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Accounts, that there is at this time in the hands of Matthew Locke, Esquire, the sum of two thousand nine hundred and eighty-six Pounds thirteen Shillings and nine Pence half-Penny, belonging to the publick:

It is therefore Resolved, That the said Matthew Locke do pay unto such of the Soldiers who inlisted with Colonel Alexander Martin, in the Second Regiment, and who actually served the full time of their inlistment, or at least six months thereof, and now discharged, the sum of forty Shillings each, as a bounty, the same never having been paid them; and that Mr. Locke also pay off all arrears to those Soldiers, and who are now in the Counties of Rowan, Surry, Guilford, and Anson; and that the Soldiers now in actual service with Colonel Martin, at Cape-Fear, be paid their bounty money and arrears by the Paymaster-General, and the balance remaining be paid by the said Matthew Locke to the Militia Officers and Soldiers in Rowan County.

On motion, Resolved, The House resolve itself into a Committee of the Whole, to take into consideration a temporary Civil Constitution.

The House resolved itself into a Committee of the whole House accordingly, and chose John Campbell, Esquire, Chairman; and after some time spent therein, came to sundry Resolutions.

Then, on motion, Mr. President resumed the Chair, and Mr. Chairman reported as follows, to wit:

Resolved, That this Congress choose by ballot one person, and each District two persons, who shall serve as a Council of Safety for this Colony from the end of this session until the meeting of the next Congress; and that no person holding any Military office, from which ho receives or expects profit, nor any person holding a lucrative office under any Military Commanders in particular, or the Army in general, shall be capable to act as a member of the said Council, Officers and Commanders of the Militia only excepted.

Resolved, That from the end of this present session, for and during the time aforesaid, the said Council of Safety, or a majority of them, shall be vested with full power and authority to do and execute all acts and things necessary for the defence and protection of the people of this Colony; provided that their power shall not extend to alter, suspend, or abrogate any Resolution of this or any former Congress, or to emit any Bills of Credit, or levy any Taxes on the people, or impose any Duties or Imposts on Goods or Merchandise to be imported or exported, or give orders to draw on the Continental Treasury, or to erect any Office or Offices, Courts or jurisdictions, or to try, adjudge, or condemn, any person or persons, for any offence, civil or criminal, except where expressly permitted by resolve of this Congress.

Resolved, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to extend to prevent the said Council of Safety from examining and committing any person or persons who may be accused, on oath, of practices inimical to America, or to restrain any person or persons from departing this Colony by sea.

Resolved, That the said Council of Safety be empowered to direct the Treasurers of this Colony, on any urgent exigency, to draw on the Continental Treasury, on the account and credit of this Colony, for any sums not exceeding thirty thousand Pounds in the whole.

Resolved, That the Council of Safety have full power and authority to establish Courts of Admiralty at the Ports of Edenton, Bath, Newbern, and Wilmington, and to appoint a Judge at each of the said Ports, to sit, hear, and determine all maritime matters cognizable in Courts of Admiralty; and to authorize and empower the Judges so to be appointed to nominate and appoint one Register and one Marshal at each of the said Ports, and all other officers necessary for the purpose of carrying into execution the determinations and decrees of the said Courts; and that all the proceedings, determinations, and decrees of the said Courts of Admiralty shall be consonant and agreeable to the Rules and Regulations laid down by the Continental Congress; and that the Judges, and other Officers of said Courts, shall take such Fees only as are directed to be taken by the laws of this Province; and that each and every Juryman attending the said Courts shall be entitled to the same allowances as directed by the last Jury law.

Resolved, That the Council of Safety have full power and authority to nominate and appoint Commissioners at each of the Ports of Currituck, Roanoke, Bath, Beaufort, and Brunswick, for the purpose of taking Bonds and granting Certificates to Masters of Vessels about to depart the said Ports, in order that the Rules and Regulations prescribed by the Continental and this Congress may be fully observed and carried into execution.

Resolved, That the Qualification and Test taken by the Congress shall also be taken by the Members of the Council of Safety before they be allowed to act.

Resolved, That the Provincial Council, and the Committees of Safety for each District, be, and they are hereby, dissolved.

Resolved, That all matters heretofore had or taken cognizance of by the late Provincial Council, or the several late Committees of Safety of this Province, and undetermined, with all the proceedings thereon, shall be laid before, and taken cognizance of, by the Council of Safety.

Resolved, That the Council of Safety shall sit from day to day, at such convenient place or places as they may think prudent and proper, for the transaction of business; and shall receive, for each day's travelling and attendance, the sum of twenty Shillings, Proclamation money, and be paid the necessary ferriages.

The House, taking the same into consideration, concurred therewith.

Whereas, a number of Claims against this Province, for services done and performed against the Highlanders and Regulators, in consequence of their late insurrection, remain unsettled,

Resolved, That the Council of Safety be empowered to adjust, settle, and allow the same, and all other matters relating to the expenses of the Army heretofore had or incurred.

The House proceeded to make choice of one, and the Districts of twelve, proper persons to compose the Council of Safety of this Province; when the following were agreed upon, viz: Willie Jones, Esquire, for the Congress; James Coor and John Simpson, Esqs., for the District of Newbern; Thomas Jones and Whitmell Hill, Esqs., for the District of Edenton; Thomas Eaton and Joseph John Williams, Esqs., for the District of Halifax; Cornelius Harnett and Samuel Ashe, Esqs., for the District of Wilmington; Thomas Person and John Rand, Esqs., for the District of Hillsborough; Hezekiah Alexander and William Sharpe, Esquires, for the District of Salisbury.

Resolved, That the said Council shall vote by Districts.

The Committee appointed to prepare and bring in a plan for the more conveniently paying the Militia who have or may serve in this Colony, and for adjudging and paying all expenses incident to the Militia when in actual service, report: That your Committee are of opinion that one Wagon-master should be appointed by the Field-Officers of every Battalion, when entering on actual service, subject to be removed or rejected by the Brigadier-General. That the Commissaries should every morning make a return to the Wagonmaster of the Provisions; which the Wagonmaster, having examined and compared, ought to return, signed and certified, to the Commanding Officer. That the Wagonmaster should attend, as his special duty, to the arrangement of the Wagons; taking care that, every morning, no more begin the march than one for every ton weight of Provisions, except where there may be half a ton or upwards over and above what will make a ton for every Wagon but one, in which case the one Wagon should be kept in service until so much is consumed as to reduce it below half a ton; and in all cases where the quantity over a ton for each Wagon is less than half a ton, the overplus ought to be distributed into the other Wagons as equally as may be. That every morning all the empty Wagons be discharged; each Wagon having first obtained a certificate from the Wagonmaster, setting forth the number of days it had been in service, and the place where discharged, and the distance to return. That for every twenty miles of such return distance, each Wagon to be allowed twenty shillings for every day's pay. That every Wagonmaster be allowed the pay and rations of a Major.

Your Committee are further of opinion, that one Paymaster should be appointed for every Militia Brigade, and allowed a Commission of two and a half per cent, on all

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