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Cambridge, April 12, 1776.

SIR: I see, by your instructions from his Excellency, I am ordered to New-York directly. When I came out of Boston, the Provincial Congress voted me one hundred and fifty pounds during the war, and four shillings sterling a day for life. It would be ungenerous for me to leave their service, as they have provided so well for me. If I leave their service, the four shillings a day is lost to me. As 1 am advanced in years, I am unwilling to part with it.

I am not able to set out directly to New-York, because I am finishing the drafts for cannon, mortars, and carriages, for the Province.

I hope, sir, the above will excuse me for not complying with your orders.

Your humble servant, WILLIAM BURBECK.

To Colonel Henry Knox.


  Colony of New-Hampshire, in Committee of Safety,
April 12, 1776.

To the Selectmen of . . . . . . .

In order to carry the underwritten Resolve of the honourable Continental Congress into execution, you are requested to desire all Males, above twenty-one years of age, (Luna-ticks, Idiots, and Negroes excepted,) to sign the Declaration on this paper; and, when so done, to make return thereof, together with the name, or names, of all who shall refuse to sign the same, to the General Assembly, or Committee of Safety of this Colony.

M. WEARE, Chairman.

“In Congress, March 14, 1776.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the several Assemblies, Conventions, and Councils, or Committees of Safety, of the United Colonies, immediately to cause all persons to be disarmed, within their respective Colonies, who are notoriously disaffected to the cause of America, or who have not associated, and refuse to associate, to defend, by Arms, the United Colonies, against the hostile attempts of the British Fleets and Armies.

“Extract from the Minutes:

“Charles Thomson, Secretary.”

In consequence of the above Resolution of the Continental Congress, and to show our determination in joining our American brethren in defending the lives, liberties, and properties of the inhabitants of the United Colonies:

We, the subscribers, do hereby solemnly engage, and promise, that we will, to the utmost of our power, at the risk of our lives and fortunes, with arms, oppose the hostile proceedings of the British Fleets and Armies against the United American Colonies.

Nahum Baldwin,
Moses Nichols,
William Bradford,
Josiah Crosby,
Peter Woodbury,
Thomas Burns,
Robert Means,
Nathan Jones,
Henry Codmon,
Peter Robertson,
Jonathan Smith,
Jarvis Burns,
John Burns,
Stephen Walker,
Samuel Harris,
David Hildreth,
Ephraim Booker,
Henry Kimball,
William Low,
Samuel Stanley,
Jonathan Grimes,
Amos Flint,
Joseph Steel,
William Read,
Joseph Bouttell,
Timothy Smith,
Thomas Cuvrell,
Ephraim Hildreth,
Nathan Kendall,
Benjamin Day,
Reuben Boutter,
Ebenezer Kea,
Kendal Boutwels,
Oliver Carlton,
Hezekiah Louvjoy
Enos Bradford,
Thomas Towne,
Daniel Stephen,
Phinehas Upham,
John Shepard, Jun.,
Simpson Steward,
Samuel Gennis,
Dimond Mussey,
Moses Barron,
Benjamin Merrill,
Jonathan Lyon,
William Hogg,
John Mitchell,
John Louvjoy,
Jacob Louvjoy,
Jacob Hildreth,
Samuel Henry,
John Patterson,
Joseph Prince, Jun.,
William Fisk, Jun.,
William Fisk,
Bartholomew Dodge,
Williamew Dodge,
Joseph Small,
William Small, Jun.,
Ebenezer Hutchinson,
John Harwood,
John Tuck,
William Peabody, Jr.,
Jona. Wilkins, Jun.,
John Seecombe,
Jacob Standlv,
William Peabody.
James Leeton,
Benjamin Hopkins,
Jacob Curtice,
Jacob Curtice, Jun.,
Jonathan Taylor,
Josiah Dodge,
William Codman,
Silas Cummings,
Ananias Wallaste,
Joseph Steel, Jun.,
Timothy Nichols,
Benj. Hopkins, Jun.,
Ebenezer Hopkins,
John Burns,
Benj. Hutchinson,
John Seetown,
William Wilkins,
Francis Louvjoy,
John Cochran,
James Gillmoure,
Josiah Sawyerice,
Jonathan Twiss,
Richard Hughes,
John Hartshorn,
Nathan Jones, Jun.,
Amos Flint, Jun.,
Samuel Steward,
Nathan Hutchinson,
Robert Read,
Samuel Hale,
Archelaus Town,
Darius Abbot,
Joseph Gould,
Jonathan Sawyer,
Samson Crosby,
Nathaniel Barret,
Nath. Hutchinson, Jr.
John Grines,
Joseph Boutell,
Reuben Holt,
Michael Keel,
Joseph Prince,
Abijah Wilkins,
Thomas Weston,
John Averial,
William Lamson,
John Cole,
Israel Weston,
Nathan Cole,
Thomas Towne,
Joshua Wright,
Joshua Wiickins,
Thomas Clark,
Lemuel Winchester,
Daniel Smith,
Isaac Smith,
Nathan Flint,
John Dawson,
James Woodbury,
Benjamin Temple,
Joseph Langdell,
Richard Ward,
Nathaniel Haseltine,
Stephen Farnum,
William Wallace,
Robert Parker,
Andrew Bradford,
Israel Town, Jun.,
William Taylor,
Jonathan Lund,
Isaac Wright,
Benj. Kendrick,
Josiah Kidder,
William Peacock,
Joseph Peirce,
David Dunckle,
John Kendell, Jun.,
Isaac How,
Jacob Blodgett,
Adam Patterson,
Josiah Sawyer,
George Burns,
John Burns, Jun.,
Joseph Rollings,
Isaac Holt,
Joseph Cogin,
John Roby,
John Twiss,
James McKeene,
Thos. Wakefield, Jr.,
Ebenezer Holt, Jun.,
Jonathan Lampson,
Ephraim Abbott,
Moses Kimball,
Samuel Taylor,
Allen Goodridge,
Thomas Averall, Jr.,
Francis Elliot,
Elisha Tilton,
Nathan Fuller,
John Duncklee,
Amos Green,
James Hartshorn,
John Washer,
David Green,
Stephen Burnam,
Abner Hutchinson,
David True,
Israel Town,
John Bradford,
Joseph Dunkley,
Ebenezer Everil,
Elisha Hutchinson,
Joseph Farnum,
Amos Stickney,
Joseph Wallace,
Jacob Smith,
Ezekiel Weston,
Nathan Cleaves,
Joel Howe,
Stephen Peabody,
William Odell, Jun.,
Ebenezer Temple,
Ephraim French,
Benjamin Dodge,
James Gage,
Wm. Millondy, Jun.,
Ebenezer Weston,
Richard Gould,
Samuel Blaisdell,
Solomon Kittridge,
Timothy Hill,
John Wilkins.
    Total —197

To the Honourable the Committee of Safety for the State of NEW-HAMPSHIRE, or the General Assembly thereof:

Pursuant to the request on this paper from the Committee of Safety, &c., to us directed, we have invited those persons therein mentioned, to sign the Declaration on this paper, &c.; and all that have seen it have signed, except Joshua Atherton, Esq., Mr. Daniel Campbell, Mr. Samuel Dodge, and Colonel John Shepard.

} Selectmen of Amherst.

Josiah Allen,
John Hayes,
Jacob Gay,
David Knox,
John Leonard,
Samuel Smith,
Samuel Kinsen,
George Dugan,
Benjamin Methers,
Andrew Burten,
Samuel Webster,
John Bunten,
Harlin Sargent,
William Knox,
Samuel Webster,
Charles Moy,
Ichabod Clark,
Joseph Dennett,
Ichabod Johnson,
Samuel Davis,
Samuel Fisk.

Refused to sign, Edhall Burgen.

Abraham Brown,
Absalom Kingsbery,
Henry Rumrill,
John Slade,
Joseph Hatck,
Edward Waldo,
John Burrough, Jun.,
Simon Basely, Jun.,
Samuel Kinder,
Simeon Shepherd,
Nathan L. Rust,
Joel Chandleer,
Phinehas Hatch,
Joshua Shepard,
Jacob Wardner,
Nathaniel Shepherd,
Nathaniel Cooper,
Gideon Delano,
Silas King,
Jason Wait,
Aaron Lyon,
Thomas Kidder,
Abel Beckwith,
John Wait,
Abraham Brown, Jr.,
Simon Brooks,
William Simons,
Russell Shephard,
Frederick Wordner,
Jonathan Shepherd,
Daniel Waldo,
Josiah Cook,
Beulah Waldo,
Amaziah Grover,
Ephraim Brigham,
Simon Rumrill,
Amos Gale,
Oliver Shepard,
Aristides Hustis,
John Axtell,
John Plumbbry,
John Hadernner,
John Burrughs,
Joseph Mack,
Timothy Burrughs,
Lemuel Crane,
Joel Burruoghs,
John Hill,
Job Thompson,
Nathaniel Watts,
Moses Hale,
Nathan Mack,
Thomas Walton,
Daniel Burrughs,
Zebulon Chandler,
Philip Wordner,
Samuel Royce,
Jon. Shepard, Jun.,
Elias Brown,
Joseph Brown,
Isaac Lyon,
Giles Marvin,
Solomon Prentiss,
Nath. S Prentiss,
Andrew Beckwith,
Nathan Fay.
    Total —66

To the Honourable the General Assembly of the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE:

This may certify your Honours, that Simon Baxter, Samuel Chandler, John Thomson, and Samuel Miller, have refused to sign the within Association Agreement. Certified by us,

} Selectmen of Alstead.

Ephraim Kiges,
Henry Silsby,
Samuel Smith,
Thomas Putnam,
John Rogers,
Samuel Silsby,
William Keyes,
William Markham,
Samuel Harper,
John Willson,
George Duncan,
William Clark,
Lasell Silsby,
Dean Carlton,
John Willson,
James McClure,
James Wallace,
Jonathan Silsby,
Alexander Houston,
Julius Silsby,
Willoughby Willard,
Joseph Chatterton,
John Moore,
James Rogers,
Jedediah Smith,
Edward Keys,
Mehuman S?ibbens,
Perish Richardson,
Thomas Nott,
Christopher Eayrs,
John Duncan,
Henry Silsby, Jun.
    Acworth —32.

} Selectmen of Acworth.

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