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Miles. Miles.

Distance from Portsmouth, by Charlestown and Crown Point, to St. John’s,
}   310
From Portsmouth to Newbury, to 125  
  St. John’s,   92  
Difference in favour of the Newbury route,     93
From Boston to Charlestown, 119
  to Crown Point,   80
  to St. John’s, 120
From Boston to Newbury, 145
  to St. John’s,   92
Difference in favour of the Newbury route,     82
From Hartford to St. John’s, by way of  
  Albany, by way of   363
From Hartford to Newbury, 185
  to St. John’s,   92  
Difference in favour of the Newbury route,     86

From New-York, by way of Albany, to St. John’s, about four hundred miles.

From New-York, by Hartford, to Newbury and St. John’s, about the same.


Head-Quarters before Quebeck, April 15, 1776.

As it has been found necessary to make some alteration in the arrangement of the Captains and Subaltern Officers in Col. Nicholson’s Regiment, the following is to take place:

John Nicholson, Esquire, Colonel; Frederick Weisenfels, Esquire, Lieutenant-Colonel, appointed in the Third Regiment of Yorkers; John Vischer, Esq., Major; John Brogden, Adjutant; Israel Evans, Chaplain; Joseph Marvin, Surgeon’s Mate.

First Company: Gershom Mott, Captain; Benjamin Pelton, First Lieutenant; appointed in Third Regiment Yorkers; Isaac Nichols, Second Lieutenant; Charles F. Weisenfels, Ensign.

Second Company: Elisha Benedict, Captain; Digby Odlum, First Lieutenant; Nathaniel Henry, Second Lieutenant; Francis Shaw, Ensign.

Third Company: John Graham, Captain; John G. Lansing, First Lieutenant; Francis Brindley, Second Lieutenant; Esia Holmes. Ensign.

Fourth Company: Robert Johnston, Captain; William Martin, First Lieutenant; Thomas Nicholson, Second Lieutenant; Peter Kertan, Ensign.

Fifth Company: Ezekiel Cooper, Captain; Timothy Hughes, First Lieutenant; William Belknap, Second Lieutenant; Thomas Lennington, (taken prisoner in Canada,) Ensign.

Sixth Company: Benjamin Evins, Captain; Isaac Hubbel, First Lieutenant; Thomas McClallen, Second Lieutenant; Samuel Preble, Ensign.

Seventh Company: Derrick Hansen, Captain; William Tapp, First Lieutenant, appointed in the First Regiment of Yorkers; Isaac Guion, Second Lieutenant; William Blackney, Ensign.

Eighth Company: John Copp, Captain; John Brogden, First Lieutenant; William Colebraith, Second Lieutenant; Thomas Logan, Ensign.

Approved of by General Wooster, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Forces before Quebeck, as taken from Brigade-Major Blagden’s Orderly Book. By my order:


Lieutenant- Colonel.


Norwalk, April 15, 1776.

DEAR SIR: Your last favour, of the 11th, I have received, and am sorry for the miscarriage of the other. My brother’s declining has fixed me as to going, as I had no thoughts of going under the command of any one else, especially for the present. I am sorry that it has so happened, for I should have been very happy to be in a company with you and Mr. Reed. I have no particular objections of my own, but my father is not very willing that I should go, and I would choose he should be fully satisfied with it. I join with your in opinion about Major Beauman, who, I think, is a deserving man. I something expect to be in town in about ten days, when I hope for the pleasure of seeing you before you go from thence, (for I suppose you will not be stationed in town;) but if it should so fall out that I should not be there, you and Mr. Reed will please to accept of my sincerest and warmest wishes for your prosperity and welfare.

My best wishes to him; and believe me to be, dear sir, your most obedient and very humble servant,


To Lieutenant George Fleming, in New-York.

P. S. Mr. Griffiths is much obliged to you for your compliments, and begs you to accept of his in return. Please to acquaint uncle’s family of our being all well, and desiring to be remembered to them all,

T. G.


Lebanon, April 15, 1776.

SIR: On representation from the Committee, who were directed last week to attend you respecting the prisoners taken in your late cruise, &c., that you would be glad to have our aimed Brig Defence (now in the harbour of New-London) to attend and assist you in any further operations you may think proper soon to effect, we have considered your desire, and fully comply with the same, and have given orders to Captain Harding accordingly, a copy of which is enclosed.

At the same time we tender you our thanks for your favourable acceptance of our request respecting the cannon and military stores.

I am, in behalf of the Governour and Council of Safety, your most obedient humble servant,


To Admiral Hopkins.

P. S. Captain Niles, in the Spy, is also ordered to attend your directions, provided you shall have any occasion for his services.

J. T.


Head-Quarters, Boston, April 15, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Your letter of the 1 lth instant, by Captain Salter, I have received; in answer to which I am to acquaint you that the cannon belonging to New-Hampshire, which are here, shall be delivered to your order, whenever you please to send for them. I wish it was in my power to supply you with all the cannon you want; but the enemy destroyed and carried off so many, together with what are gone southward with the Army, that we have not enough for our fortifications.

I am, your most obedient servant,


To the Honourable Meshech Weare, Esq., and Committee of Safety.


Rowley, April 15, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: We, the subscribers, being a Committee of Safety, &c., for the town of Rowley, having had a number of complaints against Jonathan Stickney, Jun.; and, upon examination of the evidences, and his own assertion before the ’Committee, we find him to be an enemy to America; and we think his crime so great, and of so aggravated a nature, that it was proper to send him to your Honours, that he might receive his just deserts; and, accordingly, we have sent said Hickney by Lieutenant Searl, the bearer hereof, and likewise the affidavits. The reason why said affidavits were not sworn to, was for want of a Justice in said town. The evidences are respectable persons, and offered to attest said affidavits before a Justice of the Peace.

In behalf of the Committee:


To the Honourable Council now sitting at Watertown, in the Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England.


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