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Court, passed January 17, 1776, be, and they hereby are, committed to the Standing Committee on Accounts, and the said Committee are directed to allow such of the said Accounts as shall be authenticated by sufficient vouchers or proper evidence that the said Powder, Lead, and Flints, were expended in battle, or left in Camp for the use of the Army, and no other.

The Committee of both Houses, appointed the 19th instant, to apply to the Selectmen and the several Committees of the Town of Boston for a list of those persons now there remaining, who have appeared to be inimical to the United Colonies of America, have attended that service, and have obtained from the said Selectmen and Committees a list of sundry persons whom they judge to be of that character, with a state of facts and witnesses to support them; which list they beg leave to report.

JOHN WINTHROP, per order.

In the Home, of Representatives: Read, and Ordered, That Major Hawley, Mr. Sullivan, Colonel Freeman, and Colonel Orne, with such as the honourable Board shall join, be a Committee to take the said Report, and Papers accompanying it, under consideration, and report what may be proper to be done with the persons named in said Papers.

In Council: Read, and concurred, and Caleb Gushing, James Prescott, and Moses Gill, Esquires, are joined.

Ordered, That Captain Partridge, Captain Goodman, and Colonel Thompson, be of the Committee appointed to consider what is proper to be done with those persons in Boston who have appeared to be inimical to the United Colonies, in the room of Major Hawley, Mr. Sullivan, and Colonel Orne, engaged on other business, and that said Committee sit immediately.

Resolved, That Colonel Davis, Colonel Thatcher, Captain Brown, Major Fuller, Colonel McIntosh, Mr. Dix, and Mr. Hall, be a Committee to procure such a number of Teams as his Excellency General Washington shall judge necessary to transport such Military Stores, Baggage, Sic, as he may have occasion to send to Rhode-Island, and that the said Committee wait on his Excellency to know the terms upon which he expects the same to be procured, and that they proceed upon the business immediately.

The Committee appointed to take into consideration a Letter from Tristram Dalton, Esq., of Newburyport, and the Papers accompanying the same, relative to the Brigantine Unity, and her Cargo, now lying in the West-Indies by reason of the death of Captain Michael Corbit, Master of said Brigantine, in the service of this Colony, report by way of Resolve:

Resolved, That John Brown, Moses GilI, and Abraham Watson, Esqrs., be, and they hereby are, empowered and directed to employ some suitable person to proceed immediately to St. Thomas, and dispose of said Brigantine and her Cargo, in such manner as they shall think will be most for the interest of this Colony; and send or bring home the nett proceeds of said Vessel and Cargo in cash, or such articles as he shall think most advantageous to the Colony.

Also, Resolved, That there be allowed and paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, unto Isaac Noyes, one of the mariners belonging to the Brigantine Unity, the sum of twenty-eight Pounds two Shillings and eight Pence, for his wages, and the further sum of two Pounds five Shillings, for his expenses from York to this place, and other services, in full to this date.

General WASHINGTON’S Answer to an Address from the General Court of the 27th ultimo, viz:

“GENTLEMEN: I return you my most sincere and hearty thanks for your polite Address; and feel myself called upon by every principle of gratitude to acknowledge the honour you have done me in this testimonial of your approbation of my appointment to the exalted station I now fill; and, what is more pleasing, of my conduct in discharging its important duties.

“When the counsels of the British Nation had formed a plan for enslaving America, and depriving her sons of their most sacred and invaluable privileges, against the clearest remonstrances of the Constitution, of justice, and of truth; and to execute their schemes, had appealed to the sword, I esteemed it my duty to take a part in the contest, and more especially, when called thereto by the unsolicited suffrages of the Representatives of a free People; wishing for no other reward than that arising from a conscientious discharge of the important trust, and that my services might contribute to the establishment of freedom and peace upon a permanent foundation, and merit the applause of my countrymen and every virtuous citizen.

“Your acknowledgment of my attention to the civil Constitution of this Colony, whilst acting in the line of my department, also demand my grateful thanks. A regard to every Provincial institution, where not incompatible with the common interest, I hold a principle of duty and of policy, and shall ever form a part of my conduct. Had I not learned this before, the happy experience of the advantages resulting from a friendly intercourse with your honourable body, their willing and ready concurrence to aid and to counsel when ever called upon in cases of difficulty and emergency, would have taught me the useful lesson.

“That the Metropolis of your Colony is now relieved from the cruel and oppressive invasion of those who were sent to erect the standard of lawless domination and to trample on the rights of humanity, and is again open and free for its rightful possessors, must give pleasure to every virtuous and sympathetic heart; and being effected without the blood of our soldiers and fellow-citizens, must be ascribed to the interposition of that Providence which has manifestly appeared in our behalf through the whole of this important struggle, as well as to the measures pursued for bringing about the happy event. May that Being who is powerful to save, and in whose hands is the fate of Nations, look down with an eye of tender pity and compassion upon the whole of the United Colonies. May He continue to smile upon their Councils and arms, and crown them with success whilst employed in the cause of virtue and of mankind. May this distressed Colony and its Capital, and every part of this wide-extended Continent, through His divine favour, be restored to more than their former lustre and once happy state, and have peace, liberty, and safety, secured upon a solid, permanent, and lasting foundation.


Read, and ordered to be entered on the Records of this Court.

Resolved, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, to Timothy Whiting, the sum of two Pounds six Shillings, in full of his account for losses sustain ed in the battle of Bunker’s Hill.

Resolved, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, to Timothy Whiting, to the use of John Lewis, the sum of one Pound seven Shillings and four Pence, in full of his losses at the battle of Bunker’s Hill.

In the House of Representatives: The House made choice of the following gentlemen as Field-Officers for the Second Regiment of Militia, in the County of Plymouth viz:

John Cushing, Jun., Esq., Colonel, in the room of Anthony Thomas, who declines serving.

Jeremiah Hall, Esq., Lieutenant-Colonel, in the room of John Cushing, Jun., elected Colonel.

John Clap, Jun., Esq., First Major, in the room of Jeremiah Hall, Esq., elected Lieutenant-Colonel.

David Tilden, Esq., Second Major, in the room of Nathaniel Cushing, who declines serving.

In Council: Read, and concurred.

Resolved, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, to several persons in Captain William Scott’s Company, the sum of fourteen Pounds fifteen Shillings, in full for the losses they sustained in the battle of Bunker’s Hill.

Resolved, That there be paid to Mr. Michael Hodge, for the use of the Committee of Correspondence, &c., for Newburyport, the sum of nine hundred and fifty Pounds eighteen Shillings and two Pence, in full discharge of their Accounts exhibited to this Court, for fitting out the two Armed Vessels called the Sloop Machias Liberty and Schooner Diligent, commanded by Captain Jeremiah Obrien, which was done by order of this Court.

Further Resolved, That the sum of twenty-one Pounds four Shillings and five Pence, be allowed and paid to Mr. Michael Hodge, for the use of Jackson, Tracy & Tracy, in full discharge of their Account exhibited to this Court, for sundry Supplies which the said Captain Jeremiah Obrien

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