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Whereupon Messrs. Samuel Purviance, Benjamin Nicholson, and John Smith, were appointed.

Messrs. John McLure and John Eager Howard are appointed by this Committee to procure Wagons to carry eight chests of Arms, just now arrived from Philadelphia, to Annapolis.

Mr. James Calhoun is appointed to purchase one hundred and twenty-five iron Pots, one hundred and twenty-five wooden Bowls, twelve Fryingpans, and Gridirons and Skillets, for the use of the Militia.

Attested: GEORGE LUX, Secretary.

At a meeting of the Committee, Tuesday, March 12, 1776:

Present: William Lux, Chairman pro tempore, Andrew Buchanan, William Buchanan, Z. McCubbin, Jeremiah T. Chase, Thomas Harrison, John E. Howard, James Calhoun, William Aisquith, John Boyd.

As the Committee judge it expedient to make every preparation to repel any hostile attempts of the enemy, in case of their return here,

Resolved, That a Letter be immediately written to our Delegates in Congress, to request orders to be lodged with the Pennsylvania Troops of Cumberland and York Counties, to march down, on requisition of this Committee.

And the following Letter was accordingly despatched by Post:

GENTLEMEN: As we may possibly want the assistance of some of the Continental Troops stationed in Cumberland and York Counties, in Pennsylvania, we request you to obtain an order from Congress for those troops to march to the assistance of the troops here, upon the requisition of this Committee; Riflemen will do us more service than any others. We have a great number of men here, but very few are armed. Pray do not neglect this, as the fate of Baltimore Town may depend upon it. From every intelligence received, the enemy will soon return with a reinforcement.

We are preparing to sink a number of vessels at Whetstone Point, to obstruct the channel.

We are, gentlemen, your most humble servants,

  WILLIAM LUX, Deputy-Chairman.

To the Delegates of Maryland in Congress.

Captain George Handy was appointed to go to the Sea-Coast to look out for a Vessel expected in with warlike Stores, and fourteen Pounds ten Shillings advanced him.

The following Letter was just now received from Captain Nicholson:

“March 11, 1776.

“Captain Nicholson thinks it absolutely necessary to have the craft sunk immediately to stop the channel opposite to Whetstone Point. The best method, he thinks, of doing it, he has already informed the Committee, which will be at-tended with little or no expense.


Resolved, That all the Vessels at Whetstone Point be immediately sunk, and that Captain James Phillips be empowered to superintend and direct the sinking of them.

Resolved, That Captain Isaac Vanbibber and Captain Thomas Elliott and Mr. William Spear, be appointed to take a list of the Vessels, together with an account of their sizes and ages, and, also, the names of the owners of them.

Permission was granted to the following persons to pass to Annapolis in Vessels loaded with Provisions on the pub-lick account, viz: George Thornton, Jonas Jackson, Beckly Barrett, William Booth, Mason Abbott, and David Tyler.

Orders were given to Major Gist to search the Schooner ——, Captain Braddock, and the Warehouse of Mr. John Ashburner, for Arms and Ammunition, immediately.

Upon motion, Resolved unanimously, That the thanks of the publick in general, and this Committee in particular, are clue to Captain James Nicholson, of the Ship Defence, his Officers and men, for their spirited, active, and resolute defence of Baltimore Town, when invaded by Piratical Robbers.

GEORGE LUX, Secretary

At a meeting of the Committee on Wednesday, March 13, 1776:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, William Lux, Vice-Chairman, Andrew Buchanan, William Buchanan, Z. McCubbin, Benjamin Nicholson, John Merryman, Thomas Harrison, Jeremiah T. Chase, William Aisquith, James Calhoun, Abraham Britton, J. Sterrett, John Moale, John Smith, John Boyd.

Resolved, That an order be drawn to Mr. John Moale, payable to Colonel Aquila Hall, for forty Pounds, to be applied in paying off the Militia of Harford County.

Resolved, That the thanks of this Committee be returned to Colonel Dorsey, of Elkridge, and Colonels Hall and Rumsey, of Harford County, for their assistance on the late alarm occasioned by the Otter Sloop-of-War.

Resolved, That Messrs. William Spear, Hercules Courte-nay, and George Wells, together with Captain Isaac Vanbibber and David Lawrence, be appointed to value the Vessels ready to be sunk at Whetstone Point, and such Cables as may be used for that purpose, and return an account of the valuation of each to this Committee, in or ler that the same may be transmitted to the Council of Safety of this Province; and it is requested that those gentlemen will execute said business this afternoon, it being intended that the Vessels shall be sunk immediately.

Resolved, As the opinion of this Committee, that it will greatly conduce to the preservation of Baltimore Town, and to the security of the Ship Defence, to continue the said Ship in the Harbour at Fell’s Point.

Ordered, That the Chairman acquaint the Council of Safety with the above Resolve; and, also, that Captain James Nicholson and Lieutenant Bouchier concur with them in opinion.

GEORGE LUX, Secretary.

At a meeting of the Committee, March 14, 1776:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, William Lux, Deputy-Chairman, Andrew Buchanan, Thomas Harrison, John Merryman, James Calhoun, William Aisquith, J. Sterrett, John Moale, John Smith, John Boyd, Secretary pro tern.

The following Instructions were given to Nathaniel Smith and John Fulford, Esquires, Captains of the two Companies of Artillery in this Province:

Baltimore, March 14, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: You are advised to collect together, at Fell’s Point, all the cannon that are either in town, or about the Point, that they may be all mounted and prepared for use, and to have guards constantly placed over them to prevent their being spiked or injured. Let a regular account be taken of what carriages are already made, and now making, for the guns; make out a state of what other materials for the cannon (viz: rammers, sponges, ladles, match-rope, cartridges, &c.) are made or making, and a general list of all such as may be wanted, in order that they may be preparing; engage a store or stores in the most convenient place at Fell’s Point, for collecting together the stores, &c., belonging to the Artillery, where it may also be pro per to station a guard when the materials are stored.

(Signed by the Committee-men present.)

At a meeting of the Committee, March 15, 1776:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Jun., Chairman, Thomas Harrison, John Merryman, John Boyd, John Moale, John E. Howard, William Aisquith, James Calhoun, J. Sterrett.

Mr. Robert Brown appeared before the Committee, and, being examined, said: That he and Mr. Robert Chappie were taken by the Otter, as he was crossing the Bay, and that Captain Squires said he would burn down Baltimore Town, and mentioned many other circumstances which are thought too immaterial to be recorded.

The following is an exact copy of a Paper delivered in to the Committee by Captain Isaac Vanbibber:

“The Committee for Baltimore County appointing us, the subscribers, to appraise and value the hulls of sundry vessels now lying at Whetstone Point, and intended to be sunk there in the narrows, do say that the sundry vessels, as follows, are worth the several sums annexed thereto, viz:

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