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with respect to the within obligation, and find none unwilling to sign the same, except the Rev. John Houstons, who declines signing the said obligation, for the following reasons, viz: Firstlyz. Because he did not apprehend that the honourable Committee meant that Ministers should take up arms, as being inconsistent with their Ministerial charge. Secondly. Because he was already confined to the County of Hillsborough, therefore, he thinks he ought to be set at liberty, before he should sign the said obligation. Thirdly. Because there are three men belonging to his family; already inlisted in the Continental Army.

} Selectmen.

Bedford, June 4, 1776.


Joseph Hoit,
Moses Call,
Moses Morse,
Jesse Flanders,
Moses Burbank,
John Flanders,
Daniel Noyes,
Daniel Clark,
Benjamin Day,
Nathan Corser,
Joseph Attkinson,
Robie Morrill,
Moses Burbank, Jun.,
Thomas Gordon,
Samuel Atkinson,
Jeremiah Hidden,
Caleb Merril,
Daniel Peterson,
Benjamin Couch,
Jacob Flanders,
John Knowlton,
Eben. Hielden,
Henry Gerrish,
Daniel Shepard,
Isaac Pearson,
Winthrop Carter,
Samuel Davis,
Benjamin Rolfe,
Ezekiel Harpy,
John Elliot, Jun.,
Thomas Eliot,
John Muzzay,
John Jackson,
James Garief,
Enos Flanders,
Jedediah Danford,
Jesse Flanders, Jun.,
Wm, Danford, Jun.,
Samuel Coser,
Jonathan Coser,
Stephen Gerrish,
Samuel Burbank,
Moses Jakeman,
Enoch Gerrish,
John Morrill,
Silas Call,
Joseph Gerrish,
Michael Sargent,
Thomas Bedel,
Simon Jackman,
William Alrick,
Moses Call,
David Burbank,
Simeon Atkinson,
Timothy Eastman,
Joseph Pearson,
Joseph Flanders,
F. Lewles,
John Couch,
Edward Chadwick,
Moses Morss, Jun.,
Moses Maariel,
Samuel Jackman,
Daniel Richards,
David Corser,
Asa Corser,
John Corser,
Edward Ga?et,
John Manuel,
Bitfield Plummer,
David Carter,
Nathaniel Gookin,
John Stevens,
Samuel Ames,
Thomas Coser,
Jonathan Atkinson,
Samuel Clifford,
Peter Kimball,
John Hale,
Robert Elliot,
James French,
Samuel Danford,
Benjamin Jackman,
Joseph Muzzy,
Samuel Muzzy,
Isaac Noyes,
Peter R. Stevens,
William Danford,
Peter Coffin,
Oliver Fowler,
John Bowly,
John Bowly, Jun.,
John Corser, Jun.,
Nicholas Elliot,
Capt. Stephen Griffin,
Nathaniel Atkinson,
Enoch Little,
Nathan Davis,
Joseph Bean,
John Fowler,
George Jackman,
Samuel Agaton,
John Urann,
Geo. Jackman, Jun.,
Cutting Noyes,
John Elliot,
Joseph Eastman.

To the Hon. Council and House of Representatives for the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE, or Committee of Safety:

This may certify that the within Declaration has been offered to the inhabitants of Boscawen, and unanimously signed, excepting one, viz: Aaron Flanders refused to sign the same.

} Selectmen.

June 3, 1776.


Ephraim Foster,
John Bryant,
Benjamin Bean,
James Busel,
John Carr,
Stephen Eastman,
David Carr,
John Grushe,
Jonathan Clement,
Solomon Heath,
Edward Russell,
David Foster,
David Elliot,
John Colby,
Abraham Colby,
Willeby Colby,
Elijah Colby,.
Joseph Rogers, Jun.,
Jonathan Clough,
Samuel Wingate,
Amasa Dow,
Joseph Rogers,
Ralph Cross,
Anthony Mannaill,
Timothy Doe,
Samuel Dow,
Elisha Clough,
Elisha Clough, Jun.,
Thomas Hardy,
Edward Carlton,
Samuel Rogers, Jun.,
Aaron Kinsman,
Reuben Currier,
Richard Clongh,
John Robertson,
James Moor,
Leonard Harriman,
John Sullaway,
Enoch Noyes,
Ephraim Moor,
Benjamin Noyes,
Simeon Heath,
Nathaniel Canies,
John Brown,
Paltiah Clement,
Richard Clough, Jun.,
Henry Hamphill,
Joseph Baker,
Samuel Welch,
William Robertson,
Aaron Noyes,
John Noyes,
James Reddell,
John Garven,
James Garven,
Patrick Garven,
Lion. Hemphill,
John Moon,
Samuel Alexander,
Samuel Welch, Jun.,
Jacob Stockbridge.

Errors excepted: SAMUEL ROGERS.

I not being satisfied.

Errors excepted: WILLIAM ROGERS.

We, the subscribers, in obedience to the within, have shown the paper to all and every person that are not excepted, and that are not in the service, that belong to said Town of Bow; all of whom have voluntarily signed the same.

} Selectmen of Bow.

Bow, September 3, 1776.


Samuel Dudley,
Hawley Marshall,
Jedediah Robinson,
Samuel Dudly,
Samuel Learitt,
Jonathan Robinson,
Stephen M. Creighton
Samuel Colcord,
Josiah Dudley,
Dudley Robinson,
David Robinson,
Daniel Ward,
Jonathan Quimby,
John Bennet,
John Wilson,
Nicholas Mudget,
John Thing,
Gilman Robinson,
Winthrop Dudley,
Samuel Mormall,
John Dudly, Jun.,
Alex. Gordon Smith,
Samuel Clark,
John Philbrick,
John Bennet, Jun.,
Humphrey Wilson,
Darby Kelly,
Job Judkins,
Porter Kimball,
Joseph Shaw,
Moses Folsom,
Jonathan Shaw,
Abraham Morrill,
Abel Morrill,
Jonathan Veasey,
Benjamin Fifield,
James Marston,
John Abbot,
Joseph Edgerly,
Nathan Prescot,
Peter Thing,
Nathaniel Thing,
Richard Tandy,
Simon Gilman,
Bartholomew Thing,
Robert Rowe,
Jonathan Thing,
Samuel Shaw,
Nathaniel Trask,
Jonathan Hodgshun,
Daniel Wormall,
Richard Foss,
Jonathan Weed,
Samuel Edgerly,
George Vesay,
Nicholas Smith,
Richard York,
Lemuel Johnson,
John Philbrick,
Thomas Peabody,
John Dudley,
Daniel Leavitt,
Jeremiah Ellsworth,
Eliphalet Thing,
Samuel Thing,
Dudly Thing,
Samuel Ellsworth,
Aaron Ellsworth,
Josiah Thing,
Levi Morrill,
Ebenezer Colcord,
Daniel Clark,
Edward West,
Joseph Wadleigh, Jr.,
Edward Stevens,
Nathaniel Stevens,
Nehemiah West,
Nathaniel Gilman,
Ebenezer Stevens,
Joseph Wadleigh,
James Dudly,
Chase Smith,
Edward Pillsbery,
James Nickal,
Abner Burbank,
Riley Lyford,
David Burbank,
Nathaniel Chase,
Thomas Gordon,
Zadok Samborn,
William Morrill,
John Quimby,
Jonathan Sleeper, Jr.,
Joseph Jewell,
Elisha Sanborn, Jun.,
Francis Brown,
Isaac Witcher,
Elisha Sanborn,
William Graves,
William Graves, Jun.,.
Jno. Scribner Harper,
Jonathan Cater,
Jonathan Taylor, Jr.,
Aretas Rowe,
Nathaniel Clark,
John Truke,
James Findeler,
John Shaw,
Daniel Dearborn,
Abraham Drake,
Moses Cheney,
Samuel Dudley,
Joseph Smith,
Richard Whiteher,
Samuel Truke,
Jonathan Dow,
Winthrop Marston,
Samuel Marston,
Benjamin Pulsifer,
John Gorden,
Thomas Leavitt,
Labey Smith,
Dudly Kimball,
Samuel Harper,
John Carr, Jun.,
Simon Morgain,
John Carn,
Moses Lytord,
Timothy Gove,
John Thing,
Samuel Lock,
James Robinson,
Alexander Roberds,
Sander Roberds, Jun.,
Nicholas Lollof,
Thomas Roberts,
Josiah Hook,
Daniel Tony,
Robert Smith,
Reuben Smith,
Joshua Smith,
Nicholas Hardie,
Ebenezer Colcord, Jr.,
Danson Dudley,
Scribner Gordon,
Ebenezer Chase,
Benjamin Robords,
Joseph Johnson,
David Dollof,
John Dollof,
Samuel Robards,
Daniel Sanborn, Jun.,
Daniel Sanborn,
Edward Sanborn,
John Woodbury,
Nathaniel Graves,
Stephen Fifield,
Moses Lacly,
Joseph Sanborn,
Jonathan Gorden.

} Selectmen of Brentwood.


Thomas Clough,
Ezekiel Morrill,
Archelaus Moore,
John Moor,
Abiel Foster,
Sargent Morrill,
Jonathan Young,
James Tart,
Obediah Clough,
Joseph Durgin,
Williams Glines, Jr.,
James Ames,
Benjamin Heath,
David Morrill,
Joshua Boienton,
Samuel Colby,
Thomas Gilman,
Jeremiah Hacket,
Ephraim Carter,
Abner Hoyt,
Richard Ellison,
Jeremiah Clough,
Benja’n Richards, 3d.
Jonathan Blanchard,
Samuel Nudd,
Joshua Weeks,
Jonathan West,
William Moor,
Nathaniel Glines,
Betijamin Simson,
Thomas Hoyt,
David Ames,
John Moores, Jun.,
Barnard Stiles,
Samuel Haines,
John Sanborn,
Nathaniel Moore,
Richard Hanes,
James Shepard,
Archibald Miles,
James Gipon,
James Glines,
William Gault,
David McCrilles,
Benjamin Johnson,
Daniel Foster,
John Lyford,
Elmanath Ran,
Benjamin Woodman
Jonathan Forrester,
Aaron Sergent,
Benjamin Sanburn,
John Bean,
Caleb Heath,
Gideon Bartlett,
Joseph Pallet,
Nathaniel Pallet,
Samuel Weeks,
Simon Simon,
Tams Molony,
John McDaniel,
Jeremiah McDaniel,
Laben Morrill,
Asa Foster,
Simon Ames,
John Molony,
Robert Hastings,
John Robinson,
Simeon Robinson,
Joseph Call,
Nathan Guile,
Jesse Cross,
John Cross,
Stephen Cross,
William Hancock,
Reuben Kezer,
Jacob Hath,
John Roen,
Abner Miles,
Nathaniel Perkines,
David Blancherd,
Samuel Cinlip,
James Blanchard,
Richard Gliner,
William Dyer,
Shubael Dearborn,
Nathaniel Dearborn,
David Morrison,
Nehemiah Clough,
Benjamin Blanchard,
Richard Blanchard,
David Norris,
Edward Blanchard,
John Gibson,
James Lind. Perkins,
Thomas Perkins,
Peter Hanaford,
Benjamin Collins,
John Forest,
John Forest, Jun.,
William Forrest,
Nathaniel Witcher,
Reuben Witcher,
William Sanborn,
Gideon Sawyer,
Ebenezer Kimball,
Jioth Simons,
Simon Stevens,
William Simons,
Benjamin Witcher,
Jeremiah Ladd,

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