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This Assembly do grant to his Honour Deputy Governour Griswold, the sum of fifty Pounds, for the first half of his salary the current year.

This Assembly do grant to his Honour Governour Trumbull the sum of one hundred Pounds for his extraordinary services the year past; and order and direct the Treasurer to pay the same accordingly.

This Assembly do grant to John Lawrence, Esq., Treasurer, the sum of one hundred and eighty Pounds, as and for his salary the year past.

This Assembly do grant to George Wyllys, Esq., Secretary, the sum of twenty Pounds, as and for his salary in the year past; and direct the Treasurer to pay the same to him accordingly.

Whereas this Assembly, at their present session, have made many preparations for a defence against the increasing hostilities and efforts of our unnatural enemies; yet, considering the alarming situation of the United Colonies, being threatened with the whole force of Great Britain, united with all such foreign mercenaries as they are able to engage to assist in the execution of their causeless vengeance on those devoted Colonies, and to burn and destroy our Sea-port Towns, and to spread rapine, murder, and destruction, throughout the whole; in this situation our utmost efforts cannot be too much, and it is the duty of every individual to contribute all in his power to serve and defend our most important cause:

Therefore the Assembly do most earnestly recommend it to all persons, of every rank and denomination, to furnish themselves, with all possible expedition, with good sufficient fire-arms, and other warlike accoutrements, and with bullets sufficient and fit for their guns; and especially that all able-bodied men, who are not of the standing Militia, and such as have been dismissed from common military exercise, form themselves into Companies, choose their officers, according to the number of such who can convene together, and equip themselves, so as to be in readiness for mutual defence against our common enemy. That all the Field-Officers put themselves in readiness, to conduct and lead forth their respective corps on the most sudden call; and, in the mean time, use their utmost endeavours and care, with the assistance of the commissioned officers in their respective Regiments, to encourage military skill and every warlike preparation, and see that all defective arms be immediately repaired. That the Committee appointed to procure firearms to be made in this Colony, use their utmost diligence to promote the same, and purchase all good arms for sale, except such as any person hath for his own proper use. The events of this year may prove most decisive to these Colonies; and as all human care, efforts and exertions are but fruitless attempts for our security and defence, and will prove vain and abortive, unless attended with the blessing of Heaven, which we have no reason to expect but on a sincere repentance and reformation; wherefore, in the day of darkness and threatening calamity, it is most earnestly recommended to and pressed upon all persons, of every rank and denomination in this Colony, to promote and cultivate charity and benevolence one towards another; to abstain from every species of extortion and oppression; sincerely to repent and break off from every sin, folly, and vice; to live in peace, love, and harmony, among themselves; to look up with earnest importunity to Heaven for help, success, salvation, and deliverance; and, with careful attention to the use of means, hope and trust in the Lord of Hosts, who presides over universal nature, guides and governs all; and we need not fear or be dismayed at all the attempts or numerous horrours with which we are threatened.

It is therefore Ordered, That the foregoing be printed and distributed, and be read and published in all the religious societies in these Colonies.

This Assembly is adjourned by Proclamation, &c., until his Honour the Governour, or, in his absence, the Deputy Governour, shall see cause to call it to meet again.

Test: GEORGE WYLLYS, Secretary.


Friday, March 1, 1776.

A Letter from the Committee of Safety of New-Hampshire, with a Petition from the said Colony, and sundry papers, were read.

Resolved, That the same be referred to a Committee of three.

The Members chosen, Mr. Wythe, Mr. Braxton, and Mr. Franklin.

A Petition from the inhabitants of Falmouth, being presented, was read.

Resolved, That it be referred to a Committee of three.

The Members chosen, Mr. W. Livingston, Mr. Reed, and Mr. Paca.

A Letter from J. Mease, Commissary, with sundry queries, to which he requests the answers of Congress, that he may know how to conduct the business entrusted to him, was laid before Congress and read:

Resolved, That the same be referred to a Committee of three.

The Members chosen, Mr. Rutledge, Mr. Paine, and Mr. Hewes.

A Memorial of the Merchants, Traders, and others, of the City of Philadelphia, was presented and read.

Resolved, That it be referred to a Committee of the Whole.

The General Assembly of Massachusetts-Bay having transmitted to Congress a state of the Accounts of their Colony against the Continent,

Resolved, That the same be referred, for liquidation, to the Committee of Claims.

Resolved, That an addition of 34 Dollars a month be added to the pay of Joseph Reed, Esq., Secretary to General Washington, on account of the extraordinary services at present attending that office, by reason of the General’s direction of the Naval Department,

Resolved, That the Congress will, to-morrow, resolve itself into a Committee of the Whole, to take into consideration the Letter from General Washington, of the 14th instant, with Lord Drummond’s Letter to General Robertson enclosed.

Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to treat with the owners of some Medicines lately imported, and to purchase the same, on the most reasonable terms, for the use of the Continent.

Agreeable to the Order of the; Day, the Congress proceeded to the appointment of the General Officers and Staff for the Middle and Southern Departments.

Resolved, That Major-General Lee be appointed to take the command of the Continental Forces in the Southern Department.

The Congress proceeded to the election of six Brigadier-Generals, and, the ballots being delivered in and examined, the following gentlemen were chosen: John Armstrong, Esq., William Thompson, Esq., Andrew Lewis, Esq., James Moore, Esq., the Right Honourable William Earl of Stirling, and Robert Howe, Esq.

Resolved, That Brigadier-General Armstrong be directed to repair to South-Carolina, Brigadiers Lewis and Howe to Virginia, and Brigadier-General Moore to North-Carolina, and take the command of the forces in those respective Colonies, until they receive further orders from Congress or a superior officer.

Resolved, That Brigadier-General Thompson be directed to repair to New-York.

Resolved, That the Orders of the Day be postponed to Monday.

Adjourned to Monday next, ten o’clock.

Monday, March 4, 1776.

Resolved, That Mr. Alsop be appointed a Member of the Committee of Claims, in the room of Mr. Lewis, who is absent, and that Mr. Whipple be appointed a Member of the said Committee, in the room of Mr. Bartlett, who desires to be excused from that service.

Resolved, That in case of the absence of any standing Member of the Committee of Claims, the Delegates of the

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