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John Chamberlain,
William Brickway,
Joseph White,
John Cole,
John Scott,
Nahum Goodenow,
Noah Whitman,
Nehemiah Maw,
Gideon Burnham,
Jeremiah Tinkham,
Ephraim Robbins,
Joshua Warner, Jun.,
David Darby,
Reuben Kendal,
Israel Goodenow,
Josiah Hacket,
Jonas Robbins,
Nathaniel Daggett,
Samuel Works,
Jona. Goodenough,
Jonathan Cole, 3d,
John Verey,
Moses Bennet,
Fortunatus Glesen,
Shorebah Leach,
Philip Whitbur, 2d,
John Ranstead,
Daniel Johnson,
David Robins,
William Day,
Witting Johnson,
David Stacey,
Gideon Gilbert,
Moses White,
Asa Goodenow,
David Robinson,
John Doyl,
Ephraim Brown,
Job Warner,
Joseph Boynton,
Alexander Trotber,
Seth Gilbert,
John Robbins,
Samuel How,
Jonah Edson,
Benjamin Rogers,
Jeptha Dows,
Daniel Keys,
Nathan Franklin,
Edmund Goodenow,
James Gleson,
John Warner,
Joshua Warner,
Micah Reed,
Eleazer Robins, Jun.,
Daniel Blachard,
Moses Brown,
Daniel Winchester,
Jonathan Winchester,
Robert Robins,
Elijah Temple,
Archelaus Temple,
Isaac Leach,
Josiah Leach,
James Chamberlain,
Jonathan Cooper,
Reuben Tarbell,
Philip Wilbor,
Seth Leach,
Isaac Chamberlain,
T. Bowen.


In obedience to this Declaration, that we received from your Honours, we proceeded according to your directions, and the persons’ names annexed are those that refuse to sign this Declaration on your paper: Mr. William Goddard, Leonard Keep, Job Chamberlain, Aaron Brown, Daniel Gates, and John Butterfield.

BENJAMIN PEIRE,} Selectmen of Westmoreland.

Westmoreland, June 12, 1776.


Hart Balch,
Daniel Batchelder,
Joshua Blanchard,
Ephraim Baker,
Jonathan Burton,
Ebenezer Chandler,
Jeremiah Holt,
Joseph Snow,
Daniel Barker,
William Abbot,
George Coburn,
Benjamin Rideout,
Jeremiah Abbot,
George Blanchard,
Theodore Hovens,
Uriah Smith,
Ephraim Peabody,
Abner Stiles,
Thomas Lewis,
Jonathan Livermore,
Joseph Holt,
Abiel Abbot,
John Burton, Jun.,
Jonathan Martin,
N. Ballard,
Joseph Abbot, Jr.,
Benjamin Steel,
David Blanchard,
Uriah Pollord,
James Perry,
Richard King,
Abraham Burton,
Isaac Peabody,
Timothy Gray, Sen.,
John Cram,
John Cram, Jun.,
Nathan Hasseltine,
Thomas Towne,
Nathaniel Hasseltine,
William Patterson,
Samuel Hutchinson,
Jacob Putnam,
William Boyl,
Ebenezer Perry,
Benjamin Parker,
Henry Parker,
Archelaus Wilkins,
Jonathan Hartshorn,
Simon Keys,
John Brown,
Joseph Abbot,
Caleb Putman,
Nathaniel Greele,
Nathaniel Putman,
John Breston,
John Stevens,
Isaac Peabody, Jun.,
Timothy Dale,
Abraham Butterfield,
Enoch Fuller,
Jonathan Parkhurst,
Timothy Gray, Jun.,
Timothy Hall,
John Keyes,
Fifield Hall,
William Goldsmith,
John Dale, Jun.,
William Boyl,
Daniel Kinney,
Amos Holt,
Thomas Russell,
Joseph Holt, Jun.,
Ebenezer Cram,
Joseph Phelps,
Joseph Cram,
Joseph Butterfield,
Ashly Morgan,
Josiah Parker,
Ebenezer Brown,
Amos Coburn,
Fifield Holt, Jun.,
Simeon Holt,
Philip Putnam,
Jacob Abbot,
Timothy Holt,
Joel Taylor,
Elisha Hudson,
Amos Fuller,
David Kinney,
William Brown,
Stephen Blanchard,
James Dascome,
Richard Whitney,
John Dale,
William Peirce,
Samuel Shelden,
Silas Buss,
George Hutchinson,
Phineas Farrington,
William Abbot, Jun.,
Jonathan Greele,
Abijah Perry,
Abiel Holt,
Alexander Milliken,
Stephen Buss,
Joseph Stiles,
Samuel Lovejoy,
Henry Lovejoy,
Benjamin Blanchard,
Jonathan Cram,
Archelaus Pitman, Jr.,
John Burton,
Jacob Putnam, Jun.,
Daniel Holt,
Stephen Butterfield,
Ezra Johnson,
Bartholomew Stevens,
William Grimes,
James Grimes,
Robert Watherspoone,
John Craig,
Robert Craig,
Samuel Sharley,
James Sharley,
Alexander Sharley,
John McFarfand,
Samuel Webster,
William Letch.


In obedience to the within resolve of the Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-Hampshire, we, the subscribers, have desired all males, above twenty-one years of age, that are inhabitants of the Town of Wilton, to sign to the within Declaration, and but two have refused or neglected to sign, viz: Captain Ephraim Butterfield and Archelaus Putnam, whose names we hereby return to the General Court, or Committee of Safety, for the aforesaid Colony, in obedience to the within direction.

RICHARD TAYLOR,} Selectmen of Wilton.

Wilton, June 3, 1776.


Samuel Ashley,
Ebenezer Alexander
Nathaniel Rockford,
Reuben Alexander,
William Humphrey,
Gaius Field,
Elijah Dodge,
William Holmes,
Henry Bond,
Israel Stord,
Elijah Houghton,
John Higgans,
Ebenezer Taylor,
Joseph Stowel,
Reuben Rockwood,
Nath. Lawrence, Jr.,
Ichabod Franklin,
Abijah Carpenter,
Daniel Owen,
Samuel Scott,
Joseph Bright,
John Curtis,
Nathaniel Chase,
Jeremiah Hatch,
John Stearns,
John Peirce, Jun,
Asahel Jewell,
Seth Brett,
Philip Goss,
Ichabud Franklin, Jr.
Andrew Putnam,
Simon Chamberlain,
Zachariah Field,
Arthur Latham,
James Whitney,
Nathaniel Wilder,
William Dodge,
Benjamin Wilson,
Elijah Dodge, Jun.,
Asa Alexander,
Ebenezer Scott,
Abraham Holt,
Nehemiah Houghton,
James Latham,
Thomas Hubrings, Jr.
Ziba Ward,
Stephen Franklin,
Henry Miles,
Samuel Wright,
Isaac Scott,
James Franklin,
Daniel Smith,
John Alexander,
Joseph Latham,
Joshua Field,
John Butler, Jun.,
Henry Foster,
Samuel Healy,
David Perry,
John Hilhage,
Samuel Fasset,
Haskiel Lawrence,
Stetson Holmes,
Daniel Ashley,
Nathaniel Oak,
Waitstill Field,
Ebenezer Scott, Jun.,
Jonathan Wood,
Elisha Smith,
Nathan Twitchel,
Samuel Very,
Alexander McDowell,
Amos Willard,
Francis Very,
John Atkin,
Joseph Marbel,
Samuel Bond,
David Cady,
Adonijah Fasset,
Elihu Field,
Isaac Huchins,
Moses Fray,
Benjamin Freeman,
Joshua Whitemore,
Theodore Watkins,
Thomas Hutchens,
Ezra Parker,
Jeremiah Pratt,
Zebulon Streeter,
Nehemiah Healy,
Seth Alexander,
Stephen Belding,
Josiah Stebbins,
Abel Hammond,
Ezekiel Keney,
Israel Field,
Robert Newton,
Seth Pratt, Jun.,
Moses Belding,
Amasa Buit,
Gershom Dinsmore,
Amaziah Robards,
Stephen Putman.


According to the within resolve of the General Congress, we called a meeting, and it appears that all the before mentioned signers have agreed to stand by the within Covenant.


Winchester, June 3, 1776.

Enoch Stowel absent, Asa Rockwood sick. We suppose they are willing to sign the within Covenant.


Winchester, June 3, 1776.

Col. Josiah Willard,
Rev. Micah Lawrence,
Parel Richardson,
Capt. Samuel Smith,
Benjamin Melven,
Benj. Melven, Jun.,
Simeon Willard,
Elijah Willard,
Prentice Willard,
Benjamin Wright,
John Gould,
Thomas Gould,
Ebenezer Killom,
Samson Willard,
John Peirce.

The above returned names refuse to sign the within Covenant.

Winchester, June 3, 1776.


Hugh Graham, Jun.,
William Gregg, Jun.,
Alexander McCay,
John Campbell,
Henry Campbell,
Robert Park,
David Gregg,
William Gregg,
David Gregg, Jun.,
Thomas Gregg,
James Campbell,
Arthur Darrah,
Alexander Gregg,
William Dinsmore,
John Cochran, Jun.,
Alexander Simpson,
John Morrison,
Adam Templeton,
Nath’l Hemphill, Jr.,
Allen Hopkins,
Thomas Wilson,
Daniel McGarvin,
George Davidson,
James Betton,
John Anderson,
Joseph Clyd,
John Dinsmore,
John Davidson,
John Simson,
William Simson,
Samuel McAdam,
Isaac Thom,
Benjamin Thorn,
Robert McIlvaine,
John Clyde,
Alexander Park,
Joseph Smith,
James Brierly,
Alexander Morrow,
John Cochran,
James Cochran,
Robert Dinsmore,
William Rowell,
William Jameson,
Isaac Cochran,
Thomas Jameson,
Daniel Hopkins,
Robert Sonitt,
Jeffery Donnough,
James Gilmore,
George Wilson,
Moses Duty,
James Dinsmore,
William Dicken,
John Armstrong, Jun.,
Samuel Morrison,
Andrew Park,
Alexander Park,
William Thom,
Timothy Ladd,
Timothy Ladd, Jun.,
Eliphelet Ladd,
Andrew Armor,
Robert Spear,
Alex. Richey, Jun.,
David Davidson,
Nehemiah Hadley,
Alexander Wilson,
Hugh Brown,
James Caldwell,
David Currier,
David Armstrong,
John Armstrong,
Samuel Wilson,
Ebenezer Hall,
John Ryel,
Hugh Clyd,
John Wilson,
Simon Williams,
Peter Merrill,
Peter Merrill, Jun.,
James Wilson,
Alexander Richey,
Hugh Graham,
John McCay,
Thomas McCay,
James Davidson,
Samuel Campbell,
William Shed,
Henry Campbell,
Nathaniel Hemphill,
Robert Hemphill,
Gain Armour,
John Morrow,
John Miller.

To the Honourable Committee of Safety of this State:

The foregoing request hath been presented.

Observed, notwithstanding, that Lieutenant Abraham Reed, Matthew Reed, and Amos Merrill, have refused or neglected to sign the foregoing Declaration.


State of New-Hampshire, }
Windham, August 36, 1776.

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