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Die Lunae, A. M., February 12, 1776.

The Congress met pursuant to the adjournment of the 22d of December last.

Present: Brigadier-General Woodhull,President.

For New-York.—Mr. Van Zandt, Mr. Ray,Mr. Helme, Captain Rutgers,Mr. Brasher,Mr. Sands,Colonel McDougall, Mr. Scott,Mr. Cortlandt.

FOR ALBANY.—Mr. Gansevoort,Colonel Rensselaer, Mr.Oothoudt.

FOR SUFFOLK.—General Woodhull,Mr. Hobart,Mr. Wickham,Mr. Treadwell.

FOR DUTCHESS.—Colonel Ten Broeck,Mr. Livingston, Colonel Graham.

FOR KING’S.—Mr. Vanderbilt.

FOR ORANGE.—Mr. Herring,Mr. Allison.

FOR ULSTER.—Mr. Rhea,Mr. Lefever,Mr. Dewitt.

FOR TRYON.—Mr. Moore,Mr. Wills .

FOR WESTCHESTER.—Mr. Paulding,Colonel G. Drake, Mr. Ward,Dr. Graham.

Mr. William Wills,from Tryon County, produced a Certificate from the Committee of said County, dated the 25th of November last, whereby it appears that Mr. Isaac Paris,having, for sufficient reasons, resigned his seat as Deputy for said County, Mr. William Wills,of Harpersfield,was duly elected to represent said County in the room of said Isaac Paris.

Ordered,That Mr. Wills take his seat.

Messrs. Matthew Rhea, Andries Lefever,and Andries Dewitt,Deputies for Ulster County;William Allison,for Orange County;Henry Oothoudt,for Albany County;Colonel Petrus Ten Broeck and Morris Graham,for Dutchess County, not having appeared in Congress before, the Credentials of those Counties were respectively read.

Ordered,That those gentlemen take their seats.

P. M., February 12, 1776.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: General Woodhull,President.

For NEW-YORK.—Colonel McDougall,Colonel Brasher,Mr. Scott,Mr. Sands,Mr. Van Cortlandt,Mr. Ray,Captain Rutgers.

For ALBANY.—Mr. Gansevoort,Colonel Rensselaer,Mr. Oothoudt.

For SUFFOLK.—General Woodhull,Mr. Hobart,Mr. Wickham,Mr. L’Hommedieu.

For DUTCHESS.—Colonel P. Ten Broeck,Mr. G. Living­ston,Major R. G. Livingston,Colonel Graham.

For ULSTER.—Mr. Rhea,Mr. Lefever,Mr. Dewitt.

For WESTCHESTER.—Mr. Paulding,Colonel G. Drake,Mr. Ward,Dr. Graham,Colonel Joseph Drake.

For ORANGE.—Mr. Herring,Mr. Allison.

For KING’S.—Mr. Vanderbilt.

For TRYON.—Mr. Moore,Mr. Wills.

A Letter from the Honourable John Hancock,President of the Continental Congress, dated the 12th January,received by the Committee of Safety, and before entered on their Minutes, 24th day of January last, was read.

Resolves of Continental Congress of the 8th January last, as formerly received and entered by the Committee of Safety, were read.

A Letter from the Honourable John Hancock,President, of the 20th of January last, entered on the Minutes of the Committee of Safety on the 24th day of January last past, was read.

The sundry Resolutions of the Continental Congress of the 8th, 9th, and 10th of January last, relating to the raising of Troops for Continental service, were also read.

The Letters of the Committee of Safety of the 11th and 17th of January last, to General Schuyler,were read.

The Letter of General Schuyler to the Committee of Safety of the 25th January,was read.

A Letter from Gen. Schuyler,dated the 6th February,instant, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit.

“Albany, February 6, 1776.

“SIR: The Continental Congress having ordered one regiment to be raised in this Province to go into Canada,I requested of that respectable body to know if the companies that I ordered to be raised for garrisoning Crown—Point, Ticonderoga, Fort George,&c., were to be considered as part of them. You will probably receive directions on this head;and that no delay may be made in the arrangement of the officers to the regiment, I do myself the honour to enclose you the names of such as I gave recruiting orders to. If Major Gansevoort should be provided for, or Colonel Yates promoted, and if Captain Curtis had the majority given him, I believe it would tend to fill up the regiment with much expedition, as he has great influence in the part of the country where he resides, which is about Canaan.

“I am, sir, your most humble servant,


“To the President of the New-York Congress.”

A Return, or List of persons who have had Warrants from General Schuyler,and therein enclosed, was also read and.filed, and is in the words following, to wit: “

A Return of the Names of persons to whom Inlisting Orders have been delivered by Major-General PHILIP SCHUYLER.

1775.Nov. 16, To Captain Eleazer Curtis,an old Captain in Colonel Hinman’s Regiment, now with his Company at Fort George.
16,To Captain Daniel Mills.
27, To Captain Joseph McCracken.
30, To Captain Elias Hasbrouck.
30, To Captain Andrew Billings.
First Lieutenants.
1775. Nov. 27, To Lieutenant Martin.
27, To Lieutenant Barnes.
28, To Lieutenant Anthony Welph.
1776.Jan’y8, To Mr. Ebenezer Hill.
27, To Lieutenant Charles Graham.
Second Lieutenant
1775.Nov.24,To Sergeant Cook.
Dec.2,To Mr. Van Veghten.
1776Jan’y8,To Mr. James Clark.
8,To. Mr. William Moulton.
1776.Jan’y8,To Mr. Luther Bissell.”

A Letter from Elihu Marvin,Esq., Chairman of the Committee of Orange. County, dated Oxford, February 9, 1776, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

“Oxford, February 9, 1776.

“GENTLEMEN: In consequence of your letter of the 26th ultimo, I convened our County Committee on Tuesday,the 6th instant, and laid the matter before them relative to the raising of men for the defence of this Colony. The same being taken into consideration, the Committee are unani­mously of opinion that there can be three companies raised in this County, viz. two on the north, and one on the south side of the Mountains;and have nominated the following persons for officers to raise the two companies on the north side, to wit: In Goshen Regiment, Daniel Denton,Cap­tain;Balthazer Dehart,First Lieutenant;George H. Jackson,Second Lieutenant, and Samuel Carpenter,En­sign. In Cornwall Regiment, Seth Marvin,Captain;James Little,First Lieutenant;Nathan Strong,Second Lieutenant, and Stephen Halsey,Ensign. But, at the same time, the Committee think it will be out of their power to arm any considerable part of the men they raise, on account of the quantity they furnished last year, none of which have been returned, and must therefore leave that matter with the Congress. They are also of opinion that it would be of bad consequence to nominate more than one set of officers to each company, and have therefore declined it.

The Ensign of Captain Raymond’s Company having moved out of this County, the company have regularly elected Vincent Helme to that office, for whom a commission is requested to be made out, and sent up as soon as possible.

If the Congress could furnish each recruiting Captain with the terms upon which men are to inlist, with regard to time, pay, and clothing, the Committee are of opinion that it would tend to facilitate the raising the companies now to be filled. I am, gentlemen, your very humble servant,

“ELIHU MARVIN, Chairman.

“To Pierre Van Cortlandt,Esq., Chairman of the Commit­tee of Safety now sitting in New-York,or, in his absence, to the Chairman pro tempore.

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