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A Return of Powder, Ball, and Flints, found in the Powder-House, and received at different times from the 12th of FEBRUARY, 1776, to the 20th of APRIL, 1776, inclusive; also, of the Powder, Ball, and Flints, delivered out from the 16th of FEBRUARY, 1776, to 20th APRIL, 1776, inclusive.

When received Clolny’s credit; where found, and from whom received. Casks of Powder, and quality. Number of Pounds said to contain. Lead. Flints. Musket Cartridges. When delivered. To whom delivered. By whose order. For what service. Casks of powder, and quality. Number of pounds said to contain. Lead. Flints. Musket Cartridges.
1776     ibs.                   ibs.    
Feb.12, Found in the
197¼ 4925 - - 8827 Feb.16 Mar. Johnston, Colonel McDougall, Continental service, 25      
12, P. Curtenius, - - 15734 25500   18, Wm. Leary, General Lee, Colon’l Drake’s
- - - - 1300
18, From Philadelphia, { 9 bbls, 32
gls, each,
or 80¼
2000       19, Simeon Selick, Provin. Congress, An armed tender, 100 - 150
Mar.20, P. Curtenius, 20½ - 2600     20, Steph. Badlam, Wm. Palfrey,
A. D. C.,
Artillery 184      
30, Vann Zand? &
35½ 1875       24, Stephen Hall, General Lee, Colonel Ward’s
200 400    
April 4, P. Curtenius, - - 1000                      
13, P. Curtenius, - - 784     Mar.1 Rob. Andrews, Do, Publ’k Service, - 6      
16, Nieholas Low, 59¼ 1503       4, Jos. Ketchem, Do Col. Van Ness’s
- - - - 1200
    15½               - - - - -  
            4, Express for Canada, Colonel McDougall, - - - - - 12
23 ibs.
        4, H. Godwin, General Lee Colonel Swartwont’s Reg’t, - - - - 1400
18, P. Curtenius, - - 504 17000                    
20, From the Laboratory, - - - - 1700 5, Captain Smith, Clonel McDoogall, Armed Sloop, 100 - - 200
Total received, 413 10303 20622 42500 10527 19, M. Halstead, L’d stirling, Colonel Wind’s
- - - 1200  
Total delivered out, 265 6640 10486 15050 10946 19, Anth. Grifftihs, Do., Laboratory, 56¼ 1400 1406  
Total remaining in storre, 148 3663 10136 27450   21, Benj. Ledyard, Colonel McDougall, Colo’l McDougall’s Reg’t - - - 500  
Deficient quarter-eask, 1         25, Th. Tredwell, Committee of Safety, Suffolk County, 40¼ 1000 4000    
Total 147         25, A. McDougall, Colonel McDougall, C. Antherton 25      
  28, Hugh Hughes, Committee of
Continental account, - - 4480 10000  
  29, Teunis Cuyper, Do., Orange County, 20¼ 500      
  Ap’l 4, A. McDougall, Do., Colo’l McDougall’s Reg’t, - - - 3200  
  4, J. Moore, Esq. Do., Tryon County, 20¼ 500      
  4, Do., Do., Albany County, 9bbls,
  4, Major Dehart, Do., Continental account, - - - - 2400
  9, A. McDougall, Do., Colo’l McDougall’s Reg’t, - - - - 4434
  19, Wm. Mercier, Do., Sloop Montgomery, 24¼ 600 200    
      Total delivered out, 265 6640 10486 15050 10946

The above is a true Return of the Powder, Ball, and Flints, received in, and delivered out of, the Provincial Siore of the Colony of New-York.

To the Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-York. RICHARD NORWOOD, Commissary 0f Colony Stores.


Morrisania, April 20, 1776.

I take the liberty of addressing your Excellency upon a subject so much out of my own line, that I must be entirely in your equity as to the charge of impertinence. I hope to be acquitted.

The Committee of Safety have ordered that the sick soldiery should be transported to an Island called Little-Barn Island; which was, and perhaps still is, the property of Captain John Montresor, an Engineer in the Ministerial Army. The choice of this particular spot for that purpose induces me to suspect that they were actuated in some mea sure by those illiberal prejudices, which have great weight in little souls; for certainly it must be rather inconvenient to place the sick upon an Island, at nine miles distance from the Army. It seems to be rather more rational to erect buildings for their reception on the high grounds near Hudion’s River, to the westward of Harlaem, a situation at once healthy and easy of access. Or, if an insular position is indispensably necessary, then Behenna’s, and especially Blackwell’s Island, will be found much better adapted to the purpose, being nearer the city, and a convenient ferriage to either from the Fort at Home’s Hook. And the proprietors of those Islands would, I believe, gladly let any houses they can spare for that use.

My reason for troubling your Excellency on this occasion is, that when Mr. Montresor went to Boston, the Island was put in the possession of (I believe conveyed to) John Tudor, Esq., one of his Majesty’s Council for the Bermuda Islands, who came hither in the pursuit of health. He has found it where he now is, and thinks it inhospitable to the stranger to turn him out, instead of taking him in. The lower orders of mankind, blessed in the bluntness of their perceptions, may receive a pecuniary compensation for any inconvenience; but your Excellency best knows how precious are the feelings of a gentleman: publick money can neither purchase or alleviate them. If we banish this pauvre malad’e, it is worth while to consider how much his tale will be repeated against us. The uncharitable will say it was a pique, because he holds a feather under the King. The mildest judges will discover some harsh features in the piece.

I trespass too much, sir, upon your patience. I have no other excuse, but that Mr. Tudor requested me to mention the matter to your Excellency; let me add, that I receive pleasure in furnishing the occasion for that happiness which you receive in doing good.

With the greatest respect, I have the honour to be, your Excellency’s most obedient and humble servant,


To General Washington.


Warwick, April 20, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: I have herein made a return of the officers chosen in Captain John Wisner’s Company of Minute-men, of the Regiment of Florida and Warwick, in the Precinct of Goshen, and County of Orange, agreeable to a return made to me by two of the members of the Committee of this Precinct, declaring their attending at the election of the said company, on the 26th day of March last; and were chosen (agreeable to a certain resolve of the Provincial Congress of this Province, made respecting the regulation of

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