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FOR ALBANY.—General Ten Broeck, Mr. Abraham Yates, Mr. Gansevoort, Colonel Nicoll, (on service.)

FOR SUFFLOK.—General Woodhull, Mr. Gelston, Mr. Hobart.

FOR WESTCHESTER.—Colonel Gilbert Drake, Major Lockwood, Mr. Thomas.

FOR ULSTER.—Mr. Rhea, Mr. Lefever, Colonel Palmer, (on service.)

FOR DUTCHESS.—Colonel Ten Broeck, Colonel M. Graham, Mr. Gilbert Livingston, (on service,) Major Schenck.

FOR ORANGE.—Colonel Hay, Colonel Allison.

FOR RICHMOND.—Mr. Adrian Bancker.

FOR KING’S.—Mr. Polhemus, Mr. Vanderbilt.

FOR CHARLOTTE.—Colonel John Williams.

FOR CUMBERLAND.—Colonel William Williams.

FOR TRYON.—Mr. Moore.

Ordered, That Mr. Randall and Colonel Ten Broeck be added to the Committee to confer with Lord Stirling on the subject of a communication with the Ships-of-War, &c.; and that Mr. Hobart and Mr. Gansevoort be excused from attending the said Committee.

A Letter from Captain Joseph Smith, setting forth his distress, and offering his service to his country, particularly in any Marine Department, if there is or should be a vacancy, was read and filed.*

Ordered, That the said Letter remain on file, to be taken up if an opportunity should offer in which his service will be useful.

Captain Johnson, according to the Order of yesterday evening, attending at the door, the door was opened, and he came to the bar of the House. The Resolve of yesterday evening was read to him. He was reprimanded from the Chair for his conduct, and informed of the line of his duty; charged to behave himself peaceably towards Alexander Lesslie, whom he had grossly injured; and informed that, if he should be guilty of the like behaviour in future, Congress will cause him to be displaced. Captain John Johnson engaged to demean himself prudently, and withdrew.

The Congress then proceeded to hear the Minutes and Proceedings of the present Committee of Safety, from the beginning, on the 3d of January last. On reading the Petition of George Coffin, mentioned in the Minutes of the Committee of Safety on the 4th day of January, and by the Minutes of the said Committee recommended to this Congress—the said Petition was read and heard. The Congress taking his case into consideration—

[The following memorandum is in pencil mark:]

“The rough notes say George Coffin to be pardoned on publishing his Petition and Pardon.”

On reading the Resolutions of the Committee of Safety on the 6th day of January, relating to the fortifying of some Inlets in Suffolk County,

Ordered, That any further prosecution of that measure be left wholly with the Committee of Safety.

On reading the Letter from the Delegates of this Colony on the subject of the inroads from Connecticut, ordered on the 11th day of January, instant:

Ordered, That a Letter be wrote to the Delegates of this Colony, informing them, the Governour and Representatives of the Colony of Connecticut have not yet given any answer to the Letter from this Provincial Congress on that subject, nor returned nor made any restitution for the types or property taken away from James Rivington.

On reading the Order of the Committee of Safety of the 11th January, for the distribution of Gunpowder gratis in half pounds; the Congress, on being informed that it principally remains to be carried into execution, if proper, is of opinion that it is not proper, and orders that it be not carried into execution for the present, unless in case of invasion.

The Committee who went to confer with Lord Stirling, on the sundry matters given to them in charge, as appears by the entry thereof in the Minutes of yesterday, reported: That they had conferred with Lord Stirling; that he had given the following information to them, which he had received this morning, to wit: That a Brigantine came into the Hook yesterday evening, and came to an anchor under the stern of the Phenix, and that the people on board gave three cheers; that four sail of large Vessels are in the Hook, and a Snow in the offing; that by another person advice was received from Nassau-Island, that six or seven topsail Vessels are in the Hook.

Thereupon, Ordered, That Captain Rutgers and Captain Randall be a Committee to despatch a proper person to the Narrows by land, and another person in a Whale-Boat to the Hook, to make discoveries, and return and report to this Committee with all possible despatch.

The said Committee reported as to the matters given them in charge, that they had settled a plan with Lord Stirling for supplying the Ships-of-War and Governour Tryon’s Ship with Provisions, (subject to the approbation and confirmation of this Congress,) in the words following, to wit:

In order to prevent any obstructions to the supply of Provisions, and other necessaries, being furnished to the Ships-of-War and the Governour’s Ship, pursuant to a former order of this Congress,

It is Resolved and Ordered, That whenever Provisions or Supplies are to be furnished to either of the said Ships, the Port-Master appointed by this Congress shall go with the said Provisions or Supplies, and see the same delivered on board the said Ships; that he take with him only such persons as are necessary to navigate the Boat or Boats carrying such Provisions and Supplies, or such person or persons as shall have the special permission of the Congress or Committee of Safety, countersigned by the General; and that the said Port-Master, and all the navigators of the said Boat, or Boats, be under oath that he, or they, will not disclose any matters whatsoever on board of the said Ships, relative to the Fortifications erecting for the defence of this Colony; that he, the said Port-Master, will not suffer any of the men that he carries with him in the said Boat, or Boats, to go on board either of the said Ships, and that he will not carry, or suffer to be carried, any Letter or Papers to, or from, the said Ships, but such as he shall be first satisfied contain no intelligence of a publick nature. That this supply is to take place, and be continued, on condition that there be no obstruction given to any Boats or Vessels bringing Provisions, Provender, or Firewood to this City.

The Congress agreed with their Committee in this part of their Report, and confirms the same.

The said Committee further reported: That as to the firing of the Sentinels on the Boats coming to and departing from this City, they had, in conjunction with Lord Stirling, settled and agreed on such orders with him, to be issued to the Troops by Lord Stirling, as will prevent that inconvenience for the future; and that Lord Stirling will, towards evening, transmit to this Congress a copy of such orders, and requested a copy of the Regulations for supplying Provisions to the Ships by them above reported, if the same should be agreed to and confirmed by this Congress.

Ordered, That one of the Secretaries prepare and certify a copy of the said Plan or Regulations agreed on for supplying the Ships-of-War and Governour Tryon’s Ship with Provisions, and transmit the same to Lord Stirling.

*HONOURABLE GENTLEMES: I am out of employment, and ruin stares me in the face. If any place in your gift is vacant, or likely soon to be, should be glad to serve my country in any capacity I am capable of. I have for many years sailed out of this place, as master and owner of a vessel, in which way I had acquired something handsome, of all which I was deprived in one unfortunate moment by having my vessel and cargo seized; which circumstance is well known to several of the City Members. This sudden transition from a state of comfortable subsistence to a state of wretchedness, was almost more than I could bear. I have ever since struggled hard, but cannot get ahead.

I am well acquainted in the West-Indies—Dutch, French, and some of the Spanish ports; likewise in many ports in Europe. If this honourable House should at any time think proper to send me for powder or warlike stores, I am willing to risk my life in the service; or if any person is wanting on the lakes, or to superintend the building of vessels, should be glad to serve in that capacity. I would not by this be understood, however, to dictate to the honourable House; I only mention this because I am better acquainted in the maritime way than in any other. For my character, please to inquire of Captain Randall, Captain Long, Mr. Van Zandt, or Mr. Curtenius; who, I do not doubt, will give you full satisfaction.

I am, gentlemen, with great respect, your most obedient servant,


P. S. My home at present is at Mr. Benjamin Hannings, in Piscataway, New-Jersey, to which place I have retired with my family (coming home very sick last fall from Carolina,) because it is not so expensive as in town, and was the reason of not applying sooner. I shall return in a day or two. If any occasion for me, please to let Mr. Curtenius know your commands.

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