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James Hastings, Jr.,
Timothy Johnson,
Daniel Massey,
Richard Kimball,
John Bayley,
William Tapley,
Percy Dow,
Stephen Currier,
John Bayley, Jun.,
Abiel Cross,
Oliver Kimball,
Josiah Rowell,
William Bailey,
Nathaniel Merrill,
John Smith,
Israel Hull,
David Nevins,
Thomas Maiglaton,
William Smith,
Joseph Cresey,
Asa Colby,
William Gordon,
Richard Messer,
John Moor Bayley,
David Bayley,
Nehemiah Stanwood,
John Hasseltine,
Barnard Kimball,
Daniel Haseltine,
Thomas Mu?tr,
Benjamin Wheelin,
Abijah Wheeler,
Asa Dow,
John Lowell, Jun.,
Henry Woodbury,
Samuel Ayer,
Jonathan Stevens,
David Merrill,
Benjamin Bixly, Jr.,
Edward Panee,
Nathaniel Gornell,
John Ellinwood,
Nathan Webster,
Bejamin Rawlings,
Jonathan Smith,
Joseph Ordway,
John Currier,
Matthew Taylor,
Caleb Clark.

To the Honourable the Committee of Safety for the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE:

GENTLEMEN: We, the subscribers, having shown the Declaration (commonly called the Test Bill) to the inhabitints of Salem, as by your Honours directed, have found a number who neglected to sign said Test Bill; whose names are as follows, viz:

Robert Young,
Jesse Webster,
William Leach,
Deacon Th. Douglass,
Joseph. Merrill,
Peter Merrill,
Ebenezer Woodbury,
Joshua Heath,
David Hall,
Deacon John Hall,
John Reith,
Nathan Asten,
Wyman Clough,
William Clough,
Daniel Silver,
Webster, Emerson,
Jonathan Tenny,
Ebenezer Page,
Deacon John Kelly,
Enos Webster,
John Ashly,
Samuel Hilton,
Daniel Peasley, Esq,
Samuel Clement,
John Chase,
John Clement,
Captain John Allein,
Robert Ellingwood,
Henry Saunders,
Josiah Rowel, Jun.,
Philip Rowel,
Jacob Rowel,
William Thom,
Joseph Leach,
Daniel Silver.

} Selectmen of Salem.

Salem, August 27, 1776.


Ebenezer Johnson,
Samuel Scribner,
John Collins,
Reuben Greele,
William Nuton,
Benjamin Bean,
Job Heath,
Phinehas Bean,
John Jameson,
John Sanborn,
Jacob True,
John Gale,
Moses Elkins,
Rev. Jonathan Searle,
Ebenezer Webster,
Robert Smith,
Andrew Pettingill,
William Calef,
Leonard Judkins,
Jonathan Fifield,
Edward Eastman,
Shubael Grele,
Benjamin Huntoon,
Jonathan Cram,
David Pettingill,
Joseph Bartlett,
John Rowe,
William Webster,
Jacob Garland,
William Eastman,
John Fifield,
William Searle,
Abel Tandey,
Jeremiah Webto,
Edward Fifield,
Moses Garland,
Edward Heath,
Ezra Tucker,
Eben Tucker,
Nathaniel Meloon,
Hezekiah Foster,
Nat. Meloon, Jun.,
Iddo Scribner,
John Been,
Obadiah P. Fifield,
Benjamin Scribner,
Edward Scribner,
John Scribner,
Joseph Marston,
Moses Sawyer,
Benjamin Greele,
John Fellows,
Ephraim Colby,
John Webster, Jun.,
Andr’w Robinson, Jr.,
Ananiah Bonohon,
Andrew Bonohon,
Daniel Huntoon,
Moses Selley,
Gideon Dow,
Jacob Cochran,
Nathan Colby,
Joseph French,
Stephen Call.
Jacob Bohonon,
John Brown,
Benjamin Sanborn,
Joseph Basford,
Daniel Sewell,
John Webster,
Israel Webster,
Robert Barber,
Nathaniel Marston,
Matthew Pettingill,
Ebenezer Clifford,
Reuben Hoit,
Joseph Fifield,
Abel Elkins,
Abraham Fifield,
Richard Piermont,
Daniel Warren,
Cutting Stevens.

This may certify to the General Assembly, or Committee of Safety, of the Colony of New-Hampshire, that we, the subscribers, have offered the within Declaration to the inhabitants of the Town of Salisbury, and they sign freely, Mr. Sinkler Bean, and Joseph Bean, Esq., excepted.

} Selectmen of Salisbury.

Salisbury, September 12, 1776.


Joseph Woodman,
Benjamin Colby,
Nicholas Clark,
Josiah Emery,
Robert Smart,
Eliphelet Brown,
Nathaniel Burley,
Jacob Bumford,
Stephen Burley,
John Bryen,
John Clark,
Isaac Colby,
Benjamin Darling,
William Tomson,
James Cates,
Richard Beacham,
John Johnson,
Satchel Clark,
David Orr,
John Folsom,
Enoch Ealy,
David Dustin,
James Cater, Jun.,
Stephen Gale,
Aaron Samborn,
Jonathan Taylor,
Daniel Sanborn,
Cheese Taylor,
Josiah Samborn,
Jacob Smith,
James Gibson,
Ebenezer Morrison,
John Colby,
Elisha Cates,
Joseph Clark,
Jonathan Chase,
Wm. Durgin, Jun.,
Josiah Miles, Jun.,
Ebenezer Eastman,
Daniel Fifield,
Benjamin Sanborn,
Caleb Gilmon,
Moses Gilmon,
Joseph Gilmon,
John Gale,
Daniel Gale,
Wm. Hayes, Jun.,
Joseph Hoit,
Andrew Jewett,
Nicholas Giles,
Edward Kelly,
Gideon Leavitt,
Samuel Morrison,
Jotham Rawlins,
Abijah Sanborn,
Jona. Smith, Jun.,
Ichabod Swain,
Timothy Smith,
John Thorn,
Moses Thompson,
Charles Thomas,
Cole Weeks,
Ebenezer Sanboru,
John Lane,
Nathaniel Tilton,
Enoch O?its,
Philip Hunt,
Moses Randell,
Daniel Lavy,
John Robinson,
Samuel Harper,
Jonathan Cass,
Thomas Rundlet,
Thomas Sinklar,
Thomas Cricket,
Solomon Copp,
Elisha Smith,
Josiah Sanborn,
Moses Danforth,
Ebenezer Goue.

To the Honourable the General Court, or Committee of Safety, of NEW-HAMPSHIRE:

Pursuant to the within request, the inhabitants of said Sanbornton, have all, except one, (Benjamin Hoit, ) severally subscribed their names hereunto.

In behalf of the Selectmen.

July 3, 1776.


Samuel Bean,
John Colby,
Abner Colby,
David Bennet,
Orlando Colby,
David Sargent,
Reuben Clough,
Josiah Cotton,
Arche aus Hunt,
James Trussell,
Peter Collins,
Henry Page,
Edmund James,
E. Colby,
Daniel Watson,
Stephen Long,
Samuel Judkins,
Benjamin Flanders,
Moses Hook,
Sherburne Sanborn,
Timothy Tilron,
David Sanborn,
Samuel Sleeper,
John Sleeper,
Jethro Sanborn,
Sherburn Tilton,
Isaac Ladd,
Oliver Smith Blake,
Joseph Draper,
Nathaniel Ingalls,
Jonathan Huse,
Benjamin Colbey,
David Straw,
Jona. Colbey, Sen.,
Daniel Stanford,
Charles Pressey,
Thomas Wells,
William Rowel,
Iranel Huse,
Samuel Bennet,
Sergent Wells,
Jacob Wells,
Benjamin Wells,
Phineas Batchelder,
William Bean,
Nat. Russell, Jun.,
Fben Boslell,
Nathaniel Busel,
Jotham Huse,
Zebadiah Matson,
John Tucker,
Ebenezer Tucker,
Jacob Tucker,
John Straw,
John Pierce,
William Ferren,
Meshech Gordy,
Robert Craford,
John Tilton,
Benjamin Hunkins,
David Tilton,
John Fuller,
Samuel Ingalls,
Ezekiel Eaton,
Isaac Dow,
David Moulton,
Joshua George,
Jonathan Whiteaker,
John Collins,
Joshua Harriman,
Theophilus Grifin,
Thomas Grifin,
Peter Grifin,
Moses Heath,
Asa Heath,
Moses Grifin,
Samuel Wyatt,
Humphrey Clough,
Nathan Hunt,
Samuel Putman,
John Hearse,
Daniel Kelly,
Samuel Keaise,
Samuel Daniels,
Nathaniel French,
Benjamin Taylor,
John Sanborn,
David Sleeper,
Moses Sanborn,
Josiah Fowler,
Daniel Davis,
Richard Grifin,
Lemuel Sanborn,
Joseph Tilton,
Abraham Hook,
Thomas Chase,
Joseph Bagley,
Edward Edmonds,
Thomas Fallows,
Timothy Fallows,
Benjamin Pilsbery,
Joseph Hunt,
Ela Dow.

In obedience to the within, we have requested the Parish to sign this instrument; and, in obedience, the Parish have all signed, but those whose names are here underwritten.

The names of those that refused to sign: Ichabod Shaw, Esq., Benjamin Shaw, Cornet Daniel Fitts, Thomas Cotton, William Woodward, Folensby Shaw, Joshua Stevens.

Samuel Stevens did not sign, but is since gone into the war.

} Selectmen of Sandown.


Isaac George,
Nathaniel Knowls,
Henry Weed,
Richard Sinkler,
Jeremiah Page,
David Bean,
Christopher Topan,
Bagly Weeck,
Samuel Brown,
Jonathan Page,
John Page,
John Prescott,
Jacob Smith,
Israel Gillman,
Simeon Smith,
Eliphelet Mansfield,
Enoch True,
Joseph Hoyt,
Thomas Berley,
Daniel Beede,
Elias Ladd,
Elias Smith,
Nathaniel Ethridge,
Ben. Atkinson,
John Glidden,
Benjamin Bean,
Edward Smith,
John Ladd,
Jeremiah Hilton,
Daniel Beede, Jun.,
Micah Rice,
Joshua Prescot,
Benj. Blanchard,
Josiah Bean,
Edward Wells,
Elias Ladd, Jun.,
Nathaniel Scribner.

In pursuance of the within request, we have asked all male inhabitants of Sandwich, who are above twenty-one years old, to sign the within Declaration.

The names of those that refuse to sign, are as follow, viz Jacob Jewell, Benjamin Scribner, Moses Weed, Nathaniel Weed, Henry Weed, Jun., Mark Jewell, Jacob Weed, Nathan Beede, and Aaron Beede.


} Selectmen of Sandwich.

June 15, 1776.


Benjamin Giles,
Aaron Buck,
Jeremiah Jenks,
Samuel Hurd,
Josiah Stevens,
Ezra Darnvle,
Giles Keleg,
Ephraim Towne,
Joel Bailey,
Benjamin Bragge,
Lemer Keley,
Abraham Buell,
Jesse Willcocks,
Jesse Kelley,
William Stannan,
Jesse Lane,
Absalom Keley,
David Brown,
Roswell Kelley,
Joseph Buel,
Phinehas Willcocks,

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