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actual service, be allowed a pay of twelve Shillings and six Pence currency per day, and Corporals, in the like case, eleven Shillings and three Pence.

Adjourned to five o’clock in the afternoon.

In Congress, Friday Evening, February 16, 1776.

The Congress met.

Mr. President laid before the Congress the following copy of the Letter which he had written, and sent express, by their order, to the Colony of Georgia:

South-Carolina, Charlestown, February 15, 1776.

[By authority of Congress.]

To the Honourable the Congress of GEORGIA:

GENTLEMEN: I have the honour to enclose to you the copy of a Resolution of Congress, extending the Resolution of the Continental Congress on the 1st of November last, prohibiting exportation from the United Colonies; and I have it in charge to recommend to you, in the strongest terms, that your Colony should form a similar resolution.

It is thought so absolutely necessary for the welfare of America that Georgia form a similar resolution, and we have this point so much at heart, that the Congress have delegated the Honourable Rawlins Lowndes, Colonel Parsons, and Thomas Savage, Esq., to repair forthwith to Savannah, to make all possible representation to induce your co-operating with us in so salutary a step.

These gentlemen mean to set out to-morrow or next day, and their speedy departure renders it unnecessary for me to add anything more to give weight to the recommendation in question.

I have the honour to be, gentlemen, your most humble servant,


The Congress then proceeded to ballot for the Delegates to the Continental Congress.

And the ballots being reckoned, it appeared, and Mr. President declared, that Thomas Lynch, John Rutledge, Edward Rutledge, Arthur Middleton, and Thomas Hey-ward, Jun., Esquires, were, by majority of votes, duly elected.

Whereupon, the Congress

Resolved, That Thomas Lynch, John Rutledge, Edward Rutledge, Arthur Middleton, and Thomas Heyward, Jun., Esqs., be, and they are hereby appointed, and fully authorized, to represent this Colony in the Continental Congress for one year next ensuing.

Adjourned to nine o’clock to-morrow.

In Congress, Saturday, February 17, 1776.

The Congress met.

And yesterday’s Journal was read.

Mr. Corbett, from the Committee to whom was referred the Petition of Captain Aitken and Mr. Russell, delivered in a Report.

Ordered, That the consideration thereof be postponed.

A motion was made, that Benjamin B. Boote, Esquire, being a person whose going at large may endanger the pub-lick safety, be committed to close confinement.

Resolved, That Benjamin B. Boote, Esquire, be forthwith committed to close confinement in the common Jail of Charlestown.

Ordered, That Mr. President do issue his Warrant for that purpose.

Ordered, That Mr. President do forthwith, by Letter, acquaint the Council of Safety at Salisbury with the present situation of Messrs. Dunn and Boote, and desire their further directions.

Mr. President of the Council of Safety laid before the Congress Letters received by that Board:

From the Provincial Congress of Georgia, dated Savannah, 12th instant, relative to the hostile armament assembled there:

From Captain John Allston, of the Volunteer Company of Foot Rangers, dated 15th instant, relative to the original establishment of the said Company, and referred to Congress: and

From Dr. Chalmers, relative to the ill state of health of Mrs. Stuart, and the necessity of her taking air and exercise, also referred to Congress.

Which were severally read.

Ordered, That the consideration of Captain Allston’s Letter be postponed.

Resolved, That Mrs. Stuart be allowed to take necessary air and exercise, upon the terms proposed in Doctor Chalmers’s Letter; that is, accompanied by Mr. Fenwicke or the Doctor, and they being responsible for her appearance whenever called for.

Notice was given to the Congress, that the Contract for supplying the Colony Forces with Provisions would expire on the 29th instant.

The Congress then proceeded upon the Order of the Day. After some time spent in debate,

A motion was made, that the further consideration of the Report, on the number of Forces necessary to be raised and kept in pay for the service of this Colony, be postponed.

A debate ensued; and the question being put, resolved in the affirmative.

A motion was then made, that this Congress do now resolve that three Battalions of Infantry be forthwith raised upon the Continental establishment, agreeable to the powers vested by the Continental Congress in this Colony.

After some debate, the question was put, and passed in the negative.

Adjourned to nine o’clock to-morrow.

In Congress, Sunday, February 18, 1776.

The Congress met.

The Rev. Mr. Turquand, by desire, performed Divine service.

And the thanks of the Congress were returned to that gentleman.

The Journal of yesterday was read.

Resolved, That Benjamin Booth Boote, Esq., be supplied with all proper necessaries and accommodation in his present confinement, and that he be allowed the liberty of the garden belonging to the Jail, in the day time only.

Resolved, That Michael Kalteisen, Esq., be appointed to the office of Commissary of Military Stores for the Regular Forces.

Ordered, That Colonel Powell, Colonel Pinckney, Colonel Richardson, Colonel Bull, Colonel Thomas, Colonel Wofford, Colonel Neel, Colonel Horry, Major Mayson, Major Kershaw, Captain Hammond, Captain Harrington, Captain Maham, Captain Vanderhorst, and Captain William Skirving, be a Committee to consider and report the number of country Militia that ought to supply the place of the detachments to be discharged on the first day of March next, and, in rotation, to do constant duty in and near Charlestown; also, the most effectual means to oblige such of the Inhabitants of Charlestown as are liable to bear arms, and are absent, to return to town; also, the best division of the country Militia into Battalions, where such division is necessary; and also, such measures as may, in their opinion, be necessary to render the Militia most serviceable to the publick.

Ordered, That Mr. Edwards, Captain Roger Smith, Mr. Corbett, Mr. Dupont, Mr. Robert William Powell, Mr. Hall, Captain Leger, Mr. Theodore Gaillard, Jun., and Mr. Elias Horry, be a Committee to receive and examine such pub-lick Accounts as may be referred to them by the Congress or Council of Safety, and to report their opinion thereon to the Congress, or Council of Safety, as soon as possible.

A motion was made, that the Council of Safety, in order that they may be enabled to devote the more of their time to the immediate objects of their appointment, do set apart a particular day in each week for the particular purpose of determining on publick Accounts.

After some debate, the previous question was moved for; and, being put, it was resolved in the affirmative.

But the main question being then waived.

Resolved, That the Council of Safety shall only twice in the week be liable to be called upon to pay publick Accounts.

Adjourned to nine o’clock to-morrow.

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