Rank and File Total.
Colonel McDongall’s1112-1-1-1--527590
Colonel Van Sehaick’s11---1-------14145
Colonel Clinton’s---1--------235461
Colonel Holme’s---1-2-------23237
Colonel Arnold’s Detachment,}---7-1------326477
Col. Livingston’s Regim’nt of Canadians,}-----1------2-2326
Major Brown’s Detachment,}---1-1---1--723749



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