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effects, belonging to Mandamus Counsellors and others, that were left in the said town, by any person who went off with the Fleet and Army and to keep the same in their possession till the further order of the General Court: And whereas, afterwards, viz: on the 19th day of April last, a Resolve passed this Court, empowering the Committee of Correspondence, &c., to lease out the Real Estates of certain persons therein particularly mentioned, and to return an inventory of all Personal Estates belonging to such persons as they should receive into their possession, as by the same Resolve will fully appear: And whereas it is apprehended by some persons that the Resolve last mentioned may interfere with the Resolve appointing the Committee aforesaid to take possession of all the Personal Estates of those who went off from Boston with the Fleet and Army:

Therefore Resolved, That the Committee appointed by the House of Representatives, for the purpose first mentioned, be, and they hereby are, fully authorized and empowered to retain in their possession all such Real and Personal Estate as they have already taken, or hereafter may, in pursuance of their first appointment, take into their possession; and lease out said Real Estates, as the Committee of Correspondence, &c., are authorized to do, till the further order of the Great and General Court of this Colony, the Resolve of the 19th of April notwithstanding; provided always, that until the further order of the General Court, there be allowed to the wives and children of such obnoxious persons as are above described, so much out of their respective Estates, or the improvement thereof, as is necessary, in the judgment of the Committee, for their support, they being unable otherwise to support themselves.

And whereas sundry articles of the Estates above-mentioned may be liable to perish:

It is therefore further Resolved, That the Committee first aforesaid be, and they hereby are, directed and empowered to dispose of such perishable articles, and such only, by publick sale, and render an account of the proceeds to the General Court, as soon as may be.

The Committee appointed to examine the Accounts of the Guardians of the several Tribes of Indians in this Colony, have accordingly examined the Accounts of Jonathan Capen, Guardian of the Puncapang Indians, and beg leave to report as follows, viz:

That it appears there was a balance due to said Guardian, at the last settlement of his Accounts, of
£18 15 2
The said Guardian has paid to sundry persons,
13 19
Guardian‘s Account for articles delivered to the Indians since last settlement, and for several journeys, time, and expense, in selling land, as ordered by Court,
12 5
 45 0 5
Credit given for land sold by said Guardian,
40 16 0
Balance due to said Guardian;
4 4 5
Dr. Crossmans Account,
8 19
Dr. Waless Account,
1 5 4
The Guardian’s Account, for his services two years and a half, at thirty Shillings,
3 15 00
So that the aforesaid Tribe is indebted to sundry persons,
£18 4

A Bill entitled “An Act providing for a more equal Representation in the General Court,” having passed the House of Representatives to be enacted:

In Council: Read a second time, and passed a concurrence to be enacted.

The Secretary, by order of the major part of the Council, went down with the following Message to the House, viz:

Gentlemen of the House of Representatives:

“There is a considerable expense arising for the support of Prisoners sent hither from time to time, who were taken on board vessels infesting this coast, or supplying our enemies, and the guards accompanying them. No directions have yet been given in what manner this expense shall be defrayed. We recommend it to you to take this matter into your consideration, that some general regulations may be established relative thereto.

“In the name and by order of the major part of the Council:

“JAMES OTIS, President.

Whereas Joseph Palmer, Esquire, and others, Justices of the Peace for the County of Suffolk, were, on the 6th day of April last, empowered and directed by the General Court to cause to be apprehended and brought before them, sundry persons, resident in Boston, suspected of being concerned in aiding and assisting the enemies of the United Colonies, but no special power was given to the said Justices to cause to be brought before them any persons who could give evidence in their inquiry aforesaid; and it being represented by some of the said Justices that sundry persons have refused to appear and give evidence when summoned thereto:

Resolved, That said Justices, or either of them, are hereby empowered to cause to be brought before them, by special warrant, all persons who shall refuse to appear after being summoned thereto; and upon their refusal to give testimony of such matters as they shall know touching the inquiry aforesaid, to commit them to prison, until they shall be willing to give testimony of what they know touching such inquiry, or until they shall be discharged by order of law, or by special order of the General Court.

Resolved, That the Vessel now building at Salisbury by the Committee for building and fixing out Armed Vessels, be rigged a Brigantine instead of a Sloop; and that Captain Souter, who has been chosen one of the Commanders of said Vessels, have the command of said Vessel building at Salisbury, as soon as she can be completed; and the said Committee are hereby empowered to arm and mount said Vessels with Cannon of such size as they, upon consulting said Commanders, shall judge most expedient, provided the number on board each be not less than twelve nor more than sixteen, any Resolve to the contrary notwithstanding.

Adjourned to ten o‘clock, on Monday morning.

Monday, May 6, 1776.

Present in Council: Honourable James Otis, Walter Spooner, Caleb Cushing, Benjamin Chadbourn, John Whetcomb, Eldad Taylor, Samuel Holten, Jabez Fisher, Benjamin White, Jedediah Foster, Esquires.

Resolved, That Major Bassett, who was appointed by this Court to command the Forces stationed at the Elizabeth Islands and Marthas Vineyard, be, and he is hereby, empowered and directed to remove some of the Cannon (not to exceed nine-pounders) taken out of the Vessels lately stranded at or near Truro, commanded by one Captain Holmes, to the said Elizabeth Islands and Marthas Vineyard, to be placed and used in such manner for the defence of those Islands as the said Major shall judge proper, till the further order of this Court; and that Colonel Freeman be directed to deliver one hundred and fifty pounds of Powder, which he purchased for the use of said Forces, to the Commissary thereof; and that he pay unto the Treasurer of this Colony the sum of fifty-one Pounds two Shillings, lawful money, being the balance due to the Colony of the one hundred Pounds, lawful money, which Samuel Freeman, Colonel Otis, and Colonel Hallet, received out of the Treasury for the purpose of purchasing Cannon and Ammunition for said Forces by order of this Court; and the Commissary’s receipt for said one hundred and fifty pounds of Powder, and the Treasurer‘s receipts (one of which to be lodged with the Secretary) for the aforesaid sum of fifty-one Pounds two Shillings, shall be in full discharge of the aforesaid one hundred Pounds.

Resolved, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, to William Day, the sum of nine Pounds eight Shillings, in full of his services as Barrackmaster in the Army.

Resolved, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, to John Monro, Jun., the sum of three Pounds thirteen Shillings, in full for his losses in the battle of Lexington.

Resolved, That the six half barrels of Powder, and the four thousand Flints, drafted out of the Town stock of Roxbury by order of Congress of May 25, 1775, be replaced, according to a Petition of the Selectmen of that Town; and the Commissary of this Colony is hereby directed to replace them as soon as the state of the Colony Magazine will admit thereof.

Resolved, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, to the Heirs of Amaziah Fassett, the sum of

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