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me, should have so far sunk himself beneath the dignity of a man, as to chose rather to throw up his commission than fight in this so glorious a cause. I now humbly beg leave (for the honour of the family, as well as that of myself) to retrieve his spotted and blemished character, by offering myself as a candidate for that or any other office you may think me capable of. Should I meet with your approbation, my highest ambition will be to honour my station.


To the Honourable Continental Congress.


Philadelphia, April 1, 1776.

DEAR SIR: The bearer of this letter (Francis Dana, Esq., of Cambridge) is a gentleman of family, fortune, and education, returned in the last packet from London, where he has been about a year. He has ever maintained an excellent character in his country, and a warm friendship for the American cause. He returns to share with his friends in their dangers and their triumphs. I have done myself the honour to give him this letter for the sake of introducing him to your acquaintance, as he has frequently expressed to me a desire to embrace the first opportunity of paying his respects to a character so highly esteemed, and so justly admired throughout all Europe as well as America. Mr. Dana will satisfy you that we have no reason to expect peace from Britain.

I congratulate you, sir, as well as all the friends of mankind, on the reduction of Boston—an event which appeared to me of so great and decisive importance, that the next morning after the arrival of the news, I did myself the honour to move for the thanks of Congress to your Excellency, and that a medal of gold should be struck in commemoration of it. Congress have been pleased to appoint me, with two other gentlemen, to prepare a device. I should be very happy to have your Excellency’s sentiments concerning a proper one.

I have the honour to be, with very great respect, sir, your most obedient and affectionate servant,


To General Washington.


Philadelphia, April 1, 1776.

SIR: The Congress having appointed Mr. Dohicky Arundel Captain of an Artillery Company in the Continental service, and directed him to repair to the Southern Department, and there to put himself under your command, I have it in charge from that body to inform you that you are directed to set on foot the raising a Company of Artillery. This you will endeavour to accomplish as early as possible, being sensible the service calls for such a company, that we may be the better enabled to defend ourselves and annoy our enemies.

The Convention, or Committee of Safety of Virginia, to whom I write by this conveyance, are requested to appoint the other officers of the said company.

I have the honour to be, sir, you most obedient and very humble servant,

JOHN HANCOCK, President.

To the Honourable Major-General Lee.

I have paid Captain Arundel sixty dollars, which you will please to have stopped out of his pay.


Philadelphia, April 1, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Mr. Dohicky Arundel, being appointed a Captain of an Artillery Company in the Continental service, and directed to repair to the Southern Department, to put himself under the command of General Lee, who is directed to set on foot the raising such a company, I have it in charge from Congress to inform you, that it is recommended to you to appoint the other officers in the said Artillery Company.

I have the honour to be, gentlemen, your most obedient and very humble servant,

JOHN HANCOCK, President.

To the Honourable Convention or Committee of Safety of Virginia.


Trenton, April 2, 1776.

SIR: Since writing last, I find we shall have considerable difficulty in getting entertainment at Mount-Holly for the officers and soldiers now prisoners in this town. Two of the officers, viz: Mr. Cleaveland and Mr. Shuttlesworth, have been there, and complain of the quarters, and are very desirous that they may be removed to Burlington, where all may be well provided for; which, as our Committee of Safety meets on Monday next at New-Brunswick, I shall lay before them, and hope Congress will have no objection to their being quartered in Burlington, as I find the New-Yorkers have taken every place in Boundbrook, which I passed through last Saturday, and many have moved from Philadelphia to Mount-Holly, as I am informed.

Enclosed you have a return of the First and Second Battalions, which Mr. Lowrey informed me you wanted. As the several officers received their commissions, the date of passing muster, &c., in the First Battalion was transacted, in part, by Mr. Fisher, the Vice-President of our Convention, who has not yet informed me so minutely as I could have wished.

Our Committee of Safety have directed me to send you the enclosed list of wearing apparel, said to be lost or stolen on the road from Chambly, laid before the Committee by order of Major Stopford, as improper for them to determine upon.

I have the pleasure to inform you that I saw part of our Militia pass Brunswick Ferry on Saturday morning last, on their way to New-York.

I have the honour to be, your most obedient, humble servant,


To the Honourable John Hancock, Esq.

The First Battalion New-Jersey Troops, Lord Stirling Colonel; now WillIam Winds, Esq.

First Captain, Joseph Morris, Esquire; First Lieutenant, Daniel Baldwin; Second Lieutenant, Daniel Brown; Ensign, Matthias Halsted. Received 8th November,1775, per Elias Dayton, Esquire. Commissions dated 4th December,1775, per S. T.

Second Captain, Silas Howell, Esquire; First Lieutenant, John Mercer; Second Lieutenant, Richard Johnson; Ensign, Cyrus Dehard. Received 14th November,1775, per Elias Dayton, Esquire. Commissions dated 4th December, 1775, per S. T.

Third Captain, John Conway, Esquire; First Lieutenant, Lewis Johnson Costigin; Second Lieutenant, Peter Voorhies; Ensign, Francis Costigin. Received 21st November,1775. Commissions filled up the 4th December, per S. T. Fourth Captain, John Polhemus, Esq.; First Lieutenant, John Vananglin; Second Lieutenant, Samuel Axford; Ensign, William Sickels. Received 22d November, 1775. Commissions filled up 25th November,1775, per S. T.

Fifth Captain, Joseph Meeker, Esquire; First Lieutenant, Yellas Mead; Second Lieutenant, Archibald Dallas; Ensign, George Ross, the third. Received 9th December, 1775, per Elias Dayton, Esquire. Commissioned 10th December, 1775, per S. T.

Sixth Captain, Andrew McMyer, Esquire; First Lieutenant, Isaac Morrison; Second Lieut. Alexander Clough; Ensign, Jacob Piatt. Received 15th December, 1775, per Elias Dayton, Esq. Commissioned 16th December, 1775, per S. T.

Seventh Captain, Daniel Piatt, Esquire; First Lieutenant, Hendrick Fisher, Jun.; Second Lieutenant, John Flahavin; Ensign, John Robertson. Commissioned by Hendrick Fisher, Vice-President of the Provincial Convention.

Eighth Captain, Elias Longstreet, Esquire; First Lieutenant, Hortenes Schanck; Second Lieutenant, John Holmes; Ensign, Abraham Lane. Gave commissions by order of Lieutenant-Colonel Winds, 9th February, 1776.

Second Battalion of New-Jersey Troops, commanded by Colonel Maxwell; Lieut. Colonel, Israel Shreve; Major, David Ray.

First Captain, William Faukner, Esq.; First Lieutenant, James Dillon; Second Lieutenant, Nathaniel Bowman
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