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by order of Major-General Lee, the sum of one hundred Pounds, on account of the pay of his Regiment.

A Letter from Major Robert Rogers was read and filed. He thereby prays that this Congress will be pleased to give him a permission to go on board the Ship Dutchess of Gordon, on private business with Governour Tryon.

A Letter of the 9th instant, from Zephaniah Platt, Chairman of the Committee of Poughkeepsie, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

“Poughkeepsie, February 9, 1776.

“GENTLEMEN: Enclosed you have a letter to Congress, in answer to one from the Committee of Safety of the 26th ultimo, informing that four regiments are to be raised for the defence of the Colony, and desiring to know what number of men can be speedily raised and armed in the County. For the reasons mentioned in our letter, you will observe that we have resolved that only three companies can be completed; however, we conceive that if it was stipulated that these troops are to remain within the Colony, we would furnish a greater number of men, as many would, in such case, enter into the service who would otherwise be deterred through fear of being sent upon distant disagreeable service. For this reason we would wish you would, if you conveniently can, acquaint us with the particular destination of those regiments, and how far we may venture to engage with officers and men that they shall not be obliged to march out of the Colony.

“We are directed to inform you that the Committee recommend Mr. Robert Freeman for the commission of Second Major in Colonel Sutherland’s Regiment, vacant by the resignation of Mr. Cantolin. You will please to procure and transmit us his commission as soon as possible.

“We remain your very humble servants.

By order of the Committee of Correspondence:


Ordered, That a Commission be issued to Mr. Robert Freeman, as Second Major, and transmitted with all convenient speed.

Pic Mercurii, 10 ho. A. M., February 21, 1776.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Brigadier-General Woodhull, President.

FOR NEW-YORK.—Mr. Sands, Mr. Smith, Mr. J. Van Cortlandt, Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Beekman, Captain Rutgers.

FOR ALBANY.—General Ten Broeck, Colonel Nicoll, Mr. Gansevoort, Mr. Yates.

FOR SUFFOLK.—General Woodhull, Mr. Wwkham, Mr. L’ Hommedieu, Mr. Hobart.

FOR ULSTER.—Mr. Dewitt, Mr. Lefever, Mr. Rhea.

FOR DUTCHESS.—Mr. Livingston, Major R. G. Livingston, Colonel P. Ten Broeck.

FOR WESTCHESTER.—Major Lockwood, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Paulding.

FOR TRYON.—Mr. Moore.

FOR CHARLOTTE.—Dr. Williams.

The Committee of the City of Wew-York, in pursuance of the order of this Congress of the 13th instant, returned, that they had caused an election to be held at the City-Hall on the 20th instant, for seven Deputies to serve in this Provincial Congress, with the other Deputies of this City and County of New-York. That thereupon Messrs. Adrian Rutgers, Abraham P. Lott, Isaac Stoutenburgh, Evert Bancker, Thomas Randall, Samuel Prince, and William Denning, were duly elected.

Ordered, That the said Return be filed, and that those gentlemen be requested to take their seats immediately.

Mr. Hobart, from the Committee of War, to whom was committed the Letter from Colonel Swartwout, and the Returns of his Regiment made yesterday, delivered in their Report, which was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

The Committee of War having taken into consideration Colonel Swartwout’s Letter of the 20th instant, with the Returns of the several Companies of his Regiment now on duty in this City, and finding that there is by much too great a proportion of officers for the men already here, and that it will probably be the same case with the companies now on their march to join the regiment, are of opinion that Colonel Swartwout be directed to appoint a proper number of officers to the several companies, according to the Regulations for the Militia, and that he order the supernumerary officers to return, with all possible despatch, to the County, in order to complete their companies.

Secondly. That where any officer of a Minute Company shall be unable, or refuse, to engage in this service, he be directed to supply their place by officers of the same rank from the Militia.

Thirdly. That the men be inlisted to continue in the service till the 1st day of May next, unless sooner discharged.

Mr. Thomas Smith moved, and was seconded, for the following amendment, to wit:

That the third Resolve be obliterated.

Debates arose on the said motion, and the question being put thereon, it was carried in the affirmative, in the manner following, to wit:

For the Affirmative. For the Negative.
2   Westchester. 2   Dutchess.—Mr. G. Livingston dissenting.
4   New-York. 2   Tryon.
2   Charlotte. 2   Ulster.—Mr. Dewitt dissenting.
2   Suffolk.
3   Albany. 6   votes.

13   votes.      

Resolved, therefore, That the said third direction in the said Report be obliterated.

The first and second directions in the said Report being read a second time, the Congress agrees with their Committee thereon.

Mr. Van Zandt suggested to the Congress that it is absolutely necessary that Andrew Elliott, Esq., Collector of this Colony, have permission to go on hoard of his Excellency’s Ship, as occasion may require, in order to let the trading vessels of this Colony be despatched, the Governour having refused to sign any papers from the Custom-house unless the Collector is present.

Thereupon, Ordered, That Andrew Elliott, Esq., Collector of the Port of New-York, be, and he is hereby, permitted to go on board of his Excellency Governour Tryon’s Ship at any time at his pleasure, until the further pleasure of this Congress, or of the Committee of Safety.

Colonel Peter T. Curtenius requested to know to whom he shall deliver the last-made Intrenching Tools.

Ordered, That Mr. P . T. Curtenius inquire if Mr. Hugh Hughes has obtained a commission as a Continental Commissary of Artillery Stores; and if he has such Continental commission, that then he deliver the said Intrenching Tools to Mr. Hughes; otherwise, that he deliver them to Mr. Richard Norwood.

It being suggested to the Congress that his Excellency Governour ryon is indisposed, and that Dr. Middleton is his physician,

Ordered, That Doctor Middleton be permitted to go on board of the Ship in which his Excellency resides, at any time, until the further order of this Congress, or of the Committee of Safety.

Mr. Abraham Livingston, who was lately appointed a Commissary for a considerable number of Troops, coming into this City, attended, and was admitted into Congress. He informed the Congress that he has purchased and contracted for Provisions to the amount of twenty-one hundred Pounds.

Therefore, Ordered, That P. V. B. Livingston, Esq., as Treasurer of the Provincial Congress of this Colony, advance to Abraham Livingston, Esq., as Commissary for sundry Continental Troops now in this city, the sum of twenty-one hundred Pounds, on account, and take a receipt for the same.

Mr. L’ Hommedieu reported that William Richie had contracted with Beriah Norton, a Colonel and Commissary of some Provincial Troops stationed at Martin’s Vineyard, to furnish forty barrels of Pork and forty barrels of Beef, with some other articles. That he has obtained a permit from the sub-Committee of the City of New-York, to purchase those articles and charter a vessel. That he has bought the Provisions in Westchester County, and, by reason of a resolve and order of the Committee of Safety, of the 10th instant, prohibiting exportation from thence out of the Colony, he cannot get the Provisions from thence.

Ordered, That Mr. William Richie be permitted by the

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