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Resolved, That General Rutherford, John Rand, John Cowper, and James Saunders, be a Committee to report the most practicable and expeditious method of procuring and purifying Sulphur for the use of the Powder-Mill directed to be erected in this Province.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o’clock.

Thursday, April 25, 1776.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

Ordered, That Mr. Burges, Mr. John Johnston, and Mr. Cowper, have leave of absence for a few days.

Resolved, That Charles Robb, Thomas Douglass, and Thomas Mander, lately taken at Occacock, on board of a Tender, be admitted to their parole, they having signed a declaration for that purpose.

The Committee appointed to examine and consider the Petition of a number of persons in Guilford County against Colonel James Martin and Alexander Hunter, reported as follows, viz:

That about the 23d of February, Captain Alexander Hunter, contrary to orders, openly deserted at the head of his Company from the Army encamped at the Cross-Roads, in Guilford County, and hath otherwise behaved himself in a tyrannical and lawless manner to the men under his command. And as to Lieutenant-Colonel James Martin, your Committee report, that the said Lieutenant-Colonel James Martin, contrary to law, hath issued his warrant to an officer to tie several of his men, and to levy on their estates the sum of ten Pounds and costs, without hearing any excuse, or admitting them to a trial by a Court-Martial.

The House, taking the same into consideration,

Resolved, That the said Captain Alexander Hunter and Lieutenant-Colonel James Martin be suspended from their command, until their conduct can be inquired into by a Court-Martial; and that the goods or effects of all persons levied on by the above Officers be immediately restored.

Ordered, That Mr. Harnett, Mr. Thomas Jones, and Mr. William Skinner, be a Committee to settle the Salvage of such Vessels as are lately taken, which the captors may be entitled to.

Resolved, That Eaton Haynes, Esq., be appointed an Agent for this Province, to proceed to Philadelphia, and to take such measures and give such orders as he may think most expedient to conduct the Prisoners to the several places destined for them by this Congress, with the greatest safety and expedition possible; that he supply the Prisoners and Guard with provisions, and other articles which may be necessary for them upon their route, and be empowered, in behalf of this Province, to draw upon the Continental Treasury for such sums as he shall necessarily expend for the above purposes; and that such draft be seasonably made known to Joseph Hewes, Esq., Delegate of this Province in the Continental Congress, by letters of advice to be addressed to him.

Ordered, That Mr. Needham Bryan have leave to absent himself from the service of this Congress.

On motion, Resolved, That the temporary Civil Constitution be taken under consideration to-morrow morning.

Read the Petition of sundry Pilots and other inhabitants of Ocracoke, praying a condemnation on the Tender called the Lilly, with her tackle, furniture, and cargo, together with the Negroes belonging to her.

Resolved, That a special Court of Admiralty be appointed to try the Tender Sloop the Lilly and cargo; and that for this purpose, Richard Cogdell, Esq., be appointed Judge of the said Court, John Cook, Esq., Advocate, and Thomas Sitgreaves, Esq., Register and Marshal; and that in case of condemnation, the proceeds of the sales, after defraying the reasonable charges of condemnation, be divided between the captors.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o’clock.

Friday, April 26, 1776.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

Resolved, That Mr. President be empowered to borrow Moneys on the credit of this Province, and that the faith of this Province be pledged for the repayment thereof, with interest thereon.

Resolved, That the several persons in this Province empowered to purchase Provisions for the use of the publick, be required to lay their Accounts before the Congress.

Mr. Benjamin Parmale, one of the Delegates for the County of Hyde, and Mr. Jeduthun Harper, one of the Members for the County of Chatham, appeared, subscribed the Test, and took their seats in Congress.

Resolved, That each of the Commissaries appointed in this Province, before they enter upon that office, enter into Bond, with sufficient security, in the sum of ten thousand Pounds, to the President of this Congress, for the faithful discharge of such office.

Resolved, That General Person, General Rutherford, General Jones, Mr. Burke, Mr. Locke, Mr. Coor, and Mr. Miles Harvey, be a Committee to consider that part of General Moore’s Letter with respect to the requisition of the Militia, and report to this House.

Resolved, That two thousand weight of Gunpowder be immediately despatched from this place to Brigadier-General Moore.

Ordered, That Mr. James Saunders, Mr. Duncan Lamon, Mr. Hancock, Mr. Battle, Mr. Southerland, Mr. Benbury, and Mr. Nisbit, be added to the Committee of Claims, and that nine or more of them may proceed upon business.

Resolved, That Colonel William Williams send to Tarborough four hundred weight of Shot in his possession belonging to the publick, and that he deliver the same to Colonel Irwin of that place.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, at nine o’clock.

Saturday, April 27, 1776.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

Ordered, That Captain Dickerson be added to the Commissioners for purchasing Light-Horse in the District of Hillsborough.

Ordered, That Mr. John Hollingsworth have leave of absence from this Congress.

Resolved, That all Recruits shall be inlisted for the term of two years and six months from the time of such inlistment, but may be dismissed sooner in case the Continental Congress shall judge it necessary; and if the said Troops shall be discharged before the expiration of that term, they shall be paid one month’s wages.

Resolved, That Mr. President give the Thanks of this Congress to Brigadier-General Howe, for his manly, generous, and warlike conduct, in these unhappy times; more especially for the reputation which our Provincial Troops acquired under him at the conflagration of Norfolk.

Resolved, That this Congress do publish a Declaration, testifying that they have been under a necessity to remove the Prisoners who have been concerned in the late insurrection, to other Provinces, from a regard to the publick safety; and because while such men continued amongst us, much was to be apprehended from the personal and family influence of those persons disposed to exert it to the prejudice of this country, and delude the ignorant, wicked, and unwary, into measures that might endanger the future happiness of this Colony. That the unhappy families and connexions of those whom we have in our power, be assured, that every indulgence which humanity and compassion can give, consistent with the duty which we owe to the inhabitants of these Colonies, engaged in a contention for the rights of America and of mankind, shall be extended to those whom we have in our power; but that much will depend upon the future good behaviour of those who still remain in the Province, as to the mode of treatment which our Prisoners shall experience, and their being suffered to return to their respective habitations, families, and friends, when peace is restored to us; and that this Declaration be translated into Erse.

Resolved, That the Committee of Secrecy, War, and Intelligence, be empowered to remove all such persons (not exceeding the number of forty) with their families, as they shall deem capable of influencing the late Insurgents to take arms against America, from their present neighbourhood into

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