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“The above-named persons have signed the Association. We desire that commissions may be granted to the above-named persons, as we believe it will tend very much to unite the people in this Precinct.

“Signed by order of the Committee of Islip:


“To the President of the Provincial Congress at New-York.

“P. S. There are about thirty-six or thirty-seven that would belong to this company.

I. T.”

The Congress took the same into consideration; and thereupon

Ordered, That the Inhabitants of Islip be formed into a Militia Company, agreeable to their request, and that Commissions issue to the following gentlemen, to wit: Benajah Strong, Captain; Jeremiah Terry, First Lieutenant; Samuel Oakley, Second Lieutenant; and Annen Mobrey, Ensign, agreeably to the election of the Company, and the Return of the Committee.

A Letter from the Committee of Tryon County, bearing date the 11th of January last, and requesting the loan of five hundred Pounds for their County, payable to Mr. John Moore, one of their Deputies, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

“Tryon County Committee-Chamber, January 11, 1776.

“HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: We took into mature consideration the defraying of our Committee expenses for several services of scouting parties, guards, and other necessary duties, performed upon orders of our Board since the 27th August, 1774, to this day; and as it is to be feared that if in case we should levy such wanting money in a tax from our constituents, our Association would be hurt or entirely broken; therefore it is resolved by our Board, that such sum of money as is wanted for that purpose might be drawn out of the Provincial Treasury in New-York, and the same charged to this Board until a future time. In order of which we apply to you, with the humble request for your kind assistance in granting such reasonable desire; and relying thereon, we do hereby appoint and authorize our Delegate, Mr. John Moore, to receive out of the fund above-mentioned the sum of five hundred pounds, to the use of defraying such necessary payments already due on account and charge of our Board, as aforesaid.

“Your favourable compliance will in particular oblige, who are esteemfully, honourable gentlemen, your obedient humble servants.

“By order of the Committee:

“ISAAC PARIS, Chairman.

“Attest: “JOHN EISENLORD, Clerk.

“To the Honourable the Congress of New-York.”

The Congress took the same into consideration; and, after some time spent therein,

Ordered, That the same be deferred for further consideration on the arrival of the Accounts of the Tryon County Committee, which are speedily expected.

A Letter from David Pye, Esq., Chairman of a Committee on the south side of the Mountains, in Orange County, recommending sundry gentlemen for officers in the Troops to be raised in this Colony, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

“In County Committee, south side of the Mountains,
in the County of Orange, February 10, 1776.

“In pursuance of a resolution of the Continental Congress, and a recommendation of the Committee of Safety of New-York, now before us, we do recommend the under-named persons for officers for two companies, to be raised in this part of the said County, upon probability that they will be completed, viz:

“Amos Hatchings, Captain; Pattan Jackson, First Lieutenant; Robert Wood, Second Lieutenant; George Johnson, Ensign; nominated for officers for one company, for the Continental service.

“Arie King, Captain; William Sicher, First Lieutenant; John D. Coe, Second Lieutenant; Peter Oblenus, Ensign; nominated for officers for one company, for the Continental service.

“GENTLEMEN: The above nominations, if accepted by the Congress, the persons concerned request to know when they must commence, and what clothing is to be allowed, and what will be allowed for sufficient arms which may amount to one-third the number of men.

“We are, gentlemen, your humble servants.

“Per order: DAVID PYE, Deputy Chairman.

“To the President of the Provincial Congress, New-York.

“P. S. The bearer hereof, Amos Hutchings, will wait your answer hereunto. Pray use the utmost despatch.”

A Letter from John W. Watkins, offering his services to his country, and requesting a Commission, was read and filed.

Ordered, That the two last mentioned Letters be referred to the Committee appointed to take into consideration the matters recommended from Continental Congress to be carried into execution.

Mr. Isaac Marschalk, from the gentlemen requested by the Committee of Safety, delivered in a List of empty or uninhabited Houses in this City.

Die Martis, 3 ho. P. M., February 13, 1776.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Brigadier-General Woodhull, President.

FOR NEW-YORK.—Mr. Ray, Mr. Sands, Captain Rutgers, Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Scott, Mr. Van Cortlandt, Mr. Beekman.

FOR ALBANY.—Mr. Oothoudt, Mr. Gansevoort, Colonel Rensselaer.

FOR SUFFOLK.—General Woodhull, Mr. L’Hommedieu, Mr. Wickham, Mr. Hobart.

FOR ULSTER.—Mr. Rhea, Mr. Lefever, Mr. Dewitt.

FOR KING’S.—Mr. Leffertse.

FOR WESTCHESTER.—Dr. Graham, Colonel Gilbert Drake, Mr. Ward, Colonel Lewis Graham.

FOR DUTCHESS.—Colonel Morris Graham, Colonel Ten Broeck, Mr. Gilbert Livingston.

FOR ORANGE.—Mr. Allison, Mr. Herring.

FOR TRYON.—Mr. Moore, Mr. Wills.

Mr. Scott informed the Congress that Dr. Middleton informed him that Governour Tryon is indisposed, and that it is necessary that Dr. Middleton, as his physician, should go on board.

Thereupon, a Permit was given to Dr. Middleton, in the words following, to wit:

To the Officer of the Port-Guard:

Dr. Middleton is hereby permitted to go on board of his Excellency’s Ship the Dutchess of Gordon.

By order.

Dr. John Williams, of Charlotte County, appeared in Congress, and produced his Credentials; which were read and filed, and are in the words and figures following, to wit:

“At a general meeting, held in White Creek, January 25, 1776, it was unanimously agreed, that Dr. John Williams and Mr. Alexander Campbell should represent the County of Charlotte in Provincial Congress till the second Tuesday in May next.

“By order of this meeting:


A Letter from Egbert Benson, Esq., Chairman of the Committee of Dutchess County, bearing date the 8th instant, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

“Dutchess County Committee, February 8, 1776.

“GENTLEMEN.: In compliance with a letter from the Committee of Safety, of the 26th ultimo, this Committee proceeded to deliberate on every part of your directions respecting the four regiments to be raised, and in Continental pay, for the defence of this Colony, and are of opinion that, notwithstanding here are now in this County six recruiting officers in the service of the Continent, viz: Captains Billings, Rosekrans, and Graham, and Lieutenants Burten and Doty, and Ensign Johnson, we shall be able to complete, three companies. Accordingly we have, with the utmost caution and circumspection, recommended the following gentlemen in the different Precincts as proper officers for this most essential service, viz:

William Barker, Captain; John Lloyd, First Lieutenant;

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