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“General Wooster has pressed me in the most earnest manner for a supply of hard cash. With difficulty, and by giving my own security, I have been able to collect about twenty-one hundred pounds, which is gone on to him. It will be well to bring up with you whatever you can procure at New-York, as you will be greatly distressed in Canada without it.

“Eight tons of powder are ordered up, and I do not believe with what is in Canada that the whole will exceed twelve. I had written to Congress for fifteen. You are a much better judge than I can pretend to be whether you will have a sufficiency.

“Adieu, my dear General, and believe me, with the most respectful sentiments of esteem, your most obedient and most humble servant,


“To the Honourable Major-General Lee .”

General Ten Broeck and Major Schenck, to whom were referred the Letters of Attorney from the soldiers now in Canada, and the applications of their wives thereon for money to be advanced to them, in part of the wages of their respective husbands, delivered in their Report, in the words and figures following, to wit:

Your Committee for considering the application of several soldiers wives, whose husbands are now in the Continental service in the Northern Department, do report: That the sum of forty-one Pounds and one Shilling be put into the hands of Peter T. Curtenius, to be advanced to the several persons hereunder named, in the manner following; and that Peter Curtenius be desired to pay the several sums annexed to their names, and take vouchers, and transmit an account of the same to General Schuyler as soon as possible:

Unto Sarah Halloway, the sum of140
Elizabeth Treglith, the sum of 140
Mary Linck, the sum of 2134
Jane Quackenbush, the sum of 140
Letty Allen, the sum of2134
Hannah Grant, the sum of 140
Dotia McMullen, the sum of140
Elizabeth Parker, the sum of 140
Sarah Wright, the sum of 1 4 0
Elizabeth Kip, the sum of 1 4 0
Mary Neam, the sum of 1 40
Mary Bamow, the sum of 2 13 4
Mary Miller, the sum of 2 13 4
Elizabeth Pool, the sum of 2 13 0
John Kidder, the sum of 2 13 4
Elizabeth Van Der Feeld, the sum of 1 4 0
Anna Mary Worth, the sum of 2 13 4
Sarah Hesse, the sum of 2 13 4
Catharine Ashfield, the sum of 2 13 4
Henry Lower, the sum of 2 13 4
Catharine Mclntosh, the sum of 1 4 0

39 17 0
Catharine Taylor, the sum of 1 4 0

41 1 0

Which is humbly submitted by


The aforegoing Report was read and agreed to.

Thereupon, Ordered, That Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esq., as Treasurer of this Congress, pay into the hands of Peter T. Curtenius the sum of forty-one Pounds one Shilling and four Pence; that Mr. Curtenius dispose of the said money in advancing to the distressed wives and friends of sundry soldiers now in Canada, in the service of the United Colonies, agreeable to the List delivered him; and that Mr. Curtenius transmit to General Schuyler an account of the same, to the end that the same may be stopped out of the pay of those soldiers to whose wives or friends such moneys have been advanced.

The Congress then proceeded to hear the residue of the Minutes and Proceedings of the Committee of Safety, beginning where they had ceased hearing them in the former part of this day, to the proceedings of the morning of the 12th day of January last.

The Congress having proceeded to hear the Minutes of the acts and proceedings of the Committee of Safety as far as those of the morning of the 24th day of January last, on reading the disposition therein mentioned to have been made of the sum of one thousand Pounds, left at the disposition of the Committee of Safety for the support of the poor, the Congress were informed that the sum of three hundred and thirty Pounds and three Pence of the said one thousand Pounds which had been put into the hands of John Ramsay, had been since drawn from him by drafts or order of the Committee, and expended in wood, cheap provisions, and other necessaries distributed to the poor; that, with the remaining six hundred and sixty-nine Pounds nineteen Shillings and nine Pence, the said John Ramsay employs many poor in spinning, weaving, and dressing flax and manufacturing linen cloth, (a sample whereof was produced,) in such manner as to support several hundreds of poor; but that he is unable, to render the Institution as extensively useful as he could wish for want of a larger capital.

Thereupon Ordered, That Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esq., as Treasurer of this Congress, pay to Mr. John Ramsay the further sum of one thousand three hundred and thirty Pounds and three Pence, for the purpose of enabling him to employ the industrious poor in this City in spinning and manufactures; and that the said Treasurer take Mr. Ramsay’s receipt for that sum; the said John Ramsay to be accountable for the same to this Congress or the Committee of Safety when thereunto required, and to have the like commissions on this as on the former sum which he has employed in the same way.

On reading the Memorandum of the sureties taken of Lawrence Hartwick on the 24th of January, in the afternoon, for his appearance when called for, and his good behaviour, the Congress was informed by a Member that the said Lawrence Hartwick is long since gone on board of one of the ships-of-war.

Ordered, That his Sureties be called on to produce him; and if they do not produce him, that they be brought before this Congress.

Christopher Duyckinck, who was sent to apprehend some Pilots, late of this City, and now in the service of the Ministerial Navy, being at the door, was admitted. He says those Pilots came on shore, but with a boat with armed men for their protection; that they came on shore frequently in that manner; that they have been three times on shore since he went to endeavour to apprehend them; that without the assistance of twenty-five or thirty men with muskets, he thinks it is not probable they will be apprehended; that he thinks that number, with three or four days provision, and properly armed and lodged, may effect the taking of them. That a Brigantine, having on board rum, sugar, and salt, was taken yesterday evening; that Francis James, the Pilot, went out in the vessel that seized and took her, and was active therein; that the Phenix has a number of boats about her.

Ordered, That Colonel McDougall give such directions as he may think necessary for apprehending the said Pilots, and that that matter be committed solely to him, and Duyckinck take his directions.

Captain Mcllroy, who was sent out at noon by Captain Rutgers and Captain Randall, returned; he was brought near the Chair. He says there is not any topsail vessel below but a Brigantine, which belonged to one Barns, of Elizabethtown, and which is seized by the Phenix; that four Sloop-rigged vessels (one of them very small) lie near the Phenix; that a person informed him that he had seen five sail off the Hook, and that two of them were Brigantines.

A Message was brought to Congress that Nicholas Low is ready to deliver the Gunpowder purchased of him.

Ordered, That Richard Norwood, Commissary of Colony Stores, be directed to receive and take the charge of some Gunpowder, which will be delivered to him by Mr. Nicholas Low; that he take a particular account of the quantity, and that he mark it in such manner as that it may be distinguished from the other Powder stored in the Magazine.

Congress were informed that some person in this City has now some Muskets, and other fire-arms, preserved for, and which did formerly belong to, the Ministerial Army; that any person directed by Congress to take them for the use


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