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CURRITUCK: Hollowell Williams, Colonel; Solomon Perkins, Lieutenant-Colonel; Taylor Jones, First Major; Asael Simmonds, Second Major.

CHOWAN: Thomas Bonner, Colonel; James Blount, Lieutenant-Colonel; Thomas Benbury, First Major; Jacob Hunter, Second Major.

CUMBERLAND: Alexander McAlister, Colonel; Ebenezer Fulsome, Lieutenant-Colonel; David Smith, First Major; Philip Alston, Second Major.

CHATHAM: Ambrose Ramsay, Colonel; Jeduthun Harper, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mial Scurlock, First Major; Matthew Jones, Second Major.

DUPLIN: James Kenan, Colonel; Thomas Routlidge, Lieutenant-Colonel; James Moore, First Major; Robert Dickson, Second Major.

DOBBS: Abraham Shepherd, Colonel; Martin Caswell, Lieutenant-Colonel; William McKinnie, First Major; James Glasgow, Second Major.

EDGECOMB: Exum Lewis, Colonel; Simon Gray, Lieutenant-Colonel; Jonas Johnston, First Major; Thomas Hunter, Second Major.

GRANVILLE: Joseph Taylor, Colonel; Charles Rust Eaton, Lieutenant-Colonel; Samuel Smith, First Major; Thornton Yancy, Second Major.

GUILFORD: James Martin, Colonel; John Peasly, Lieutenant-Colonel; Thomas Owen, First Major; Thomas Blair, Second Major.

HYDE: Rotheas Latham, Colonel; Benjamin Parmcle, Lieutenant-Colonel; William Russell, First Major; Thomas Jones, Second Major.

HERTFORD: Benjamin Wynns, Colonel; Matthias Brickell, Lieutenant-Colonel; Lawrence Baker, First Major; George Little, Second Major.

HALIFAX: Willis Alston, Colonel; David Sumner, Lieutenant-Colonel; James Hogan, First Major; Samuel Weldon, Second Major.

JOHNSTON: William Bryan, Colonel; John Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel; Samuel Smith, Jun., First Major; John Stephens, Second Major.

MECKLENBURGH: Adam Alexander, Colonel; John Pfifer, Lieutenant-Colonel; John Davidson, First Major; George Alexander, Second Major.

MARTIN: William Williams, Colonel; Whitmell Hill, Lieutenant-Colonel; Thomas Wiggins, First Major; Kennith McKinzie, Second Major.

NEW-HANOVER: William Purviance, Colonel; Anthony Ward, Lieutenant-Colonel; Henry Young, First Major; Thomas Bloodworth, Second Major.

NORTHAMPTON: William Eaton, Colonel; Jeptha Eatherton, Lieutenant-Colonel; Howell Edmunds, First Major; Drury Gee, Second Major.

ONSLOW: William Cray, Colonel; Henry Rhodes, Lieutenant-Colonel; Thomas Johnston, First Major; James Howard, Second Major.

Southern Regiment in ORANGE: John Butler, Colonel; Nathaniel Rochester, Lieutenant-Colonel; Robert Abercrombie, Jun., First Major; Hugh Tennen, Second Major.

Northern Regiment in ORANGE: James Sounders, Colonel; William Moore, Lieutenant-Colonel; John Paine, First Major; Thomas Harrison, Second Major.

PERQUIMANS: Miles Harvey, Colonel; William Skinner, Lieutenant-Colonel; Thos. Harvey, First Major; Richard Clayton, Second Major.

First Regiment of PASQUOTANK: Thomas Boyd, Colonel; Spencer Ripley, Lieutenant-Colonel; Othniel Lascelles, First Major; John Casey, Second Major.

Second Regiment of PASQUOTANK: Isaac Gregory, Colonel; Demsey Burges, Lieutenant-Colonel; Joshua Campbell, First Major; Peter Dauge, Second Major.

PITT: John Simpson, Colonel; Robert Salter, Lieutenant-Colonel; George Evans, First Major; James Armstrong, Second Major.

First Regiment of ROWAN: Francis Locke, Colonel; Alexander Dobbins, Lieutenant-Colonel; James Brandon, First Major; James Smith, Second Major.

Second Regiment of ROWAN: Christophera Beckman, Colonel; Charles McDowell, Lieutenant-Colonel; Hugh Brevard, First Major; George Welfong, Second Major.

SURRY: Martin Armstrong, Colonel; Joseph Williams, Lieutenant-Colonel; Joseph Winston, First Major; Jesse Walton, Second Major.

TYRREL: Clement Crook, Colonel; James Long, Lieutenant-Colonel; Joseph Spruill, Jun., First Major; Andrew Long, Second Major.

TRYON: William Graham, Colonel; Thomas Beaty, Lieutenant-Colonel; Andrew Hampton, First Major; Jacob Cosner, Second Major.

WAKE: John Hinton, Colonel; Theophilus Hunter, Lieutenant-Colonel; John Hinton, Jun., First Major; Thomas Hines, Second Major.

Resolved, That the Militia of the County of Orange be divided into two equal Regiments, to wit: the Northern and Southern Regiments; the Northern to include all the effective men on the North side of a certain east and west line heretofore run by the direction of the County Court of Orange, and the southern to include all the effective men on the southern side of the said line.

The House taking the said Report into consideration, concurred therewith.

The Committee appointed to prepare a number of Resolves to expedite the business of striking Money, came to the following Resolutions, which they humbly submit to the consideration of the Congress, viz:

Resolved, That the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand Dollars shall be struck in Bills of Credit, of the following numbers and denominations, viz:

3,000 12 ½ dollars, £15,000
10,000 7 ½ do. 30,000
10,000 5   do. 20,000
20,000 2 ½ do. 20,000
20,000 1   do. 8,000
20,000   ½ do. 4,000
20,000   ½ do. 2,000
20,000   1/8 do. 1,000

Resolved, That the form of said Bills be as follows, viz:

North-Carolina currency.

“. . . . Dollars, by authority of Congress, at Halifax, on the second day of April, 1776.”

Resolved, That Messrs. John Kinchen, Thomas Benbury, Memucan Hunt, and John Johnston, or the survivors of them, be a Committee to get proper Plates engraved, and to provide Paper and number the Bills, and to agree with an Engraver or Engravers to stamp or print the said Bills, and to form devices for the same; and that they be, and are hereby fully authorized to superintend the press, to have the oversight and care of stamping or printing the Bills of Credit so to be struck, and to deliver the same stitched to the Commissioners hereafter to be appointed to sign the said Bills.

Resolved, That the said Commissioners shall use the best of their care and diligence that the said Bills, according to their respective denominations, and according to the manner and form aforesaid, be forthwith printed or struck; and that the number of any of the denominations thereof be not exceeded, nor any clandestine or fraudulent practice be used by the Engraver or Engravers, his or their apprentices, servants, and others, concerned in the printing or striking thereof.

Resolved, That the Engraver or Engravers which the Commissioners shall employ in the said work, before he or they enter upon the same, take before some Justice of the Peace, in the presence of one or both of the said Commissioners, the following oath, viz:

“I, A B, do swear, that I will truly, faithfully, and honestly perform the duty of engraver of the Bills of Credit directed to be engraved by a resolve of the Congress of North-Carolina, held at the Town of Halifax, the second day of April, in the year of our Lord 1776; and that I will not advisedly print, stamp, or strike a greater number of blank Bills of Credit than in that resolve mentioned, nor of any other denomination than therein expressed, except such sheets as may be so blotted, unfair, or imperfect in the printing or striking thereof that the same shall be unfit for use. So help me God.”

Resolved, That the said Engraver or Engravers, by himself or themselves, his or their servant, apprentice, or any other person by him or them employed, print, strike, stitch, or bind the said Bills, or any of them, but in the presence of one or more of the said Commissioners; and in every intermission of the work, the said Commissioners shall safely and


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