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The Committee for regimenting the different Companies, laid before the House the following arrangement, which was agreed to, viz:

Third Regiment: Jethro Sumner, Colonel; William Alston, Lieutenant-Colonel; Samuel Lockhart, Major.

Captains: 1, William Brinkly; 2, Pinkithman Eaton; 3, John Gray; 4, William Barrot; 5, Jacob Turner, 6, George Granbury; 7, James Cook ; 8, James Emmet.

Fourth Regiment: Thomas Polk, Colonel; James Thackston, Lieutenant-Colonel; William. Davidson, Major.

Captains: 1, Roger Moore; 2, John Ashe; 3, Jerom Maclaine; 4, Robert Smith; 5, William Temple Cole; 6, Thomas Harris; 7, Joseph Phillips; 8, John Nelson.

Fifth Regiment: Edward Buncombe, Colonel; Henry Irwin, Lieutenant-Colonel; Levi Dawson, Major.

Captains: 1, Reading Blount; 2, John Enloe; 3, William Caswell; 4, Simon Alderson; 5, Benjamin Stedman; 6, Peter Simons; 7, John Pugh Williams; 8, William Ward.

Sixth Regiment: Alexander Lillington, Colonel; William Taylor, Lieutenant-Colonel; Gideon Lamb, Major.

Captains: 1, John James; 2, Griffith John McRee; 3, George Mitchell; 4, Arthur Council; 5, Philip Taylor; 6, Archibald Lyttle; 7, Jesse Saunders ; 8, John Baptista Ashe.

The Captains to take rank from the time their respective Companies shall be completed, to be certified under the hand of one or more Magistrates of the County where the men may be raised; and in case two or more Companies be completed in one day, or any dispute arise about rank, that it be determined by a Court-Martial.

Ordered, That Mr. William Cumming, Mr. Allen Jones, and Mr. Ashe, be a Committee to draw up Rules of Decorum to be observed in Congress.

Ordered, That John Martin, Donald Shaw, Soril McDonald, Nivin Colbreath, Robert Mylne, Richardson Fagon, John Martin, Alexander Spiers, and George Meeks, be discharged from their further attendance.

Ordered, That Edward Winslow be discharged, he first entering into bond, with security, in the sum of fifty Pounds, for his personal attendance at any future time before this Congress.

That James Barns, have liberty to retire from this Congress, and that Colonel Nicholas Long deliver to him his Wagon and Horses, and such other property as has been detained.

Resolved, That Doctor Robert Hall be appointed Chirurgeon to the Third Regiment, Doctor Hugh Boyd Chirurgeon to the Fourth Regiment, Doctor Samuel Cooly Chirurgeon to the Fifth Regiment, and Doctor William McClure Chirurgeon to the Sixth Regiment.

Resolved, That James Hogan, Esq., be appointed Paymaster of the Third Regiment, to be raised in this Province, also, Paymaster to the three Companies of Light-Horse; Samuel Ashe, Esquire, Paymaster to the First Regiment; Jacob Blount, Esquire, Paymaster to the Second Regiment; Hezekiah Alexander, Paymaster to the Fourth Regiment; Thomas Bcnbury, Paymaster to the Fifth Regiment; Nathaniel Rochester, Paymaster to the Sixth Regiment.

Resolved, That Mr. Whitmell Hill, Mr. Thomas Person, Mr. John Ashe, Mr. Coor, Mr. Harnett, Mr. Locke, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Lamon, and Mr. John Johnston, be a Committee to settle the Rations and the price to be allowed the Commissaries for victualling the Army.

Resolved, That Nicholas Long, Esq., be recommended to the General Congress for Quartermaster-General to the Southern Department, to rank as Colonel; and that he act as Quartermaster in this Province until the sense of the Congress shall be had thereon.

Resolved, That Samuel Swan, Esq., be recommended to the General Congress for Deputy Adjutant-General in this Province, and that he act as such until the sense of the Congress shall be had thereon.

Resolved, That Mr. Locke, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Thomas Person, Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Whitmell Hill, Mr. Burke, Mr. Nisbet, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Abraham Shepherd, and Mr. Thomas Harvey, be a Committee to settle, and allow the pay of the light-Horse heretofore in the service, and also the pay of those Light-Horse directed to be raised by this Congress.

The Order of the Day being read,

Resolved, That Mr. Hooper, Mr. Penn, Mr. Harnett, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Benbury, Mr. Abbot, Mr. Jarvis, Mr. Nash, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Miles Harvey, Mr. Thomas Jones, Mr. John Ashe, Mr. Spiccr, and Mr. John Jordan, be a Committee to take into consideration the defence and state of the Sea-Coast, and make report thereon.

Resolved, That Mr. Spencer, Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Joseph Williams, Mr. Thomas Person, and Mr. John Johnston, be a Standing Committee to take into consideration such Petitions as may be exhibited by persons who shall appear objects of charity.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o’clock.

Thursday April 18, 1776.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

Resolved, That it be an instruction from this House to the Committee of Claims, to allow all reasonable charges and expenses to the Officers, Soldiers, and other persons, who served in the Militia lately in service, although there be no provision made for such claims in the act or acts of Assembly, or resolves of Congress, heretofore made; and that where it shall appear to them that any individual has bona fide advanced his money for the publick service, they shall allow the same.

Resolved, That every Member of this Congress consider himself, under the ties of virtue, honour, and love of his country, not to divulge, directly or indirectly, any matter or thing agitated or debated in Congress, during the time of debate, or before the same shall be determined, or after the determination thereof, which the President, at the request of the mover thereof, openly shall direct to be kept secret, without leave of the Congress, or a majority thereof; and that every person who shall violate this agreement shall be expelled the Congress, and considered as an enemy to America; and that every Member signify his consent thereto by signing his name.

Samuel Johnston,
Thos. Respis, Jun.,
John Cowper,
John Campbell,
William Alston,
Phil. Hawkins, Jr.,
Jacob Blount,
John Bryan,
William Thompson,
Solomon Shepherd,
William Person,
Samuel Jarvis,
James Ryan,
Solomon Perkins,
James White,
Thomas Benbury,
Thomas Jones,
John Thompson,
William Haywood,
Elisha Battle,
Memucan Hunt,
John Taylor, Jun.,
Joseph Hancock,
John Jordan,
Robert Sumner,
Jos. John Williams,
Willis Alston,
John Bradford,
James Hogan,
Nath. Richardson,
James Council,
Arthur Council,
John P fifer,
J. McNitt Alexander,
Robert Irwin,
William Williams,
John Ashe,
John Devane,
Allen Jones,
Drury Gee,
John King,
Miles Harvey,
W. Skinner,
Thomas Boyd,
William Robson,
Griffith Rutherford,
Matthew Locke,
John Hinton,
J. Rand,
Cornelius Harnett,
Whitmell Hill,
Howell Edmunds,
David Mishit,
James Coor,
John Weob,
Day Ridley,
David Sumner,
C. W. Jacocks,
Jeph. Atherton,
James Bonner,
Nathan Boddie,
Rotheas Latham,
Benjamin Parmele,
Jeduthun Harper,
George Miller,
Richard Caswell,
S. Ashe,
Joseph Jones,
Samuel Smith,
A. Corrie,
John Johnston,
Benajah Doty,
John Hollinsworth,
John Spicer,
William Brown,
Nathaniel Rochester,
David Smith,
David Love,
Thomas Burke,
Charles Eaton,
Alexander McAlester,
William Johnston,
James Sanders,
Simon Bright,
J. Kinchen,
Thomas Wiggins,
Ransom Southerland,
Henry Abbot,
Demsey Burges,
William Dent,
Ralph Gorrell,
A. Nash,
Elisha Cain,
Ting. Jones,
K. McKenzie,
A. Ramsey,
Joseph Williams,
Dun. Lamon,
Thomas Harvey,
William Dickson,
Needbam Bryan,
Joseph Winston,
Charles Gordon,
Eaton Haynes,
Samuel Spencer,
John Childs,
Abra. Sheppard, Jun
Law. Baker,
William Hooper,
John Penn,
William Cumming,
William Murfree,
Gideon Lamb,
James Green, Jun.,
J. Glasgow, Secretary,
John Hunt, Assistant,
Th. Person, Assistant,
Green Hill,
Thomas Sherrod,
John Simpson,
Tom Gray
homas Hunter.

On motion, Ordered, That Henry Giffard’s Letter to Colonel James Moore be referred to the Committee to take into consideration the most practicable and most expeditious method for supplying the Province with Arms, Ammunition, Warlike Stores, &c.

Resolved, That Mr. Allen Jones, Mr. Nash, Mr. John Ashe, Mr. Miles Harvey, and Mr. William Thompson, be a

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