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Abraham French, Benjamin Cooper, Joseph Welch,
Jacob Hook, Jacob Webster, John Severance,
Richard Sleeper, Daniel Smith, Jonathan Sanborn, Jr.,
Solomon Wheeler, David French, Moses Hunt,
Thomas Elkins, Jun., Benjamin Sanborn, Ebenezer Watson,
Aaron Young, Jun., William Tande, John Stevens,
Tristram Dudley, Timothy Sanborn, Jonathan Sleeper,
Michael Carew, Joseph Judkins, Moses Calef,
William Patten, Samuel Barring, William Collins,
Joseph Nichols, Samuel Woodman, Peaslee Hoyt,
Henry French, Jonathan Collins, William Challey,
Benjamin Sweat, Stephen Badger, Benoni Daton,
John Darling Sweat, Timothy Quimby, Aaron Young,
Stephen Clifford, William Steeper, Thomas Carter,
John Calef, Jacob Smith, Benjamin Webster,
David Samborn, Jeremiah Bean, Richard Hubbard,
John Lad, Benjamin Laurien, James Naye,
Samuel French, Stephen Tongue, Jacob Pesby,
John Judkins, Joshua Bartlet, Joseph Fellows,
John Calef, Jan., Benjamin Lad, Caleb Sever,
John Judkins, Jun., Stephen Sweat, John Sleeper,
Ebenezer Long, John Clifford, Jun., John B. Sleeper,
Amos Gale, Benjamin Clough, John Winslow,
Ebenezer Fifield, Sanders Carn, Jacob Thorn,
Jethro Sanborn, James Thorn, Samuel Davis,
Caleb Judkins, John Thorn, Timothy Bartlet,
William Calfe, Bennet Greenfield, Jacob Winsle,
John Singleton, John Noyes, Samuel Winslow.
Biley Hardie, Daniel Busel,

Agreeable to the directions of the honourable Committee of Safety of this Colony, we have requested each inhabitant of this Town to sign to the within Declaration, and herewith return the names of those that have signed as within: also those that have not, and refuse to sign, who are as follows, viz:

James Caruth, a Scotchman, declines obliging himself to take up arms against his native country; but declares he will never take up arms against America, and is willing to bear his proportion of the publick taxes with his townsmen.

Moses Welch refuses to take up arms, and pleads conscience for an excuse.

Hezekiah Beedy, John Sanborn, John Clefford Fifield, Ensign Isaac Webster, John Webster, Robert Davise, Samuel Severence, Thomas Merrill, John Tucker, Ephraim IVinslow, John Eastman, John Gilman: These persons appear to be fearful that the signing this Declaration will, in some measure, be an infringement on their just rights and liberties; but they appear to be friendly to their country, and several of them have ventured their lives in the American cause, and the three last named persons are now in the Army.

  EBENEZER, } Selectmen of kingston.

September 23, 1776

John Wheatley, Josiah Potter, Theophilus Baybrick,
John Slapp, Samuel Payne, Eleazer Woodward,
John Baldwin, Elijah Dewey, Jun., -Nathaniel Kidder,
Samuel Bailey, Huckens Sterrs, David Colburn,
Jonathan Dana, Joseph Filden, Jun., Moses Hebard,
Eleazer Robinson, Elkanah Sprague, Jeremiah Griswold,
William Dana, Daniel Hough, Benjamin Fuller,
Hezekiah Watts, Samuel Bailey, Jun., James Fuller,
James Jones, Daniel Bliss, Lemuel Hough,
John Gray, Joseph Filden, Elisha Ticknor,
Jesse Cook, Charles Filden, Isaiah Bliss,
Samuel Estabrook, Oliver Griswold, Nathaniel Storrs,
Benjamin Write, James Hartshorn, Samuel Millington,
Hubert Estabrook, Azariah Bliss, Henry Woodward,
Nathaniel Hall, Azariah Bliss, Jun., John Griswold,
Jonathan Bingham, Stephen Bliss, Nathan Durkee,
Silas Bingham, John Ordway, Samuel Sprague,
Jedediah Hebbard, Nehemiah Estebrook, Charles Seaton,
Joseph Wood, Rufus Baldwin, John Clapp, Jun.,
William Rudman, Nathaniel Porter, William Downe, Jr.,
John Colburn, Nathaniel Porter, Jr., Zalmon Appenwall,
Nathaniel Wheatley, Elijah Dewey, Joseph Martin,
Waller Peck, Phineas Wright, Abel Wright,
Zaeeheus Downer, William Downs, Ebenezer Bliss,
Asa Colburn, Barnabas Perkins, Thomas Welles,
Const. Storry, James Hebard, Jonathan Bettes,
Stephen Colburn, Levi Hyde, Joseph Dame.
John Williams, Elias Lyman,

These may certify that the within Resolve, &c, has been presented to all the inhabitants of said Lebanon, in manner and form as requested, who have freely and cheerfully affixed their several names thereto, there not being one dissentient therefrom in said Lebanon.

  NEHEMIAH ESTABROOK, } Selectmen of kingston.

Lebanon, July 14, 1776.

Reuben Marston, Simon Leavitt, Josiah George,
John Marston, Weare Drake, Robert Brown,
Levi Lumper, Thomas Parsons, Joseph Palmer,
Carr Leavitt, Levi Stows, Eleazer Davise,
Benjamin Dearborn, John Leavitt, William Palmer.
Richard Fryborn, James Titcombe,

The above have all signed to abide by the within precept; and there are no more inhabitants in Leavitstown.

Elijah Densman, Philbrook Barker, Benjamin Durgin,
Samuel Jackson, Moses Ranales, John Sanborn,
Bennan Jackson, Samuel Hill, Jonathan Runals,
John Emerson, Paul Giles, Zaceheus Clough,
Samuel Emerson, Cornelius Denimore, Job Runels Turner,
Joshua Burnam, Job Runals, Enoch Runel,
Joshua Burnam, E. Jones, Jun., William Goen,
Stephen Will, Jonathan Dow, Ephraim Shurburn,
. Joseph Sias, Isaac Small, Dimond Furnald,
William French, Peter Folsom, Richard Hull,
Joshua Woodmarch, Josiah Dergien, Samuel Langmaid,
Eleson Watson, Miles Randel, Ebenezer Jones,
Lemuel Chesley, Samuel Watson, William Bly,
John Jones, Timothy Moses, Samuel Langley,
Benjamin Clark, Dennet Waymouth, Samuel Smith.
George Jones, John Kinnison, Nicholas Meader,
Benjamin Jones, Josiah Kinnison, Matthias Jones,
Smith Emerson, William Gleden, Benjamin Jones,
Isaac Clark, John Putmans, Joseph Jones,
Simon Rendel, Anthony Fling, Solomon Thompson,
James Brackett, John Davis, Ezekiel Wille,
Stephen Stevens, Clement Davis, Edward Leathers,
Gideon Mathes, Andrew Watson, John Leathers,
Daniel Chele, James Pottle, Joseph Doe,
George Chele, Thomas Jussels, John Williams,
Thomas Arlen, Samuel Burney, John Layn,
Zebulon Wiley, James Davis, Benjamin Briely,
Anthony Muney, Jeremiah Hutchings, Thomas Huckins, Jr.,
Micajah Bjckford, John Davis, Elijah Fox,
Daniel Shaw, Nathaniel Frost, John Wiggin,
Amos Furneld, Henry Tufts, James Clemens,
Edward Scales, Jonathan Stevens, John Sias,
Robert Parker, Henry Tufts, Jun., Benjamin Bodge,
John Mendum, Thomas York, Marsy Weder,
Hunking Dame, Nicholas Tuttle, M. V. Samuel Bodge,
John Follett, Robert York, John Gloner,
Ebenezer Randell, Eliphelet York, Edward Hill,
Eli Furbur, David Davis, Thomas Wille,
Ebenezer Burnham, Nathaniel Stevens, Ezekiel Moor,
Joseph Brackett, William Stevens, Thomas Noble,
Joseph Follet, Samuel Durgin, Samuel Woodman.
Samuel Steavens, Joseph Watson, Edward Woodman,
Samuel Beckford, Reuben Hill, Thomas Hick,
Jonathan Fisk, Samuel Hutchine, Josuh Burleigh,
William Weymouth, Josiah Bartlett, Samuel Wille,
George Tuttle, Moses Dame, Joseph Pitman,
George Duch, Jonathan Thompson, Samuel Snell, Jun.,
James Watson, Samuel Mathes, Thomas Langly.

These men hereafter named, in the Parish of Lee, refuse to sign the Association sent to us from the General Court by order of the Continental Congress:

Robert Thompson, Joseph Meder, William Colwell,
Joseph Cartlin, James Bunker, Joseph Emerson,
William Jenkins, Samuel Lamas, Richard Glover,
William Jenkins, Jr., David Muncy, Aaron Hanson.
Charles Rundlet, John Snell,  

  ICHABOD WIDDEN, } Selectmen of Lee.

William Gregg, Adam Dunlap, James Hopkins,
John Pinkerton, William Davidson, Robert Archibald,
Moses Lancester, Robert Moore, John Hunter,
Benjamin Cheney, Robert Smith, James Miltimore,
David Clendenin, David Anderson, Jonathan Wallace,
James Paul, Samuel Gregg, David Pinkerton,
John Cochran, David Taylor, James Adams, Jun.,
Robert Wilson, John Hopkins, Thomas Rogers,
Timothy Faren, Samuel Marsh, James Anderson,
John Moor, Robert Morrison, William Anderson,
John Aiken, Jonathan Gillmor, Joseph Mack,
Thomas Taggart, Jonathan Kelso, Josiah Duncan,
John Nesmith, Grorge Mansfield, Robert Craige,
James Cochran, Jun., John Ames, John McAlester,
James McGregere, Jas. Humphrey, Jun., Thomas Holmes,
John Bailey, Robert McFarland, David McCleary,
JohnGilman, John Taylor, Ephraim Dimond,
Robert McNeill, William Taylor, John Anderson,
Arthur Archibald, John Marsh, John Patterson,
William Betty, Wm. Cunningham, Alexander Boyd,
Matthew Thornton, Thomas Anderson, Thomas Wallace, Jr.,
Joseph Gregg, Thomas Creage, James Barnett,
George Duncan, Jr., Matthew Clark, John McCling,
John Gregg, Isaac Brewster, Sam’l Morrison, Jun.,
Benjamin Gregg, John Barnett, Robert Dickey,
William Alexander, John Hilner, Joseph Chapman,
Isaac Peabody, John Barnet, Jun., Elias Smith,
——McGregore, James Anderson, John Marshall,
Daniel Rundlets, John Gunion, Humphry Holt,
George Russel, Adam Taylor, Andrew Mack,
Stephen Holland, Samuel Taylor, Archibald McCalester,
William Vance, John Bell, Andrew Tode,
Nathan Stinson, William Duncan, Robert Thompson,

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