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Thereupon, Ordered, That Colonel Curtenius deliver to the Quartermaster of the Jersey Regiment twenty-four Bowls, twenty-four wooden Spoons, twelve pair of Sheets, and a few old Blankets, for the sole and only use of the sick in the Hospital; and that he take a receipt for the same for that purpose.

Ordered, That Mr. Van Zandt, Mr. Beekman, Mr. Sands, and Captain Denning, he a Committee to examine and state all the accounts, disbursements, and payments made by the Treasurer of this Congress; that they make particular distinction between Continental and Provincial charges; that they be authorized to call to their assistance Mr. Gerard Bancker and Colonel Curtenius when necessary, and to employ at the expense of this Congress, one or more such Clerks as they shall think necessary; and that they report their proceedings with all possible despatch.

Ordered, That Mr. Evert Bancker be Auditor of Accounts, in the Stead of Mr. John Ray.

Mr. Zachariah Sickles having a parcel of Bags at Nutten-Island, it is suggested that he cannot go there for them without a pass from this Congress.

Ordered, That Mr. Zachariah Sickles be permitted to go over to Nutten-Idand in any boat that he may think proper.

Colonel Palmer attending as a Member from Ulster, whereby that County will have a quorum without Mr. Dewitt,

Ordered, That he have leave of absence.

A Return signed by Thomas Thomas and William Miller, of Westchester County, was read and filed. They thereby certify, that at a meeting of the Troop of Westchester County, held at the house of Wilsey Dusenbury, in Harrison Precinct, the following gentlemen were elected officers, to wit: Samuel Tredwell, Captain; Thaddeus Avery, Lieutenant, chosen unanimously; and that Abraham Hatfield was chosen Cornet, and Uytendall Allaire Quartermaster, each chosen by a majority.

Ordered, That Commissions issue for those gentlemen.

A Return signed by Abraham P. Lott and Peter T. Curtenius, two of the Committee of the City and County of New-York, dated the 1st of February, 1776, of three officers being duly elected for a Company in Beat No.—, in the City of New-York, to wit: Isaac Johnson, First Lieutenant; John Lyner, Second Lieutenant; and George Quedon, Ensign:

Ordered, That Commissions issue to those gentlemen.

And they were issued accordingly.

A Return of Officers of a Company of Minute-men at Saratoga, in the County of Albany, signed by Ebenezer Marvin, Chairman of the Committee, and dated the 12th instant, was read and filed. They thereby return the following persons for officers of the said Company, viz: Alexander Baldwin, Captain; Samuel Bacon, First Lieutenant; Walter Hewitt, Second Lieutenant; and Elias Palmer, Ensign.

Ordered, That Commissions issue to those gentlemen.

Colonel McDougall’s motion of yesterday, for the emission of the further sum of fifty-five thousand Pounds, Provincial currency, for the exigencies of this Colony, and to be sunk at different periods, and which, by consent, without being entered, was postponed to this day, was resumed.

Thereupon, Ordered, That Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Gilbert Livingston, Mr. Gansevoort, Thomas Smith, Esq., and Colonel Lott, be a Committee to report a plan for the emission of fifty-five thousand Pounds.

Die Jovis, A. M., February 22, 1776.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Brigadier—General Woodhull, President.

FOR NEW-YORK.—Colonel Lott, Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Beekman, Mr. Smith, Captain Rutgers, Major Stoutenburgh, Mr. Bancker, Mr. Rutgers, Mr. Prince, Mr. Van Zandt, Mr. Sands.

FOR ALBANY.—Colonel Nicoll, Mr. Gansevoort, Mr. Abraham Yates, General Ten Broeck.

FOR SUFFOLK.—General Woodhull, Mr. Wickham, Mr. Hobart, Mr. L’ Hommedieu.

FOR ORANGE.—Colonel Allison, Mr. Herring.

FOR ULSTER.—Mr. Dewitt, Mr. Rhea, Mr. Lefever, Colonel Palmer.

FOR DUTCHESS.—Major Livingston, Mr. Gilbert Livingston, Colonel Ten Broeck, Mr. Schenck.

FOR WESTCHESTER.—Mr. Thomas, Major Lockwood, Mr. Paulding.

FOR KING’s.—Mr. Covenhoven, Mr. Van Brunt.

FOR TRYON.—Mr. Moore.

FOR CARLOTTE.—Colonel Williams.

The Order of the Day, for recommending to the Continental Congress Field-Officers for the four Battalions to be raised in this Colony, being read, the same was postponed till the afternoon.

A draft of a Letter to the Delegates of this Colony at the Continental Congress, was read and approved of, and is in the words following, to wit:

It Provincial Congress, New-York, February 22, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: We are now to acknowledge the receipt of yours of the 11th instant, covering the resolution of Congress relative to the inhabitants of Richmond County; and notifying us of your having obtained a warrant in our favour, on the Continental Treasurer, for twelve thousand dollars, which will in some measure enable us to raise the four battalions intended for the immediate protection and defence of this Colony.

It is agreeable to us that you deduct, out of the money made payable by that warrant, what may be due to you as Delegates, agreeable to the resolution of this Congress; and we beg you to transmit the residue, with a state of your respective accounts and receipts, to our Treasurer, as his voucher.

We are, gentlemen, with esteem, your most obedient servants.

By order.

To the New-York Delegates in Continental Congress.

Ordered, That a copy thereof be engrossed, and signed by the President, and transmitted.

John Hastier, Mate of the Ship Sally, whereof Captain Bagley was late Master, has requested permission to go on board of the said Ship Sally, to obtain his Clothing, Bedding, and other necessaries from on board, as she is to proceed to Boston.

Ordered, That the said John Hastier be permitted to go on hoard of the Ship Sally, for the purposes aforesaid.

A Memorial of Captain Daniel Griffin, Captain John Johnson, and thirteen other Officers, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

To the Honourable Provincial Congress of the Colony of NEW-YORK, now sitting in this City.

The Memorial of several of the Officers in the service of the United Colonies, by appointment of this Colony, for the duty of the year 1775, in the Northern Army, showeth:

“That your Memorialists having been called upon early in the present contest, have willingly obeyed the summons, cheerfully entered upon any command or duty assigned them, in full expectation of being on the same footing with the other Continental Troops raised for the general defence; and whereas, by good authority, we are informed that the allowance given the Eastern Army for officers’ subsistence, is much more than that received by your Memorialists; they humbly request that the Commissaries may be ordered to pay us the difference of rations, having some of us received but one ration, and others no provisions since we entered the service; whereas the Captains in the Eastern Army have, from the 1st of July last, received three, and the subalterns two; whereby discontents are arising, to the prejudice of that service where harmony is essential for executing the purpose intended.

“That your Memorialists being informed an additional number of troops are to be raised in this Colony for the Continental service, beg leave to remind this honourable House of the services rendered the publick by them, ami other officers in the late year, hoping that the appointments may be such as will not supersede any officer who served with approbation and merit the late campaign, hot doubting but this House will pay a proper attention in the same. We

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