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direct; and that Captain Sands send down any one or two witnesses that he may think proper.

The Committee took in consideration, and examined into the case of Peter Puillon; and heard the said Peter Puillon also state his case, which he appeared to do with candour. It fully appears to this Committee, that the Regulations adopted for preventing the intercourse with the Ships were not published in Richmond County until Thursday, the 2d, or Friday, the 3d instant; that the said Peter Puillon, from his remote situation, was entirely unacquainted with any Regulations on that subject; that the said Peter Puillon left his house with a considerable sum of money to discharge a debt he owed to a person in King’s County, and with some articles of provisions, intended for New-York market, of the value of about three Pounds. It further appears, by the testimony of a gentleman of reputation, that the said Peter Puillon was as near to the shore with his boat, and at as great a distance from the Ship Asia at the time the ship fired at him, as he could be with safety at that time of the tide; that his situation with the wind and tide was such, that he could not safely escape when the Ship fired at him. It further appears, by the testimony of reputable witnesses, that the said Peter Puillon, from the general tenour of his conduct and behaviour, has appeared to be, and has been esteemed a friend to the liberties of his country.

Resolved therefore, That though the said Peter Puillon has been unfortunate in being the means of supplying the Ship Asia with certain Provisions, mentioned in a list or memorandum now in his custody, and would have been culpable for the risk he run with the said Provisions if he had known of, or had an opportunity to have known of the Regulations adopted with respect to the said Ships; yet it is the opinion of this Committee that the said Peter Puillon was entirely innocent in this instance, and did not take the said Provisions in his Boat with any intention or design to supply the said Ship with Provisions.

And it is earnestly recommended to the said Peter Puillon not only to be very cautious himself, but also to endeavour to prevent any other inhabitant of Richmond County from attempting to come, with any Provisions, within reach of the guns of the said Ship, or of any other Ministerial Ship or Vessel which may be in that Channel, and to use his best endeavours to make the Regulations adopted with respect to the said Ships publickly known in Richmond County.

Ordered, That Colonel Curtenius deliver to Captain Beauman such Barrack necessaries for his Company, agreeable to the Continental, or usual Regulations, as he may want, and Colonel Curtenius has in store, taking Captain Beauman’s receipt for the same.

Major Malcom, Mr. Berrien, and Mr. Harper, of the City Committee, attending, were admitted. They requested that a Magistrate, or some proper person, may be appointed to attend, with the Members of the Committee of the City, to administer an oath to such persons as they shall disarm, that they have faithfully delivered up all their arms.

Mr. Alderman Brasher, now present, was requested to attend that service; and it is agreed that he be excused from attendance in the Congress Chamber while he is employed in that service.

A Letter, and an Indent therein enclosed, from Captain Varick to Mr. McKesson, (by order of General Schuyler,) were read, as follows, viz:

“Albany, May 1, 1776.

“SIR: I am directed by General Schuyler to write to you, desiring you to send up one hundred spades with all possible despatch to Mr. Philip Van Rensselaer, store-keeper at this place.

“I am also directed by the General to send up to Ticonderoga a suit of sails of certain dimensions for a periaugur, and ’as much rope as will rig two Albany sloops, (cables, shrouds, and hausers excepted,) and also enough for two large periaugurs. Blocks for all.’

“On inquiry, I am informed that no sailcloth is to be had in this town, and that the Provincial Congress have purchased all that was to be had at New-York, for the use of the Colonies; I therefore request you, in the name of the General, to send up to Mr. Rensselaer five bolts of good sailcloth, without the least delay.

“Enclose you an estimate of the rope which will be wanted for the purposes above-mentioned, of which none is to be had here, and which I also request you, in the General’s name, to send immediately to this place.

“Captain Jovis (who is now here) informs me that his son can supply this article.

“It may be proper to show the estimate to some rope-maker or rigger at New-York, to know whether there will be sufficient; if there is not, you will be pleased to send as much as may be thought necessary.

“I beg you to procure an account of what blocks will be necessary for two sloops and two periaugurs, from some rigger or blockmaker in New-York, and to send them up with the rope, as none of these articles are to be had here.

“All the articles above-mentioned are so much wanted at the Lakes, and not to be had anywhere but at New-York, that I must earnestly entreat you that no delay may be made in sending them up to this place.

“I am, sir, your most obedient humble servant,


Secretary to Maj. Gen. Schuyler.

“To John McKesson, Esq., Secretary to the New-York Provincial Congress, or, in his absence, to Robert Benson, Esquire.

An Indent for making Running Rigging and Stays for two Sloops, the size of Albany Sloops.

“Two coils, 2½ inches, 100 fathom each, (or Halliards; Tackle Falls; Jib Sheets; 2 Jib Stays, 16 fathom each; 2. Down Hauls, 1½-inch, 16 fathom each; 100 fathom Ratline; 2 Schooners’ Rigging, viz: 100 fathom, 3-inch; 2 Stays, 28 fathom, 3½-inch; 2 coils, 2-inch, 120 fathom; 1 coil of Thread Ratline; Spun Yarn in proportion for the whole, Houseline, Marline; 1 dozen Hamberline, white.”

A Letter from Captain Varick, Secretary to General Schuyler, directed to Mr. McKesson, was read, and is prefixed. Mr. Varick thereby requests, in the General’s name, the articles mentioned in the following order, to be forwarded to Albany with all possible despatch.

Thereupon Ordered, That Colonel Curtenius, as Commissary, transmit to Albany by the first opportunity for the Continental service, in compliance with General Schuyler’s request, (made by his Secretary,) a complete set of Blocks, of every kind, for two Vessels and two rigged Periaugurs on the Lakes, and five pieces of English Duck for Sails for the Periaugurs; and the following Rigging and necessaries, viz: 6 coils of Spun Yarn; 2 Jib Stays, of 6½ inches; 200 fathom 2-inch Rope; 200 fathom 2½-inch Rope; 100 fathom 3-inch Rope; 2 coils of Ratline; 3½-inch Stays; 1 dozen of white Hamberline; 12 dozen of Marline and Houseline; and that he direct the Storekeeper or Commissary at Albany to give notice thereof, when he receives those articles, to Major-General Schuyler, or to Captain Varick.


Die Mercurii, 4 ho. P. M., May 8, 1776.

Several matters of the utmost importance, as well to the United Colonies in general, as to this Colony in particular, rendering it necessary for a speedy meeting of the Provincial Congress of this Colony, the Committee of Safety therefore ordered Circular Letters to be sent to all the Members, requesting their attendance in Provincial Congress, at New-York, on the first day of this instant, (May.) On that day, and every day since, many Members attended, but not a sufficient number to make a Congress till this afternoon; when the following Members met, viz:

FOR NEW-YORK.—Mr. Scott, Mr. Beekman, Colonel McDougall, Mr. Evert Bancker, Colonel Brasher, Mr. Denning.

FOR WESTCHESTER.—Mr. Ward, Colonel Joseph Drake, Mr. Paulding, Colonel Lewis Graham.

FOR RICHMOND.—Mr. Lawrence.

FOR ALBANY.—Mr. Cuyler, Mr. Oothoudt, Mr. Glen.

FOR ORANGE.—Colonel Allison, Mr. Haring.

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