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armament was to proceed in the first place to North-Carolina, and from thence either to South-Carolina or Virginia, as circumstances of greater or less advantage should point out; if to the latter it might have very important consequences to this Province; and therefore in the said Letter his Excellency is called on well to consider of every means by which he may, in conjunction with Lord Dunmore, give facility and assistance to the operations of the said armament: And whereas, the Governour must, if he remains in the exercise of the powers of Government, fulfil and execute the instructions of Administration, or hazard the displeasure of the King, which it cannot be expected he will do: And whereas, by Act of Assembly of this Province, the powers of Government, in the absence of the Governour, devolve upon the President of the Council, and therefore the Go vernour’s departure cannot occasion a dissolution or suspension of the present established form of Government within this Province, which this Convention doth not think ought now to be changed:

Therefore Resolved, That it be signified to the Governour, that the publick quiet and safety, in the judgment of this Convention, require that he leave this Province, and that he is at full liberty to depart peaceably with his effects.

Upon the last Resolve, the yeas and nays being required, they were as follow:

St. Mary’s County.   Baltimore County.
Mr. Jordan, aff.   Mr. Nicholson, aff.
Barnes, aff.   Tolley, aff.
Plater, aff.   Chase, aff.
Ford, aff.   Horford County.
Charles County.   Mr. Hall aff.
Mr. Hawkins, aff. Love, aff.
Hooe, neg. Dallam, aff.
J. H. Harrison, aff. Cecil County.
W. Harrison, aff. Mr. Veazey, neg.
Calvert County. Gilpin, aff.
Mr. Somerville, aff. Thompson, aff.
Gantt, aff. Ewing, aff.
Allein, aff. Queen Anne’s County.
Prince George’s County. Mr. Hollyday, aff.
Mr. Beall, aff. Tur. Wright, aff.
Contee, aff. Thomas Wright, neg.
Prince George’s County. Mr. Hoolyday, aff.
Mr. Beall, aff. Tur. Wright, neg.
Beall, aff. Thomas Wright, aff.
Tyler, aff. Earle, aff.
Anne Arundel County. Tilghman, neg.
Mr. Carroll, barrister, aff. Somerset County.
T. Johnson, aff. Mr. G. Dashiell, aff.
Paca, aff. Scott, neg.
Frederick County. Scott, neg.
Mr. Beatty, aff. Worcester County.
B. Johnson, aff. Mr. Chaille, neg.
Mr. Brent, aff. Done, aff.
        J. Dashiell, aff.
Kent County. Dorchester County.
Mr. Buchanan, neg. Mr. Goldsborough, neg.
Sudlar, neg. Hooper, neg.
Slubey, neg. Murry, neg.
Ronggold, neg. Ennalls, neg.
Talbot County. Coroline County.
Mr. Chamberlaine, neg. Mr. Richardon, aff.
Thomas, neg. Dickinson, neg.
Edmondson, neg. Mason, neg.

Resolved, That a Committee of’ five persons be appointed to wait on the Governour, and deliver him copies of the said Resolutions, together with the following Address, to wit:

To His Excellency ROBERT EDEN, Esquire, Governour of MARYLAND.

May it phase your Excellency:

We are commanded by the Convention to wait upon your Excellency, and to communicate to you the resolutions they have this day entered into; and we are instructed to assure your Excellency that the Convention entertains a favourable sense of your conduct relative to the affairs of America, since the unhappy differences have subsisted between Great Britain and the United Colonies, as far as the same hath come to their knowledge, and of their real wishes for your return to resume the Government of this Province, whenever we shall happily be restored to peace and that connection with Great Britain the interruption and suspension of which have filled the mind of every good man with the deepest regret. From the disposition your Excellency hath manifested to promote the real interests of both countries, the Convention is induced to entertain the warmest hopes and expectations that, upon your arrival in England, you will represent the temper and principles of the people of Maryland with the same candour you have hitherto shown, and that you will exert your endeavours to promote a reconciliation upon terms that may be secure and honourable both to Great Britain and America.

Mr. President, Mr. Paca, Mr. T. Johnson, Mr. Plater, and Mr. Hollyday, were elected by ballot a Committee accordingly.

On reading a second time the Report from the Committee appointed to examine into the expenditure of the money placed in the hands of Mr. William, Lux, as agent for the Ship Defence,

Resolved, That the same be referred for consideration till the next session of Convention.

Adjourned till three o’clock.

Post Meridiem. Met according to adjournment.

Mr. Harrison has leave of absence.

It being represented to this Convention that an appeal lately depending in the High Court of Appeals, between Pellett and others, appellants, and Robert Long’s lessee, appellee, is lately dismissed, because the same could not longer continue, in the absence of the appellants’ counsel, who was necessarily attending the publick business as a Representative in Convention; and because it is fit and proper that equal justice should be done all in any general provision that may be made to aid the proceedings in Courts, and prevent the loss of suits which have continued, or may continue, from the present disturbed state of affaire;, longer than the law allows;

It is therefore Resolved, That no execution issue on the original judgment from which the said appeal was granted, or on the said dismissal, until the general state of the suits depending in the Courts shall be considered, and remedy provided or refused to be provided to prevent their discontinuance or dismissal because of their too long continuance; and that if any execution hath issued or should issue contrary hereto, the same be not served.

An application from Doctor Charles Alexander Warfield, of Anne Arundel County, for the sum of six hundred Pounds, to enable him tp carry on a Saltpetre Manufactory, was read, and ordered to, lie on the table.

Mr. Plater brings in and delivers to Mr. President a Report from the Committee appointed to consider of the expediency of exempting the Masters and Scholars of publick and other Schools from attending on Musters; which was read, and ordered to lie on the table.

A Memorial from Major Thomas Price, on behalf of himself and the Officers of the Rifle Company from this Province in the Continental service, was read, and ordered to lie on the table.

On motion, Resolved, That a Court of Admiralty be erected for the purpose of determining upon such Captures and Seizures of Vessels as are or shall be made according to the late resolves of the Continental Congress upon that subject, and brought into this Province.

Resolved, That a Committee, to consist of five person, be appointed to devise a proper establishment for such Court of Admiralty.

And Mr. T. Johnson, Mr. Paca, Mr. Plater, Mr. J. T. Chase, and Mr. Hooe, were elected, by ballot, a Committee accordingly.

A Memorial from the Officers of the Battalion of Regulars stationed at Annapolis, was read a first and second time, and referred to the consideration of a Committee for that purpose to be elected.

Mr. Hollyday, Mr. Goldsborough, and Mr. Tilghman, were elected, by ballot, a Committee accordingly.

On ipptipn, Resolved, That the appointment of Field-Officers for the Militia in Kent County be postponed till the next session of Convention.

The Convention proceeded to ballot for Field-Officers for

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