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before the 1st day of December next, to the Commissioners of the respective Counties, who shall forthwith transmit the same to the Assembly. And if any Assessor shall neglect or refuse to perform the duty aforesaid, the Commissioners of the respective Counties, or any two of them, are hereby required and enjoined to fine him in any sum not exceeding ten Pounds, which shall be levied and recovered in the same manner as is directed by the laws of this Province for levying and recovering Fines imposed on Assessors refusing or neglecting to perform the duties therein required of them, to be paid into the hands of the respective County Treasurers, to be by them delivered to the same person, and applied to the same use, as the other moneys directed to be levied by the Resolves of this House; and in case of neglect or refusal as aforesaid, the said Commissioners, or any two of them, are hereby authorized and required to appoint another fit and capable person in the place of him so neglecting or refusing, who is hereby empowered to perform the duties enjoined by the foregoing Resolve.

And whereas it is necessary to prevent the arresting of Continental or Colonial Soldiers for small debts:

Resolved 12. That no such Soldier shall be arrested or imprisoned at the suit of any creditor, unless the said creditor make oath or affirmation, that the said Soldier is justly indebted to him in the sum of thirty-five Dollars over and above all discounts; and that the estate of such Soldier shall not be liable to attachment at the suit, or for the benefit of all or any of his creditors, unless their debts, in the whole, on being ascertained by their oaths or affirmations, shall amount to more than one hundred and fifty Dollars.

The House adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow morning.

Wednesday, March 27, 1776.

The House met pursuant to adjournment.

Upon motion, Ordered, That Mr. Brown be added to the Committee appointed to settle the Accounts of the several Battalions of Associators in this Province.

The House resumed the consideration of the Petition from the Inhabitants of the Town of Reading, for building Barracks in the said Town; and, after some debate,

Ordered, That the said Petition lie on the table.

Upon motion, Resolved, That Colonel Miles be, and he is hereby, empowered to procure, on rent, such empty Houses in the Borough of Chester and Marcus-Hook as he shall judge necessary to accommodate the Troops, in the service of this Province, that may be stationed in those parts; and that he be allowed to make such alterations and repairs to the said Houses as shall appear absolutely necessary.

The Petition of James Patton and John Allen, of Cumberland County, was, on motion, again read; and, after some debate, ordered to lie on the table.

The House again took up the Resolutions of the Committee appointed to consider of the best mode of encouraging the culture of Flax in this Province; and having spent some time therein, referred the same to further consideration.

Thursday, March 28, 1776.

Mr. Speaker laid before the House a Letter of the 26th instant, from Mark Bird, Esq., Chairman of the Berks County Committee, enclosing a Letter to the said Committee from Richard Tea, one of the Commissioners for the County aforesaid, representing that his colleagues, Samuel High and Michael Bright, have absolutely refused to act as Commissioners in carrying into execution the Resolves of Assembly respecting the Military Association.

Referred to the Committee appointed to revise the Military Rules and Regulations.

Post Meridian.

The House resumed the consideration of the Letter from the Committee of Safety, of the 13th instant; and, after some debate thereon,

Ordered, That Mr. Gray, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Brown, Mr. Jacobs, and Mr. Ross, be a Committee to settle the rates to be allowed for the entertainment of Troops marching through this Province, and the hire of Carriages employed in transporting Provisions, Baggage, and Military Stores, for the use of such Troops.

Upon motion, Resolved, That James Sutor be, and he is hereby, appointed an Ensign in the Battalion of Musket-men, in place of Hezekiah Davis, in the Continental service.

The House, taking into consideration the resignation of Jacob Levan, Daniel Topham, and John Hough, appointed a First Lieutenant, Third Lieutenant, and Ensign, in the Pennsylvania Forces,

Resolved, That Daniel Topham be, and he is hereby, appointed a First Lieutenant in the said Forces, in place of Jacob Levan aforesaid.

Resolved, That Abner Davis be, and he is hereby, appointed a Third Lieutenant in the said Forces, in place of Daniel Topham aforesaid.

Resolved, That Joseph Davis be, and he is hereby, appointed an Ensign in the said Forces, in place of John Hough aforesaid.

The Committee appointed to view the Machines constructed, by John Marshall, reported, “That, in obedience to the order of the House, they had examined the several machines and implements in the House of Employment, made by the said Marshall, for carrying on the manufacture of Thread, particularly his curious machine for twisting, which appeared to them so well contrived for expediting the said business, that they are of opinion he well deserves a reward from the publick.”

The Committee appointed to settle the rank of the Captains and Subalterns in the several Battalions of the Pennsylvania Forces, presented a written Report thereon, which was read, and is as follows, viz:


Captains of the First Battalion.

1 Lewis Farmer, 4 Philip Albright,
2 Richard Brown, 5 Henry Shade,
3 Andrew Long, 6 Caspar Weitzell.

Captains of the Second Battalion.

1 John Murrow, 4 Joseph Irwine,
2 William Peoples, 5 Peter Grubb, Jun.,
3 James Marshall, 6 Henry Chreist, Jun.

First Lieutenants.

1 Thomas B. Bowen, 7 John Thompson,
2 Matthew Scott, 8 John Clark,
3 William Gray, 9 John Davis,
4 James F. Moore, 10 John Young,
5 John Spear, 11 Edward Thompson,
6 John Stoner, 12 Daniel Topham.

Second Lieutenants.

1 George Wert, 7 Jost Treisbach,
2 John Perrin, 8 James Hamilton,
3 John Robb, 9 Joseph Finley,
4 John Carpenter, 10 William McPherson,
5 John Carnagan, 11 Jacob Maise,
6 John Burns, 12 Thomas Gourley.

Third Lieutenants.

1 Joseph Jacquet, 7 Abraham Smith,
2 William Barnit, 8 Jacob Stake,
3 Thomas Boyd, 9 Charles Taylor,
4 John Dungan, 10 Robert Campbell,
5 David Sloan, 11 George Grant,
6 Stephen Hanna, 12 Abner Davis.



1 Patrick Anderson, 5 Thomas Herbert,
2 Peter Z. Lloyd, 6 Abraham Dehuff,
3 Francis Murray, 7 John Nice,
4 Abraham Marshall, 8 Joseph Howell, Jun.


1 Walter Finney, 5 Joseph McClellan,
2 Matthias Weidman, 6 Robert Caldwell,
3 Morton arret, 7 Barnard Ward,
4 John Davis, 8 Peter Shaffner.


1 James Lang, 5 James Sutor,
2 William Henderson, 6 Henry Valentine,
3 Alex. Huston, Jun., 7 Michael App,
4 John Kirk, 8 Joseph Davis.

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