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may be had; we therefore recommend Seth Marvin for a Captain, and Joshua Brown for First Lieutenant, as proper persons; and as the other two officers are not pitched upon yet, we promise, if blank warrants are sent here, to fill up the same for those we think to be proper persons.

I am, with respect, gentlemen, your humble servant.

By order of the Committee:


To the Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-York.


Orange County, April 18, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: The Committee of this County being met, and having considered several places for erecting a Powder-Mill, agreeable to the resolve of Congress, do approve of a place at or near John Carpenter’s saw-mill, in the Pre cinct of Cornwall, in the County of Orange, near Graycort, to be a convenient place: and Henry Wisner, Esq., and John Carpenter, do apply for recommendation; and this Commit tee do recommend the said Henry Wisner, Esq., and John Carpenter, both of Orange County, to be proper persons to build the same.

We are, gentlemen, your very humble servants.

Per order:


To the Honourable Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-York


Orange County, Oxford, April 18, 1776.

To the Honourable Committee of Safety for the Colony of NEW-YORK during the recess of Congress:

GENTLEMEN: The Committee of this County have been informed by Colonel William Allison, that the sum of two hundred pounds is allowed towards paying their Deputies for attendance in Congress during the course of their service; and as the money is wanting, I would, therefore, in the name of this Committee, desire that it might be sent up by the bearer, (Seth Marvin,) together with your instructions for disbursing the same, if necessary.

I am, with respect, gentlemen, your humble servant,



New-Cornwall, April 18, 1776.

DEAR SIR: I take this opportunity, per Lieutenant Roe, to inform you that we held our election to choose a Deputy for the next Convention, day before yesterday, and chose Archibald Little, Esq., for Cornwall Precinct. Who is chosen in Goshen I know not.

Sir, you may remember that, not long since, I wrote a line to the Committee in behalf of Lieutenant Roe. He is down now on the same business, and he wants to know what he may depend upon, as the season of the year is far advanced. I think if there is a vacancy he is as suitable a man for a Captain as I could recommend in the County. If it should be agreeable to you, I hope you will give him both your advice and assistance. If he should succeed, he will inform as to under officers.

Sir, pardon my boldness, and permit me, with great esteem, to subscribe myself your most humble servant,


To Teunis Cooper, Esq., in Committee of Safety, New-York.

To the Honourable the Continental Congress.

The Petition of the Committee of Safety, and Officers of the Militia of KING’S District, in ALBANY County, and Province of NEW-YORK, together with part of the Committee and Militia Officers of the east part of CLAVERACK District, in said County, also the east part on MANOR RENSSELAERWICK District, in said County, humbly showeth:

That your Petitioners live in that part of Albany County that adjoins to the Province of Massachusetts-Bay, and is peopled from the New-England Colonies.

That your Petitioners have, from the commencing of hostilities by the British Troops at Lexington and Concord, been attentive to the preservation of the rights and liberties of America, and particularly attended the rules of Congress therein.

That your Petitioners did, on the earliest notice of the country’s want of men to withstand the violence of the British Troops, array themselves in military order for that purpose; particularly at the time when Colonel (now Brigadier-General) Arnold was on his way to surprise and take posses sion of the important posts of Ticondcroga and Crown-Poinf, (on intelligence obtained,) Colonel Arnold did, by his letter, send back for men to come immediately to his assist ance, a copy of said letter being sent to that part of the County before described, your Petitioners, in Militia Companies, met for the purpose of gathering a number of men that were willing to go to the assistance of said Colonel Arnold, on which there did voluntarily appear to the number of one hundred men or more, to go to his assistance. Part of which did immediately march to Albany, there expecting to be furnished with some guns and ammunition, (as they were not all furnished,) and at Albany did make application to the Committee of Safety for the County, who were then sitting; but said Committee not having the sentiments of the Government or country in regard to taking possession of said forts, did not at that time think proper to furnish said men, on which said men did return, and thereon the others did not at that time go forward, yet held themselves in readiness for the purpose if wanted.

That the said volunteers, with a number of others joining, did, a short time after, at the desire of the Committee of the County, (on the resolves of Congress,) proceed to Albany, and from thence to Ticonderoga, in three Captains’ companies, under the direction of the Committee aforesaid, and did continue in the country’s service until the last winter, when they were dismissed; after which, under the direction of the General in Canada, out of the three companies, one was formed to continue in service through the winter and part of the spring.

Besides the aforesaid companies, there went one Captain’s company, and part of two or more to join the Army before Boston, from the parts before mentioned. And your Petitioners think they are warranted, from the conduct of the aforesaid companies through that campaign, to say that it was to the honour of their country.

In addition to what is now mentioned, of the readiness and service, &c., on the news of General Montgomery’s repulse and death before Quebeck, the last winter, and want of troops in that department, there immediately turned out and went part of a company from the aforesaid King’s District, (joining with Captain Goodrich’s Company, of Massachusetts-Bay;) and many more would have engaged, but distance from home, the season of the year, and shortness of the preparation for leaving home, prevented them.

Your Petitioners would now inform that, since the afore said dismission, the greater part of said men remain at home, and the others expected soon, as their time is now expired; and that, in the raising the battalion in this Province this spring, there has been no appointment of officers in these parts, (as a quota of men with the County were in service,) and the people desire if it could be, they may be formed into a battalion, with officers in the parts before-mentioned; to accomplish which, the good people before-mentioned did request the Committee first mentioned, and the officers of the Militia, to meet and inquire into the practicability of forming a battalion, or part of a battalion, as aforesaid; and if they found there were men who might be spared, and who were willing to enter into their country’s necessary service, sufficient for that purpose, to pursue such ways and means as to accomplish the same.

On which desire the Committee and militia aforesaid did meet, and, on inquiry, found, according to the readiness manifested among the people, there might be a battalion, or part of a battalion raised, of good and proper men that are heartily engaged for their country’s good, accordingly petitioned the General Committee of the County aforesaid, desiring their assistance in procuring the same, (as the battalion to be raised in the County and Government were officered;) but said Committee was pleased to give your Petitioners a negative answer. Since which, your Peti tioners have resolved to lay before your honourable body their readiness to enter into the Continental service; and therefore have laid before you this their Petition, and herewith
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