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son, (John Carpenter, Jun.,) be permitted to go on board of His Majesty’s Ship Asia, to obtain a Bill of Sale for a Slave, or other security, from a person on board who is indebted to him.

Mr. McKesson informed the Congress that Mr. Samuel London has, at sundry times, attended at the door, to request a permission to go on board of the Ship Asia, to recover a Servant of his who is gone on board.

Ordered, That Mr. Samuel Landon be permitted to go on board of his Majesty’s Ship Asia, in order to recover his Servant, who is said to be gone on board of that Ship.

A Letter from Benjamin Franklin, on behalf of the Committee of Philadelphia, dated the 13th instant, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

“Philadelphia, February 13, 1776.

“GENTLEMEN: The bearer, John Grace, has the care of a ton of Gunpowder, sent by the Congress to the Committee of Safety at New-York. If he should need any advice or assistance on the way; you will be so good, on his application, to afford it to him.

“I am, gentlemen, in behalf of the Committee here, with much respect, your most obedient, humble servant,


“To the Gentlemen of the Committees of Trenton, Brunswick, and New-York.”

Colonel McDougall informed the Congress that the said ton of Gunpowder is safely lodged in the Powder-House at New-York.

A Letter from Adrian Bancker and Richard Lawrence, Esquires, the Deputies elected for Richmond County, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

Richmond County, February 17, 1776.

“SIR: Yesterday evening we were favoured with yours, dated the 14th instant, enclosing the resolves of the Continental Congress relative to the County of Richmond, whereby it is stipulated that the Deputies, and major part of the inhabitants, shall first subscribe to the Association entered into by the Colony, before a representation of this County can be accepted in the Provincial Congress. Wherefore we take this early opportunity to inform you that the Association has been subscribed by us, and about seveneighths of the inhabitants, long since; which we shall be ready to lay before the Congress when called on.

“Colonel Heard’s coming on the Island with a large body of men, to call the people to account for their inimical conduct towards the resolves of Congress, at this time, when many of them are coming into the measures, and the general cause gaining ground daily, we fear will be rather a hurt than otherwise.

“We are of opinion that it will be for the good of the common cause to stop the proceedings of the Jersey forces, in order to quiet the minds of the people. We would not be understood to dictate measures to that respectable body, (the Congress,) to whose better judgment we willingly submit.

“We are, with respect, sir, your most humble servants,

“Signed per order.


“To Robert Benson, Esq., Secretary, New-York:

SIR: Please to lay the above before the Congress the first convenient opportunity.”

A draft of an Answer from the Secretaries (by order of Congress) to Adrian Bancker and Richard Lawrence, Esquires, was read and approved, and is in the words following, to wit:

In Provincial Congress, New-York, February 19, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Your favour of the 17th instant was this day received and read in Congress. We are directed to request your immediate attendance, and that you bring with you such proofs of a majority of the inhabitants of your County having subscribed the General Association as will enable you to take your seats, pursuant to the resolution of the Continental Congress.

It was apprehended that General Clinton, on his departure, would attempt a landing on Staten-Island, for the purpose of making depredations, and carrying off the stock for the use of the Ministerial Army and Navy. To prevent any attempt of this kind, our Congress requested of the Provincial Congress of New-Jersey to send Colonel Heard, with his regiment, on the Island; and, lest he might not get there in time, the like request was afterwards sent to the Committee of Elizabethtown. The inhabitants of Richmond County may rest assured that those troops from New-Jersey were intended for no other purpose whatever; and on Saturday last orders were sent for their dismission.

We are, gentlemen, most respectfully, your very humble servants.

By order.

To Messrs. Bancker and Lawrence, Deputies for Richmond County.

Ordered, That the Secretaries subscribe and despatch the same.

Colonel McDougall informed the Congress that General Washington had, by Letters, requested a quantity of Shells and Shot, and desired they might be forwarded; that he had procured Captain Proby to take those stores, at a time when the weather was bad, and some risk in the conveyance; that thirty-five Pounds is due to Jacob Proby for that service.

Ordered, That Peter V. B. Livingston, Esq., as Treasurer of this Congress, pay to Jacob Proby the sum of thirty-five Pounds for transporting sundry Ordnance Stores from Turtle-Bay to New-London, by order of General Washington, and that Mr. Livingston take Captain Proby’s receipt for the same.

Colonel McDougall informed the Congress that Major-General Lee had ordered Captain Silleck, in an armed vessel, of Connecticut, down here with Provisions; that the said vessel is without Gunpowder, and that General Lee requests that a hundred weight of Gunpowder may be delivered to Captain Silleck, for the use of said vessel.

Thereupon an order was given for his use in the words following, to wit:

At the request of Major-General Lee, communicated by Colonel McDougall,

Ordered, That Mr. Norwood, Commissary of Stores for this Colony, deliver to Captain Silleck one hundred weight of Gunpowder, for the use of an armed Tender (belonging to the Colony of Connecticut ) under his command.

A Return from the Committee of Haverstraw, signed by John Coleman, their Clerk, certifying that, at a meeting of the Company of Militia, at Kakaät, in the presence, and under the inspection of, Jacob Cole and Jonah Hoisted, Esqs., and Jacob Deronde and Thomas Hoisted, of the Committee, the following Officers were elected, to wit: Reynard Quackenboss, Captain; Garret Eckerson, First Lieutenant; Jacob Teneyck, Second Lieutenant, and Roger Osborn, Ensign.

Ordered, That Commissions issue for those gentlemen accordingly.

A Letter and Embargo, from the Committees of Southampton, Easthampton, and Shelter-Island, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

“The Committees of Southampton, Easthampton, and Shelter-Island, convened at Sag-Harbour, the 8th instant, humbly beg leave to address the honourable the Provincial Congress with the following Memorial:

“GENTLEMEN: In the strongest confidence of your benevolent purpose of raising and stationing an armed force, with sufficient ammunition, which, with our Minute-men and Militia, may, at all events, with Heaven’s blessing, deliver and defend us from British attacks and Ministerial vengeance: we have, in our low capacity, but in high spirits, presumed, to the utmost of our power, to embargo; strictly prohibiting the sale and exportation of all provisions, on any pretence whatever, until the 1st day of March ensuing, or until we have the sense of the Provincial Congress thereon.

“Now, gentlemen, if your honourable House can condescend to our politicks, and think with us, that it will best promote our great, our common cause, to retain the provisions which are now amongst us, rather than to permit them to be sold and exported, and, consequently, our Army supported with provisions purchased, and, perhaps, with great difficulty imported, (when, as is menaced,) our unnatural

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