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Head Quarters, Northampton County, Virginia,
March 29, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Enclosed you have a Monthly Return of the Minute-Company under my command.

Gentlemen, I am, very respectfully, your most obedient servant,


To the Honourable the Council of Safety of Maryland.

A Monthly Return of Captain WILLIAM HENRY’S Minute-Company, from KENT County.

Captain. Lieutenants. Ensign. Surgeon. Sergeant Major. Adjutant. Quartermaster Serg’t. Sergeants. Corporals. Fife and Drum Majors Filer. Drummer. Fit for duty. Sick. On command. On furlough. Camp Color-men. Confined. Dead. Deserted. Discharged. Recruited. On duty. Artificers
1 2 1 1 - 1 - 4 4 2 1 1 70 - - - - - - - - - - - 88

Given under my hand, at Head-Quarters, Northampton County, Virginia.


February 29, 1776.

A List of the Minute-Company from KENT County, under the command of WILLIAM HENRY, who marched from said County on the 29th of JANUARY, 1776, and now stationed in NORTHAMPTON County, VIRGINIA.

William Henry, Captain.
John Hyland,
G. W. Forester,
} Lieutenants.   George Vansant,
Charles Irons,
} Sergeants.
William Clark, Ensign.
William Tillotson, Surgeon.
Robert Campbell, Adjutant.
  John Day,
Robert Jay,
James Henry,
Garret Vansant,
Enos Reves,
William Sprot,
} Sergeant,.   Joseph Purden, Drummer.
  William . . . . . ., Fifer.
John Bond,   William Haley,   Joseph Newson,
Stephen Boddy,   John Hurt,   John Nowland,
Benjamin Brokson,   James Hurt,   Richard Nab,
Henry Bostick,   Peter Justice,   William Petegrew,
Lambert Boyer,   William Johnson,   Charles Phillipshill,
John Burnsides,   Nathaniel Knock,   Andrew Park,
Henry Clarke,   David Keain,   Benedict Richardson,
Edward Clayton,   Francis Lemon,   James Wilson, Sen.
James Campher,   George Littles, Sen.   John Wilson,
John Cole,   George Littles, Jun.   James Wilson, Jun.
John Covy,   John Miller,   William Wilson,
Isaac Cornelius,   John M. Gowan,   John Wilmer
William Davis,   William Mirers,   James Woodland,
Samuel Davis,   Enoch Massy,   Robert Young,
Samuel Eades,   Nathaniel McClelland,   John Stevenson,
Isaac Freeman,   John Massey,   Benjamin Stoops,
Daniel Ferguson,   Samuel Money,   John Stoops,
Abraham Freeman,   Sampson Redgrave,   Marlow Taylor,
Salathiel Freeland,   Thomas Read,   Wm. Peregrine Thrift,
Lambert Flowers,   John Richardson,   Matthew Richardson,
Benjamin Garland,   Jacob Richardson,   Christopher Vansant,
James Greedy,   Thomas Sewell,   Benjamin Vansant,
Oliver Gallop,   Thomas Sappington,   John Vansant—70.
William Gray,    

Given under my hand, at Head-Quarters, February 29, 1776



[No. 95.]Annapolis, March 29, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Our regular troops are not yet provided with arms, but might be in a very short time, if we could have a supply of gun-locks from you. We desire, therefore, to be informed in what forwardness you have got your manufactory, and when you expect to furnish us with some.

We are, &c.

To John Hanson, Charles Beatty, and James Johnson.


[No. 96.] Annapolis, March 29, 1776.

SIR: The Council of Safety desire you will immediately examine into the quality of the powder now under your charge, and give them a particular account of the quantities of cannon and fine. We are, &c.

To Colonel Joshua Beall.


[Read March 29, 1776.]

Philadelphia, March 29, 1776.

HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: I have already taken the liberty of pointing out my opinion of the many advantages which would arise to North-America by employing row-galleys, viz: The many superior advantages they have in calms and little winds, the great advantage they have in being able to take shelter from a superior force (in case of necessity) at all times upon the coast of North-America, as they draw less water than vessels of the usual construction, and as I am persuaded I can construct them to sail much faster than any vessels in Great Britain, at least before the wind. These, with other considerations, led me to undertake to capture or destroy every British ship-of-war on the coast of North-America, with twelve row-galleys only; which command was promised to me by the Honourable Messrs. Hopkins, Randolph, and John Rutledge. I sincerely believe, had I been expeditiously furnished with those vessels, there would have been few British ships-of-war now on the coast of America to molest our trade. I am still ready to undertake the same charge, and will risk my life and every farthing I possess on earth on my success.

Or, if more agreeable to the honourable Congress, I will fit out two galleys at my own expense, the honourable Congress furnishing me with timber, guns, powder, &c, for which I will pay before my departure, and will risk my reputation that I will take or destroy an English man-of-war in a very little time. If I do not succeed, I do not wish to be reimbursed one penny. If I do, I should be glad the honourable Congress would grant me a commission for such a command, bearing date from the time that command was promised me, and that they would pay to my officers and men the full value of the first man-of-war I should take, or the estimated value of the first man-of-war I should destroy. I am little concerned about any mercenary reward to myself. I should ill merit the confidence of the honourable Continental Congress did I doubt their honour. Twelve row-galleys will not cost near as much money as the four frigates now building here.

I hope the honourable Congress will not be offended by my begging they will be expeditious in fixing the matter with me.

I am, honourable gentlemen, with sincere esteem for your august body, your most obedient, most devoted, very humble servant,


To the Honourable Continental Congress.


In Committee of Inspection and Observation,
Philadelphia, March 29, 1776.

Resolved, That William Sitgreaves and Peter Ozeas have, knowingly, counteracted the Resolution of this Committee, of the 6th instant, regulating the prices of several articles of Merchandise; and that they be published in the papers, agreeable to said Resolve, and that they be made acquainted with the determination of this Committee herein.

April 2, 1776.

William Sitgreaves and Peter Ozeas, having presented to this Committee the following papers, as acknowledgments of their having infringed the rules laid down by this body for regulating the prices of several articles of goods, and desired them, if they thought it necessary to lay their cases before the publick, to suffer their declarations to accompany them; the Committee, therefore, in discharge of the duty they owe to the publick, and in order to show to the world their resolutions to support their limitations, which they are of opinion are founded on just, generous principles, do think it highly proper to publish the several papers

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