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No. of said bill 24, 951, date 10th May, 1775, endorsed: Printed by Hall & Sellers.

  MARY her

Sworn 21st of March, 1776, before me,


Henry Vandyne, under examination, saith: That he (Vandyne) passed a one dollar bill in imitation of the Continental currency, at the house of Isaac Lewis, in Mendham, which bill, he (Vandyne) saith, he received of Elizabeth his wife; and further saith, that she (Elizabeth) had made and passed one of three dollars to John Panton, and likewise one of three dollars to Isaac Vandyne; and, also, one of three dollars to MottVandyne; and further saith, that he (Vandyne) saw the aforesaid Isaac Vandyne pass the aforesaid bill of three dollars to Cornelius Davenport; and further saith, that he (Vandyne) saw the aforesaid Elizabeth pass one bill of three dollars to Elizabeth, the wife of Samuel Fordice; and further saith, that he (Henry) passed one bill of one dollar to Mark Walton; and further saith, that he (Vandyne) was knowing to his wife Elizabeth’s making the above bills, and believes that not any person had any hand in making the above bills except the aforesaid Elizabeth; and further saith, that Mott Vandyne was knowing to the making of the aforesaid counterfeit bills; and further saith, the aforesaid Elizabeth got the paper of said Mott Vandyne. And further saith not.


The above examination was taken before the Committee of Observation for the Township of Mendham.

Signed by order of the Committee:


April 4, A. D. 1776.

The Examination of ISAAC VANDYNE, Jun., taken this 6th day of APRIL, before the Committee of Observation for the Town of MORRIS.

This examinant being duly sworn, saith, that being at Jonas Smith’s, on Tuesday night, 26th of March last, and intending to come to Morristown next day, he asked his brother, Henry Vandyne, to lend him a shilling or two to bear his expenses; who replied, he would let him (Isaac) have a three dollar bill, and that he might take it out of that; but coming to Morristown, and not having occasion to change it, he showed it to no one except to Noah Vail and Mark Walton, until he returned again into the neighbourhood of Robert Gaston’s, at Rockaway, where he offered to pass it to William Gordon’s wife, to take out the price of a mug of beer; she replied, she should not refuse the bill if she could change it; but would rather choose to charge the beer; after which he showed it to no one else, but returned it to Henry Vandyne. Isaac Vandyne told Mrs. Gordon the bill looked too blotted, he did not know whether it was good or not; she then replied the bill was good; which is all he (Isaac) knows about the bill. And further saith not.


Taken and sworn to, this 6th day of April, 1776, in presence of the Committee of Morristown, before me,


The Examination of HENRY VANDYNE, taken this 5th day of APRIL,1776, before the Committee of Observation for the Township of MORRIS.

This examinant saith: That his wife, some time last winter, told him, in a jocose way, that she could make the Continental money; and that he frequently saw her attempting to make such money; and at length she did make six bills in imitation of the true bills of the Continental currency, viz: two bills of one dollar each, and four bills of three dollars each; and that she gave one of those three dollar Continental bills in payment to Elizabeth, the wife of Samuel Fordice; and that she gave one of the said counterfeit bills to Isaac Vandyne, Jun., to get changed for her, which the said Isaac returned to this examinant; and one of said counterfeit bills this examinant’s wife told him she gave to Matthew Vandyne; and the other three dollar counterfeit bill he (Henry) took to the Great Pond, and there lent the last-mentioned bill to Matthew Vandyne.; and that he (Henry) gave one of the said counterfeit one dollar bills in part payment to Mark Walton, last Tuesday; and the other one dollar counterfeit bill he (Henry) gave to Richard Vanderhoof, who tried to pass the said bill away at Isaac Lewis’s Tavern, in Mendham, but could not, it being suspected to be counterfeit; and that he (this examinant) saw his said wife Elizabeth complete two of said counterfeit bills; and doth verily believe that she made each and every of the said six counterfeit bills, within two months last past; and this examinant knows of no person or persons aiding or assisting his said wife in counterfeiting said bills; but that he brought some writing-paper from Matthew Vandyne’s, for his wife; but believed the said Matthew did not know the paper was wanted for any bad purpose; and further this examinant saith, that he let Isaac Vandyne have one other of the said three dollar counterfeit bills, which the said Isaac paid to Cornelius Davenport, in discharge of their expenses at said Davenport’s; and hath no reason to believe the said Isaac knew the said bill was counterfeit.


Taken and acknowledged as above,


Examination and confession of ELIZABETH VANDYNE, taken before me, MOSESTUTTLE, this 5th day of APRIL,1776.

She saith: That about the last of February or beginning of March last, she (this deponent) undertook to counterfeit the three dollar bills, (the emission of the Congress,) and completed three of the three dollar bills, and three of the one dollar bills, which she made with her pen and a pair of compasses, and by taking a true bill and laying it on clean paper, and pricking it through with a pin; by which means she got the pattern of every part of the bill, and then took two pieces of clean paper and cut them to the shape of the bills, and put some starch between, with a point of a knife, and then put the two pieces of paper together, and while they wero damp, sprinkled on isinglass, and then pressed with a warm smoothing-iron, and with her pen, by the help of her patterns, completed all the prints and the flowers, and then signed the signers’ names to the said six bills, (the read ink was of horse blood,) and when so done, passed one to Elizabeth Fordice, of three dollars, to pay a debt that her husband owed to Samuel Fordice. The other two three dollar bills, she thinks her husband had them, but afterwards concludes that Matthew Vandyne had them. One bill of one dollar she passed to Samuel Moon; and after her hearing there was a disturbance about the bills, she went to Samuel Moon, and took the said bill back from him, which said bill was lost with her pocket and one good bill of one! dollar in it, directly after she was apprehended. One bill, of one dollar, of her own make, Hank Vandyne, her husband., paid to Mark Walton; and one bill, of one dollar, her husband took with him. Two of three dollar bills, she let Matthew Vandyne have one; she told him to get her a two dollar bill, and the remaining one dollar he was to have; and the other three dollars she let Matthew Vandyne have also, without saying anything about what conditions Matthew had it upon, whether for debt or to pass for her. The first bill she made she told her husband to give it to some other body to pass, for fear he would be mistrusted; and her husband told her that he gave the bill to Isaac Vandyne, Jun., to put off for him; and Isaac told him that he had changed the bill with Cornelius Davenport. One bill, of three dollars, she gave to John Panton, to buy some calico with for her; and her husband being very uneasy for fear said Panton would be found out, (for the said Panton could not keep anything in,) so she went the next day but one after letting Panton have it and brought the said bill back again, which was the one that Matthew Vandyne afterwards had. And further saith not.


Taken before me, this 5th day of April, 1776.


The Examination of ELIZABETHVANDYNE, taken this 6th day of APRIL,1776, before the Committee of Observation for the Town of MORRIS.

This examinant saith: That the above examination, taken before Moses Tuttle, Esq., is true in every respect, except the number of three dollar bills, which ought to have been

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