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admit wood, &c., to come in by water, at a much less risk than at present, and will prevent the necessity of keeping any Troops at Hingham, or any other Towns within the Harbour of Boston.

“In the name and by order of the major part of the Council:

“JAMES OTIS, President.”

The Committee of both Houses on the Petition of Major Barber, beg leave to report, that said Barber’s Petition be so far granted as that he may be appointed to give permits to all vessels coming in and going out of the Port of Boston, agreeable to the Resolves of the Continental Congress.

JAMES OTIS, per order.

Read, and accepted.

Resolved, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, to Richard Devens, Esq., the sum of twenty-two Pounds eight Shillings, in full for his services as Paymaster to the Forces of this Colony.

In the House of Representatives: The House made choice of the following gentlemen as Adjutants to the Regiments of Militia hereafter mentioned, viz: Thaddeus Harrington, to the Third Regiment, in the County of Middlesex; Adam Peters, to the Fourth Regiment, in the County of Suffolk; Eleazer Carver, to the Third Regiment, in the County of Plymouth.

In Council: Read, and concurred.

Resolved, That Richard Devens, Esq., be, and hereby is, directed to pay to Captain Josiah Stone, the sum of seventy-five Pounds fourteen Shillings and six Pence, being the balance due to the Colony from him as Paymaster to the Soldiers that had not received their Advance Pay, according to a Resolve of this Court the 9th day of August last; and also deliver three Warrants, now in his hands, empowering him to draw money out of the Treasury for the same purpose. A compliance herewith shall be a full discharge to the said Richard Devens, Esq., for the Moneys received of the Colony for the purposes aforesaid. And the said Captain Stone is directed to pay the said sum of seventy-five Pounds fourteen Shillings and six Pence, to the Treasurer of this Colony, taking duplicate Receipts therefor, one of which, together with the three Warrants, to be lodged with the Secretary of the Colony.

Adjourned to ten o’clock, Monday morning.

Monday, April 29, 1776.

Present in Council: Honourable James Otis, William Sever, Benjamin Greenleaf, Walter Spooner, Jedediah Foster, Eldad Taylor, Michael Farley, Caleb Cushing, Thomas Cushing, Benjamin Chadbourn, James Prescott, Joseph Palmer, Samuel Holten, Benjamin White, Esquires.

Whereas by a Resolve of this Court, of the 9th of November last, the Sheriff of the County of Suffolk, and other officers in that County, were authorized and empowered to commit any person or persons to the Jail in the County of Plymouth whom they might legally commit to the Jail in the County of Suffolk, as the Town of Boston, in which the County Jail is, was then in the possession of the enemies of the United Colonies, as by the same Resolve will more fully appear: And whereas the enemies aforesaid have fled from the said Town of Boston, and the inhabitants have again taken possession thereof, and the difficulties of imprisoning persons there is now removed:

It is therefore Resolved, That the Resolve aforesaid, so Far as it relates to the Sheriffs, or other persons belonging to the County of Suffolk, imprisoning any person in the Jail in the County of Plymouth, be, and hereby is, declared null and void, and shall be of no further force or effect; and that the Sheriff of the County of Suffolk be, and he hereby is, fully authorized and empowered to remove from the Jail in the County of Plymouth to the Jail in the Town of Boston, all and every person and persons that were by him or others, officers in the County of Suffolk, committed to said Plymouth Jail, in pursuance and by virtue of the Resolve aforesaid.

Whereas the honourable the Continental Congress have -recommended to this and the other United Colonies the manufacturing of Salt, and have caused to be transmitted to this Court a Pamphlet, setting forth the particular mode practised in other parts, which discovers the probability of its being carried into effect in this Colony:

Therefore it is Resolved, That it be recommended to the inhabitants of the several Sea-Port Towns in this Colony, to use their utmost endeavours to proceed in the manufacturing of Salt in their several towns.

And that they may have all the information given them in this matter that this Court can, at present, furnish them with,

It is further Resolved, That the number of one hundred and fifty of said Pamphlets be printed, and sent to the several Sea-Port Towns in this Colony; and that Mr. Story be appointed to get them printed and dispersed accordingly.

Petition of John Stevens, setting forth: That he has been a long time confined in Jail, upon suspicion of being a spy of the enemy, of which he is entirely innocent; and upon that suspicion he is now confined in Jail, and never could obtain a hearing, neither before a Court-Martial or any other authority; therefore begs leave to be brought before your Honours, that, by word, he may give your Honours full satisfaction that he is innocent. He is under great necessity; having lost his shirts, he has not been able to shirt himself for seven weeks past; therefore begs leave for a speedy hearing.

Read, and Ordered, That the Justices appointed to examine the enemies of the United Colonies, in Boston, be empowered to examine the above-named John Stevens, and dispose o him according to his demerits.

Whereas it is represented that sundry persons have procured, and are now using means to procure, from without this Colony, quantities of Saltpetre, or the materials therefor, partly wrought, with a view to receive from the Treasury of this Colony the price and premium promised for such as should be manufactured within this Colony: Wherefore, for the prevention of any such fraudulent practices and impositions taking place,

It is Resolved, That all persons, who are, or may be, appointed by the General Court, to receive and pay for Saltpetre manufactured within this Colony, be directed, and they hereby are directed, not to receive and pay for any quantity of Saltpetre, that may be brought to them respectively, for the use of the Colony, until the person or persons bringing the same shall take an oath agreeable to the form hereto annexed, or otherwise shall produce a Certificate from the Justice of the Peace, that the manufacturer has taken a like oath before him; in which case the person presenting the Saltpetre shall make oath before the receiver of it, that he took it into his possession in presence of the said Justice, and that the whole thereof is the same Saltpetre referred to in such Certificate; which Certificate shall be lodged with the person receiving the Saltpetre, who is hereby authorized to administer an oath accordingly.

Form of the Oath.

“You, A B, do solemnly swear, that the whole process of the manufacture of the Saltpetre now presented by you, was begun, carried on, and finished within the limits of this Colony; and that no foreign Saltpetre is mixed therewith. So help you God.”

Whereas the Superior Court of Judicature, Court of Assize and General Jail Delivery, according to law should be holden at Barnstable, within and for the County of Barnstable and Dukes County, on the Wednesday next preceding the third Tuesday of May next: And whereas the Small-Pox is prevalent in said Town of Barnstable, and other circumstances of this Colony are such as that said Courts cannot conveniently be held there at the time aforesaid:

Therefore Resolved, That the said Courts be, and they hereby are, adjourned to Wednesday, the 16th day of October next, then to be held at the Court-House in Barnstable aforesaid, and that all appeals, pleas, processes, writs, actions, suits issued or to be issued, complaints, precepts, recognisances, and all other matters and things returnable and having, and that should have had day in the said Court if the said Court had been held on the day by law appointed as aforesaid, and shall be returnable and have day on the said 16th day of October next, and shall abide and continue unto that time, and shall be proceeded upon, heard, and determined, to all intents and purposes as effectually as if said Courts were held on the day by law appointed as aforesaid.

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