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Minute-men, or of Militia, should be appointed immediately, and have their directions to repair immediately on any signal given or alarm made, to particular places or stations assigned to them respectively, to prevent the confusion or irregularity that will necessarily ensue on any such occasion, without such order or regularity.

Ordered, That these matters be taken into consideration.

Whereas many inconveniences may arise by admitting the inhabitants of this Colony to an unrestrained commerce with the Continental Troops stationed in this Colony,

Therefore Resolved and Ordered, That any inhabitant of this Colony do not, on any pretence whatever, receive or purchase from any non-commissioned officer or soldier in the Continental service any Goods, Clothing, or other article whatsoever, unless such non-commissioned officer or soldier shall first produce to such inhabitant a certificate signed by the Commanding Officer of the Regiment or Company to which such non-commissioned officer or soldier belongs, specifying the particular goods or articles which he or they are permitted to dispose of, together with the name or names of the vender or venders; and the several Committees and sub-Committees in the respective Cities, Counties, Towns, Precincts, and Districts, in this Colony, are hereby requested to see that this Resolution be strictly complied with.

Ordered, That this Resolution be published in the Newspapers.

In Committee of Safety, New-York, April 18, 1776.

Whereas the Provincial Congress of this Colony, by their order of the 18th of February last, did forbid all communication between the ships-of-war in the Port of New-York, and the ship in which Governour Tryon resides, on the one part, and all the inhabitants of the Colony on the other, except for supplies of necessary provisions for the use of the said ships only, under certain restrictions therein mentioned: And whereas the said Congress, on the 8th of March last, did resolve and order further regulations for furnishing such supplies as aforesaid, upon express proviso, however, that the said supplies were to take place, and be continued on condition that there should be no obstruction given to any boats or vessels bringing provisions, provender, or fire-wood to this city; which obstruction has nevertheless been repeatedly given, and the benefit of such supplies are thereby become forfeited: And whereas the said Congress, by a resolve of the 15th of March last, did, among other things, authorize this Committee to execute, or cause to be executed, orders, resolves, and recommendations, as well of the Continental as of the said Provincial Congress; and, also, to comply as far as this Committee shall think proper with any requisition by the General of the Continental forces, or any or either of them: And whereas his Excellency General Washington has, in writing, signified to this Committee that he conceives any intercourse whatsoever with the enemies on board the said ships is injurious to the common cause, by enabling them, while they are furnished with provisions, to continue in our harbours, and maintain a regular channel of intelligence advancive of their own plans, and to our great disadvantage and injury, and has thereby requested our assistance in putting a stop to this evil, and to co-operate with him in such measures as shall be effectual either to prevent any future correspondence with the enemy, or in bringing to condign punishment such persons as may be hardy and wicked enough to carry it on:

It is therefore Resolved and Ordered, That no inhabitant of this Colony, upon any pretence, or for any purpose whatsoever, either in person or in writing, directly or indirectly, do presume to have or maintain any intercourse whatsoever with any Ship or Vessel belonging to or employed in the service of the King of Great Britain, or of any of his Officers or Ministers, or with any person or persons on board of the same, upon pain of being dealt with in the severest manner, as enemies to the rights and liberties of the United North-American Colonies.

Resolved and Ordered, That his Excellency General Washington be furnished with a copy of this and the aforegoing Order and Resolve, and be assured that this Committee will co-operate with him in the execution of the same, and any other measure which may be judged by this Committee to be advancive of the salutary purposes of his requisition,

Resolved and Ordered, That a copy of the two aforegoing Resolves and Orders be immediately published in Handbills, and in all the publick Newspapers of this Colony; and that a copy of these Resolves be enclosed by the Chairman to the General, in the following Letter, to wit:

Committee of Safety, New-York, April 18, 1776.

Your recommendation of yesterday we took into consideration immediately on receipt of it; and thereupon framed the enclosed Resolves and Orders.

We cannot sufficiently thank your Excellency for your most delicate attention to the civil Government of this Colony; and beg leave to give you the strongest assurances that we most eagerly embrace this, as we shall every other opportunity, of co-operating with you in every measure which shall come recommended to us with the argument of publick utility.

We are, sir, with the greatest respect, your most obedient humble servants.

By order of the Committee.

To His Excellency Major-General Washington.

Ordered, That a copy of the said Letter be engrossed, and signed by the Chairman, and, together with a copy of the said Resolutions, transmitted to General Washington.

Messieurs Van Zandt and Randall, of the Marine Committee, informed the Committee of Safety that the Pilot-Boat the Hampden, belonging to the Provincial Congress of this Colony, is at Philadelphia, in the Colony of Pennsylvania; that she cannot with safety be brought from thence, and that it is their opinion that the said vessel should be sold.

Mr. Van Zandt further informed the Committee that a small quantity of goods, which arrived in the said Sloop Hampden, and belong to the Colony, are in his custody.

Thereupon Ordered, That the Marine Committee, appointed by the Provincial Congress of this Colony, sell the said Sloop at Philadelphia, and pay the amount of the sales to the Treasurer of the Provincial Congress of this Colony.

And Ordered further, That the said Marine Committee do sell and dispose of the said Goods and Merchandise which were imported in the said Sloop, and pay the amount of the sales thereof to the said Treasurer; and that they deliver in to the Provincial Congress or Committee of Safety an account of the amount of the sales of the said Sloop and Goods.

A Letter from the Committee of the City of Albany, dated on the 2d instant, was read and filed. The said Committee therein mention that the Officers in that County, recruiting for the four Regiments of Continental Troops raising in this Colony, find great difficulties for want of money; that they have understood that money is allotted for that service; and they request that some money for the said Troops may be sent to them.

Die Jovis, 4to ho. P. M., April 18, 1776.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: William Paulding, Esquire, Chairman.

FOR NEW-YORK.—Mr. Scott, Mr. Beekman, Mr. Randall, Mr. Smith, Colonel Lott, Colonel McDougall.

FOR SUFFOLK.—Mr. Tredwell.

FOR DUTCHESS.—Mr. Everson.


FOR ORANGE.—Mr. Cuyper.

FOR KING’S.—Mr. Van Brunt.

FOR RICHMOND.—Mr. Bancker.

Colonel Ritzema, by a Letter to the Chairman, which was read and filed, requests an Order to Mr. Norwood, the Commissary of Colony Stores, for Arms for some of the men of his Regiment who are destitute.

Ordered, That Mr. Richard Norwood, Commissary of Colony Stores, deliver to Colonel Ritzema, or to such Captains in his Regiment as shall have Colonel Ritzema’s order, all the Muskets and Fire-Locks fit for use now in the Colony Store, in his custody; and that the said Commissary take a receipt of Colonel Ritzema, or the Captains to whom such Arms are delivered, to the end that the same may be accounted for and paid to the Colony.

A recommendation from Henry Wisner, Esq., was read and filed. He thereby recommends Colonel Isaac Nicoll as a proper person for a Field-Officer in one of the Battalions to be raised in this Colony.

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