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A Certificate was given to Mr. Sands, in the words following, to wit:

“It is hereby certified that the bearer hereof, Mr. Comfort Sands, is a respectable and useful Member of the Provincial Congress of this Colony, and of this Committee of Safety; that he has steadily exerted himself as a sincere and active friend to the liberties of this country, and as such he is hereby most cordially recommended to all friends to American liberty.”

“New-York, April 30, 1776.

“GENTLEMEN: I perceive by the tenour of your favour of yesterday, that my letter of the 25th has given umbrage, which I am sorry for, as it was not most distantly in my ideas to give any. Three things led me to suspect that the York Battalions were not upon the same establishment of the other Continental Troops: current report, an implied exception in the order for detaching six more battalions to Canada, and that part of your letter signifying that four of these battalions were to be raised under your immediate direction; which intimation coming in corroboration of the two first reasons, (for I never had any information of this matter from Congress,) led me to believe that you intended it as a genteel hint that I was not to consider them in the same light I did the others. It was not to be wondered at, therefore, that I should wish to know the extent of my authority over them, that my conduct might be regulated thereby, or that I should be so solicitous in arming regiments raised for local purposes, as those for the general service, when the latter are also greatly deficient in this essential point. These were the ideas that filled my mind at the time of writing. If the extreme hurry, occasioned by a variety of business which is continually pressing upon me, clouded the meaning I wished to convey, I can only add, that it never was, and I hope never will be, my intention to give unprovoked offence. Of this your Committee may be once for all assured, that it is my earnest wish to co-operate with them in every measure which can conduce to the general good; and that if I should at any time differ from them in the means, I shall feel my share of the concern; being, with respect, gentlemen, your most obedient, humble servant,


Die Mercurii, 10 ho. A. M., May 1, 1776.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment. Present: Mr. William Paulding, Chairman.

FOR NEW-YORK.—Colonel Lott, Colonel McDougall, Major Stoutenburgh, Mr. J. Van Cortlandt, Mr. E. Bancker.

FOR ALBANY.—Mr. Oothoudt.

FOR ULSTER.—Mr. Wynkoop.


FOR SUFFOLK.—Mr. Tredwell.

FOR ORANGE.—Mr. Cuyper.

FOR KINGS.—Colonel Van Brunt, Mr. Polhemus.

A Letter from Christopher Tappen and Joseph Gasherie, Esquires,* Loan Officers of the County of Ulster, dated at Kingston, April 23, and directed to Mr. Wynkoop, was read and filed. They thereby inform that they have received more of the money mentioned in the Resolution of the 9th day of March last, than they will be able to let out. They also mention sundry other difficulties as to carrying the said Resolution into execution.

Ordered, That the said Letter remain for the consideration of the Provincial Congress.

A Letter from Captain John Belknap, dated at Fort Montgomery, yesterday, was read and filed. He therein complains that, by the list or arrangement which he has seen of Colonel Clinton’s Regiment, he is placed below Captain William Jackson; that he is willing to serve his country, but cannot serve his country in that rank.

Mr. Stoutenburgh delivered in a Return of the Field-Officers, Captains, Subalterns, and Staff-Officers, of the Second Battalion, as at present arranged. The same was read and filed.

Ordered, That Commissions issue for the Officers of that Battalion, agreeable to the said Return.

Ordered, That Mr.—— Bayley, of this City, Cutler, be directed to exert himself to finish, with all possible despatch, the Trepanning Instruments and Scalpels which he was employed to make for this Colony; that he give that work the preference, as it is the most important; and that one of the Secretaries serve Mr. Bayley with a copy of this order.

Die Mercurii, 4to ho. P M, May 1, 1776.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Mr. William Paulding, Chairman.

FOR NEW-YORK.—Captain Denning, Colonel Lott, Captain Rutgers.

FOR ALBANY.—Mr. Oothoudt.

FOR ULSTER.—Mr. Wynkoop.


FOR SUFFOLK.—Mr. Tredwell.

FOR ORANGE.—Mr. Cuyper.

FOR KINGS.—Colonel Van Brunt.

A Letter from John Jay, Esq., one of the Delegates of this Colony at Continental Congress, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

“Philadelphia, April 27, 1776.

“GENTLEMEN: The Congress having been informed of a very extraordinary oath ordered by Governour Tryon to be administered to passengers in the late Packet, whereby they bound themselves not to disclose anything relative to American affairs, except to the Ministry, have appointed a Committee, of which I am one, to ascertain this fact. I must therefore request of you, gentlemen, to appoint proper persons to examine into this matter, and, if possible, ascertain the truth of the report, by affidavits taken before the Mayor or one of the Judges of the Superior Court.

“I have the honour to be, gentlemen, your most obedient servant


“To the Honourable the Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-York.”

Ordered, That Mr. Alderman Brasher and Captain Denning be a Committee to take the said Letter, and comply with the contents thereof, and report thereon to the Provincial Congress or this Committee of Safety.

Francis Lewis, one of the Delegates of this Colony to the Continental Congress, attended the Committee, and delivered in a charge against John Thurman and Normand Tolmie, which (he said was in the handwriting of one of the witnesses) was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

“On the evening of Tuesday, the 23d instant, (April,) Messrs. John Thurman and Normand Tolmie reported, in the presence of Messrs. William Maxwell, William Lowther, John Ramsay, and David Currie, that Francis Lewis, Esq., having had an order from the Continental Congress to make a purchase of a considerable quantity of Duck in this City, for the service of the publick, which he effected at the rate of three Pounds currency, per piece; but that he charged and rendered an account thereof to the said Congress, at the rate of four Pounds ten Shillings, said currency, per piece, for same.

“Also mentioned that there were several instances where persons had sent their vessels with cargoes to sea, of their own property, with whom the Congress had agreed to run the risk of the whole interest, if lost or taken; and that on the arrival of said vessels, the owners were to receive one hundred per cent, advance on the cargoes from the Congress."

Thereupon Ordered, That Messrs. John Thurman and Normand Tolmie, of the City of New- York, do, respectively, personally appear before this Committee, at the Assembly Chamber, in the City-Hall of the said City, to-morrow,


SIR: Notwithstanding the resolve passed in the Provincial Congress on the 9th of March, 1776, prolonging the payment of one-tenth part of the principal sum due to the loan officers of this Colony, many persons, having money on loan in this County, do choose to pay the said sum, which we do not think safe to refuse; and being at a loss how to dispose of the moneys so paid in, and conceiving that we arc not warranted by (he said resolve to put those moneys out on interest, (but if this is intended by the resolve, we beg leave to inform the honourable Board that we have already more of the whole principal sums paid in than what we think we shall be able to let out,) should be glad and request their directions about the disposition of the same.

We are, sir, your most humble servants,


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