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Three barrels of mess beef, at 60s. per barrel,900

The Property of Messrs. ALLEN and SAGE.

One hundred and ninety–six pounds of indigo, at 12s. per pound,117 12 0

The Property of ROGER BULKLY.

Thirty-nine pounds of indigo, at 12s. per pound,23 8 0

The Property of NATHAN SAGE.

Three tierces best Muscovado sugar—N S. No. 1, 2, 3, containing 33cwt. 271bs., at 60s.100 9 1
One Negro man slave, 50 00
Ninety–one pounds indigo, at 12s . per lb.,54 0 0

The Property of NATHANIEL ELLS.

Two tierces best Muscovado sugar—N E. No. 1, 2, containing 22cwt. 3qr. 15lb., at 60s.,6813 9


Two tierces best Muscovado sugar—B H. No. 1, 2, containing 22cwt. 3qr. 41b., at 60s.,6872

The Property of OZIAS WILLCOX.

Two tierces best Muscovado sugar—O W. No. 1, 2, containing 21cwt. 3qr. 10lb., at 60s.,6515 9

The property of JOSIAH LEE.

Two barrels of limes, at 30s. per barrel,300
Two puncheons Jamaica rum—I L. No, 1, 2, containing 240 gallons, at 4s. per gallon, 48 0 0

The Property of GILES SAGE.

Three Hundred and twenty–six pounds of indigo, at 12s. per pound,195120
One hogshead best Muscovado sugar, containing 13cwt. 1qr. 16lb., at 60s.,4040
Three puncheons Jamaica rum—B P. No. 34, 35—G S. No. 1 containing 395 gallons, at 4s . per gallon,79 00
Sixteeen gallons Jamaica rum, in a cask with T. Hosmer’s rum, at 8s. per gal.,340
Eighty pounds of ginger, at 50s. per cwt.,200
Two barrels of limes, at 30s. per barrel,300
One piece of fine Irish linen,600
One gun, at 51s., one spy–glass, at 30s.,410
One pound of nutmegs,1 10 0
 334 11 0

The Property of SAMUEL DENNY.

One puncheon Jamaica rum—S D. No. 1, containing 115 gallons, at 4s. per gallon, 23 00

The Property of JOHN HALL and JABEZ PERKINS.

Four barrels of limes, at 30s. per barrel, 600
One case of razors, (John Hall’s,)1 5 0
 75 0

Wages from JUNE 20th to SEPTEMBER 20th, 1775, due to the Master and Seamen, lost by said capture, to wit:

To Giles Sage, three months’ wages, at 50s . per month,710 0
To Josiah Lee, three months’ wages, at 50s . per month, 7 10 0
To Eleazer Treadwell, three months’ wages, at 50s . per month,710 0
To Jabez Perkins, three months’ wages, at 50s . per month,710 0
To John Pike, two months’ wages, at 50s . per month,500
To John Hall, three months’ wages, at 35s . per month,550
To Noadiah Bailey, three months’ wages, at 35s. per month,550
To Jeremiah Fullerton, three months’ wages, at 45s. per month,6150
 52 5 0
Total loss on vessel and cargo, 3,034 192


Be it remembered, that on this 4th day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy–six, personally came and appeared before me, Titus Hosmer, Esq., one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for said County, Captains George Starr and Giles Sage, both of Middletown, in said County, and being duly sworn to declare the truth, upon their oaths depose and say: and first, the said George Starr saith, That in May last, at said Middletown, he carefully examined the Brigantine Polly, burden about one hundred and ten tons, then owned by Messrs. Matthew Talcott, Esq. and Jeremiah Wadsworth, with her appurtenances, being upon a treaty for the purchase of the same; and that he then judged her to be worth five hundred and fifty pounds, lawful money; and that he verily believes that, at the time she is said to have been taken (on the 20th of September last) by the Nautilus man–of–war, making proper allowance for her wear and tear on her voyage between said months of May and September, she was well worth five hundred pounds, lawful money; and further he saith not.

And the said Giles Sage, upon his oath, deposeth and saith: That, some time in the month of May last, he was appointed, by said Talcott and Wadsworth, master of their said Brigantine, the Polly; and on the 12th day of June last sailed in her from the port of New–London, with a cargo of horses, provisions, and lumber, shipped partly by said owners, and partly by sundry other persons, for Kingston, in the Island of Jamaica, in the West–Indies, where he arrived on the 6th day of July last; that he continued at Kingston from that time till the 20th day of August following, and in that time sold the cargo of said brigantine, and laid out the nett proceeds in the purchase of the produce of said Island, and other merchandise, and laded the same on board said brigantine, cleared her out at the Custom–house for New–York, and on said 20th day of August sailed from Kingston for New–York. The deponent further saith, that, on his passage from Kingston to New–York, on the 20th day of September last, being in soundings, and not far from land, about southwest from Long–Island, standing in for New–York, we Fell in with his Majesty’s Ship Nautilus, commanded by Captain John Collins, who immediately fired three guns at us to bring us to, and hoisted out her pinnace, and sent her with a number of armed men on board the brigantine, took said brigantine into his possession, and took this deponent and all his mariners, the mate excepted, out of said brigantine, and put a prize–master and seamen on board in their stead, and then stood away for Newport, Rhode–Island, with said brigantine in company.

This deponent also saith, that he judged said brigantine and her appurtenances, at the time she was taken as aforesaid, to be well worth five hundred pounds, lawful money; and that her cargo consisted of the several articles particularly enumerated and set down in the foregoing account on this sheet of paper; that the same were the property of the several persons therein mentioned, and that, to the best of his knowledge and belief, the same would have been worth the prices thereto set and affixed, amounting, in the whole, to twenty–five hundred and thirty–four pounds nineteen shillings and two pence, lawful money, had he been permitted to cany them into the port for which said brigantine was destined.

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