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I, the subscriber, certify and say, the above is a true account of the cost of one hundred and fifty-nine bars of iron, shipped by me on board the Schooner James, John Howland master, which iron was seized by the barges belonging to his Majesty’s Ships Asia and Phenix, commanded by Captains Parker and Vandeput, and the amount of said iron is a total loss to me.


Norwich, March 9, 1776.

NORWICH, March 9, 1776.

Personally appeared Captain William Hubbard, and made solemn oath to the truth of the above certificate. Coram

CHRIST. LEFFINGWELL, Justice of Peace.

To the Hon. JONATHAN TRUMBULL, Esq., Governour of the Colony of CONNECTICUT:

Whereas I, the subscriber, was, by the General Assembly, holden at New-Haven in December last, appointed and directed to procure a just and well authenticated account of the hostilities committed by the Ministerial Troops or Navy, whereby any damage has been done to the property of any person or persons in the County of Hartford, in said Colony, since March last, together with the proper evidence of the facts related, the number of the vessels, either inward or outward bound, which have been seized by them since that period, and, as near as may be, their value, with their cargoes on board when taken, and to make return thereof to your Honour: I now beg leave to report that, in obedience to said appointment and direction, I have made diligent inquiry after the damages done by the hostilities of said Troops and Navy, to the property of any person or persons in said County; and, upon such inquiry, do find that a large brigantine, called the Polly, the property of Messieurs Matthew Talcott, Esq., of Middletown, and Captain Jeremiah Wadsworth, of Hartford, both in said County, with a very valuable cargo, the property of said owners and sundry other persons in said County, was, on the 20th day of September last, taken in a hostile manner by his Majesty’s ship the Nautilus, commanded by Captain John Collins, and carried into Boston, and there sold and disposed of to the use of the captors. That the mariners that were taken in said brigantine (except the master, Giles Sage, of said Middletown, and one of the seamen, Eleazer Treadwell, of Haddam, in said County, who found means to effect their escape) are yet detained in captivity, and have suffered very severe treatment, and that some of them have been compelled to fight against their country.

The value of said brigantine, with her furniture and appurtenances, as near as can be found, will appear from the annexed affidavit of Captain George Starr, of said Middletown, and said Giles Sage, the master, (who was taken prisoner in her,) and the particulars of her cargo. The persons to whom it belonged, and the value of each particular, will likewise appear from the annexed account, supported by the affidavit of said Giles Sage and Eleazer Treadwell; and the capture, with the subsequent proceedings of the captors, are stated and proved by the following depositions of Giles Sage and Eleazer Treadwell aforesaid.

I beg leave to add, that I do not find that any other damage hath been done by any acts of hostility to the property of any person or persons in said County, except in the capture and confiscation of said brigantine as aforesaid.

All which is humbly submitted by your Honour’s most obedient and most humble servant,


An Account of the Brigantine POLLY, Vessel and Cargo, GILES SAGE Master, taken by his Majesty’s Ship the NAUTILUS, commanded by Captain JOHN COLLINS, on the 20th of SEPTEMBER last, and carried into BOSTON, and converted to the use of the Ministerial Army and Navy there; in which is contained the value of said Brigantine, the particular articles of which her Cargo consisted, with the names of the persons to whom each article in particular did belong; as follows, to wit:

The property of MATTHEW TALCOTT, Esq., and Captain JEREMIAH WADSWORTH, Merchants:

The Brigantine Polly, one hundred and ten tons burden, with appurtenances, valued at5000 0
One bolt of osnaburghs, 109 yards, at 1s . per yard,590
Two barrels of pork, at 60s . per barrel,6 00
Two barrels of mess beef, at 60s. per barrel,600
One bolt of canvass,             No.1.40 0
One hogshead of sugar, B P. No. 1. containing1565
One hogshead of sugar, B P. No. 2. containing1400
is 26cwt. 1qr. 25lb., at 55s.72165
One ream post paper, at 22s. per ream,510 0
Twenty-nine puncheons Jamaica rum, No. 1 to 29—B P, containing 3129 gallons, at 4s.625 160
Twelve bags of ginger, containing 820lbs. at 50s. per cwt.20 00
One pocket of cotto-nwool, containing 58 lbs., at 2s. 6d. per lb.7 5 0
 1252 16 05

The Property of RICHARD ALSOP, Esq.

Nine bolts of duck, No. 1. at 80s. per bolt,36 00
Seven do. do. No. 3. at 75s. per bolt,26 5 0
Twenty bags of cotto-nwool, containing 2,214 lbs. at 2s. 6d. per lb.276 15 0
Eight hogsheads best Muscovado sugar, containing 9,882 lbs. weight, is 88cwt. 26lbs. at 60s.2641310
Two puncheons Jamaica rum—B P. No. 38, 39, containing 227 gallons; at 4s.45 8 0
 649 110

The Property of TITUS HOSMER.

Two hogsheads of best Muscovado sugar, containing 21cwt. 141b., at 60s.per cwt.63150
One cask of Jamaica rum, containing forty-four gallons, at 4s.8160
Three dozen plates, French ware, at 12s. per dozen, 116 0
 74 7 0

The Property of ELISHA BREWSTER.

Fifty pounds of indigo, at 12s. per lb.3000
One piece of checked linen, twenty-seven yards, at 3s. per yard,410

The Property of SAMUEL RUSSELL.

Two puncheons Jamaica rum—B P. No. 30, 31, containing 225 gallons, at 4s.450 0

The Property of Messrs. WADSWORTH and BARNARD.

Two puncheons Jamaica rum, No. 36, 37, containing 226 gallons, at 4s. per gal., 4540

The Property of RETURN MEIGS.

One puncheon Jamaica rum—B P. No. 40, containing 106 gallons, at 4s. 2140

The Property of STEPHEN RANNY.

Two puncheons Jamaica rum—B P. No. 32, 33, containing 226 gallons, at 4s.4540
Two tierces best Muscovado sugar—3 R. No. 1, 2, containing 21cwt. 2qr. 15lbs., at 60s. per cwt.,65 63
 11010 3


One puncheon Jamaica rum—B P. No.41, containing 109 gallons, at 4s.21160

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