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A Bill for repealing an Act made and passed by the Great and General Court, in February last, entitled “An Act for encouraging the fixing out of Armed Vessels.”

A Bill for preventing the forging and altering the Bills of Publick Credit.

A Bill for amending an Act entitled “An Act for encouraging the fixing out of Armed Vessels.”

A Bill for uniting the second and sixth Parishes in the Town of Ipswich into one Parish.

A Bill for establishing the form of Commissions, and altering the style of Writs, Precepts, &c.

A Bill for executing in this Colony the Resolve of the American Congress for disarming such persons as are disaffected to the cause of America.

A Bill for regulating the Fees and Allowances of the several Civil Officers within this Colony.

A Bill for raising and forming a Regiment of Horse out of the several Regiments of Foot in the County of Worcester.

A Bill for providing for a more equal Representation in the General Court.

A Bill for providing a speedy and cheap course for the recovery of Debts.

A Bill in addition to an Act entitled “An Act * * *

A Bill for supplying the Treasury with fifty thousand Pounds.

And it is their Honours’ pleasure that this Great and General Court or Assembly be dissolved, and it is dissolved accordingly.


Proceedings of the Provincial Congress of NORTH -CAROLINA, held at HALIFAX, on the 4th day of APRIL, 1776, to MAY 14, 1776.

At a Congress begun and held at the Town of Halifax, in the County of Halifax, the 4th day of April, in the year of our Lord 1776.

It being certified that the following persons were duly elected and returned for the respective Counties and Towns, to wit:

For ANSON County: Daniel Love, Samuel Spencer, John Crawford, James Picket, and John Childs.

BEAUFORT : Roger Ormond, Thomas Respis, Junior, and John Cowper.

BLADEN: Nathaniel Richardson, Thomas Robeson, Muturan Colvill, James Council, and Thomas Amis.

BERTIE: John Campbell, John Johnston, and Charles Jay-cocks.


BUTE: Green Hill, William Alston, William Person, Thomas Sherrod, and Philemon Hawkins.

CRAVEN: James Coor, Lemuel Hatch, John Bryan, William Bryan, and Jacob Blount.

CARTERET: William Thompson, Solomon Shcpard, and John Backhouse.

CURRITDCK: Samuel Jarvis, James White, James Ryan, Gideon Lamb, and Solomon Perkins.

CHOWAN: Samuel Johnston, Thomas Benbury, Thomas Jones, John Bap. Beasley, and Thomas Hunter.

CUMBERLAND: David Smith, Alexander McAlister, Farquard Campbell, Thomas Rutherford, and Alexander McCoy.

CHATHAM: Ambrose Ramsay, John Thompson, Joshua Rosser, Jeduthun Harper, and Elisha Cain.

DUPLIN: Thomas Gray and William Dickson.

DOBBS: Richard Caswell, Abraham Shepherd, George Miller, Simon Bright, and William McKinnie.

EDGECOMB: William Haywood, Duncan Lemon, Elisha Battle, Henry Irwin, and Nathan Boddie.

GRANVILLE : Thomas Person, John Penn, Memucan Hunt, John Taylor, and Charles Eaton.

GUILFORD: Ransome Southerland, William Dent, and Ralph Gorrill.

HYDE : Rotheas Latham, Joseph Hancock, John Jordan, and Benjamin Parmely.

HERTFORD : Robert Sumner.

HALIFAX : John Bradford, James Hogan, David Sumner, Joseph John Williams, and Willis Alston.

JOHNSTON : Samuel Smith, Jun., Needham Bryan, Jun., and Henry Rains.

MECKLENBURGH: John Pfifer, Robert Irwin, and John Mc-Nitt Alexander.

MARTIN: William Williams, Whitmell Hill, Kenneth Mc-Kenzie, Thomas Wiggens, and Edward Smythwick.

NEW -HANOVER : John Ashe, John Devane, Samuel Ashe, Sampson Mosely, and John Hollingsworth.

NORTHAMPTON : Allen Jones, Jeptha Atherton, Drury Gee, Samuel Lockhart, and Howell Edmunds.

ONSLOW: George Mitchell, Benajah Doty, John Spicer, John King, and John Norman.

ORANGE : John Kinchen, James Sounders, John Butler, Nathaniel Rochester, and Thomas Burke.

PERQUIMANS: Miles Harvey, William Skinner, Thomas Harvey, Charles Blount, and Charles Moore.

PASQUOTANK : Thomas Boyd, Joseph Jones, William Cumming, Dempsey Burgess, and Henry Abbott.

PITT : John Simpson, Edward Salter, and William Rob-son.

ROWAN : Griffith Rutherford and Matthew Locke.


TYRRELL : Archibald Corrie.


WAKE : Joel Lane, John Hinton, John Rand, William Hooper, and Tignal Jones.

Town of BATH: William Brown.
EDENTON : Joseph Hewes.
NEWBERN : Abner Nash.
WILMINGTON : Cornelius Harnett.
HALIFAX: Willie Jones.
HILLSBOROUGH : William Johnston.
SALISBURY : David Nisbet.
CAMPBLETON: Arthur Council.

Pursuant to which the following persons appeared, subscribed the Test, and took their seats in Congress:

Samuel Johnston,
William Haywood,
Elisha Battle,
Henry Irwin,
Edward Salter,
William Robson,
John Bradford,
James Hogan,
David Sumner,
Joseph J. Williams,
Willis Alston,
Allen Jones,
Drury Gee,
John Hinton,
John Rand,
Thomas Respis, Jr.,
John Cowper,
William Brown,
George Mitchell,
John King,
John Norman,
John Spicer,
Joseph Hancock,
John Jordan,
Solomon Shepherd,
William Thompson,
Thomas Person,
Memucan Hunt,
John Taylor,
Miles Harvey,
William Skinner,
Samuel Jarvis,
James White,
James Ryan,
Solomon Perkins,
Thomas Benbury,
Thomas Jones,
John Thompson,
John Devane,
James Coor,
John Bryan,
Jacob Blount,
Thomas Gray,
Matthew Locke,
Griffith Rutherford,
John Pfifer,
Robert Irwin,
J. McNitt Alexander,
William Person,
Green Hill,
Thomas Boyd,
William Williams,
James Council,
Philemon Hawkins,
William Alston,
John Campbell,
Nathaniel Richardson,
Arthur Council.

Mr. Allen Jones proposed for President Samuel Johnston, Esquire, who was unanimously chosen, and conducted to the Chair; and James Green, Jun., was appointed Secretary; Francis Lynaugh and Evan Swann, Doorkeepers; during the continuance of the Congress.

Mr. Bradford presented a Petition from the inhabitants of the Town of Halifax, setting forth that Willie Jones, Esquire, who was elected a Delegate for said town, is appointed by the Continental Congress Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Southern Department; in consequence of which appointment he had gone to Fort Charlotte, in Georgia, whereby the said town was unrepresented; praying leave to elect a Delegate to sit and vote in Congress in the absence of the said Willie Jones, Esquire.

Resolved, That the Freeholders of the said Town of Halifax meet on the fifth day of this instant, and elect a proper person to sit and vote in Congress until the return of the said Willie Jones, Esquire.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, ten o’clock.

Friday, April 5, 1776.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

Resolved, That Colonel Nicholas Long take into his possession the Powder and other Stores lately arrived from Philadelphia, and safely keep the same until further orders.

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