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some blank ones by me. I wish you to send up the blank commissions for the remainder, as I do not know which of the officers nominated will accept.

“I am, sir, with the greatest esteem, your most obedient humble servant,


“To Nathaniel Woodhull, Esq., President, &c.

“P. S. I have added Lieutenant-Colonel Yates and Major Gansevoort to the enclosed list, as they are at least equally entitled to a chance of preferment with any of the other Field-Officers, although they are reappointed to Colonel Van Schaick’s Regiment.”

The List of Officers therein enclosed was also read and filed, and is in the following figures and words, to wit:

A List of Officers of the four Regiments raised in NEW-YORK in 1775, (now in CANADA,) as they rank FEBRUARY 28, 1776:


“Colonel James Clinton,
“Lieut. Col. P. Yates, at Albany,
“Lieut. Col. John Nicholson,
Major Herman Zedtwitz,
Major Peter Gansevoort, Jun.,
Major Lewis Dubois.


“Captain F. V. Weisenfels,
“Captain John Visscher,
“Captain Barent J. Ten Eyck,
“Captain William Goforth,
“Captain Gershom Mott,
Captain Jacobus S. Bruyn,
Captain Elisha Benedict,
Captain John Graham,
Captain Robert Johnson,
Captain David Palmer.

“First Lieutenants.

“First Lieut. Benjamin Evans,
“First Lieut. William Gilleylen,
“First Lieut. Samuel Sacket,
“First Lieut. Derick Hansen,
“First Lieut, E. Van Bunschoten,
“First Lieut. Aaron Austin,
“First Lieut. Samuel T. Pell,
“First Lieut. John Copp,
First Lieut. Benjamin Pelton,
First Lieut. Thomas Dewitt,
First Lieut. Jonathan Pearey,
First Lieut. William McCune,
First Lieut. Digby Odlum,
First Lieut. C. J. Jansen,
First Lieut. Matthias Clark,
First Lieut. Philip D. Revier.

Second Lieutenants.

“Second Lieut. Richard Platt,
“Second Lieut. Joseph Fitch,
“Second Lieut. James Gregg,
“Second Lieut, John G. Lansing,
“Second Lieut. R. S. McDougall,
“Second Lieut. John Houston,
“Second Lieut. Isaac Van Wert,
“Second Lieut. Daniel,Gano,
“Second Lieut. Roswell Beebee,
“Second Lieut. Timothy Hughes,
Second Lieut. Albert Pawling,
Second Lieut. G. Van Waggenen,
Second Lieut. Alexander Brink,
Second Lieut. N. Van Rensselaer,
Second Lieut. William Martin,
Second Lieut. Wm. Matthewman,
Second Lieut. Isaac Hubbell,
Second Lieut. .James Dow,
Second Lieut. George Nicholson,
now Town-Major at Montreal.”

A List of the Officers of the four NEW-YORK Battalions, raised in 1775, who have accepted Commissions in Colonel VAN SCHAICK’S Regiment, viz:

“Captain Daniel Mills,
“Captain Joseph McCracken,
“First Lieut. Andrew Fink,
“First Lieut. Charles Graham,
First Lieut. Moses Martin,
Second Lieut. Guy Young,
Second Lieut. John Barnes.”

On having read General Schuyler’s Letter,

Ordered, That Peter T. Curtenius, as Commissary, purchase, on Continental account, six hundred fathoms of Tarred Rope, for Painters for Batteaus, &c., and two good Fishing-Nets, and Ropes for four Fishing-Nets, pursuant to a request of Major-General Schuyler, by his Letter to this Congress of the 27th ultimo, and that he forward the same to Albany by the first conveyance, pursuant to the General’s request.

A draft of an Answer to General Schuyler’s several Letters above-mentioned, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

In Provincial Congress, New-York, March 4, 1776.

SIR: We have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of yours of the 21st and 27th ultimo, with a list of such officers as have served in the last campaign. We fear, from a want of proper information, and the necessity we are under of immediately completing the four regiments ordered to be raised for the defence of this Colony, some gentlemen now absent may be neglected, whose merits ought to be con-sidered. In our confused state, we shall endeavour to do justice to individuals, as far as is consistent with the publick service. In this arrangement, Mr. Paine’s merit will be considered.

In the appointment of the Captains to our four battalions, we have, through mistake, omitted Captain Wynkoop, whose services, during the last summer, justly merit the attention of the publick. We could wish, sir, it was in your power to provide for him on the lake, as we are informed he is well qualified for service in that department; but if it should not be in your power to provide for him, we beg to have the earliest notice, that we may appoint him to the first vacancy.

We have ordered six hundred fathoms of tarred rope, two fishing nets, and ropes for four, to be sent to Mr. Commissary Livingston, at Albany, to whom we have also ordered the quantity of pitch and tar you formerly wrote for to be sent. You will receive by this conveyance blank commissions for Colonel Van Schaick’s Regiment.

We are, sir, with esteem, your obedient humble servants.

By order of Congress.

To Major General Schuyler.

Ordered, That a copy thereof be engrossed, and signed by the President, and transmitted by Monsieur De Gas, together with sixty blank Continental Commissions.

And the same were all transmitted accordingly.

A Letter from Colonel James Holmes to Captain Jacobus Wynkoop, dated at Ticonderoga, on the 7th day of December last, was read and filed.

Pursuant to a Resolution of the Provincial Congress of the 3d of November last, he therein directs Captain Wynkoop to make an immediate stoppage in the pay of Thomas Hampton, James Davenport, and Henry May, late deserters from Captain Wynkoop’s Company, in Colonel Holmes’s Regiment, to reimburse the sum of thirteen Pounds eight Shillings and seven Pence, expended and paid by the Provincial Congress for apprehending the said deserters.

Captain Wynkoop, at the door, informs a Member that he has stopped the said sum out of the pay of the said deserters, and has the money ready to pay to this Congress, or their order.

Ordered, That Captain Jacobus Wynkoop pay to Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esq., Treasurer of this Congress, the sum of thirteen Pounds eight Shillings and seven Pence, now in his hands, stopped out of the pay of Thomas Hampton, James Davenport, and Henry May, three deserters from his Company, in the Regiment late Colonel Holmes’s, to replace the money advanced and paid out of the said Treasury for the apprehending and sending back of the said deserters to their Regiment; and that Captain Wynkoop, on behalf of Colonel Holmes, take a receipt of the Deputy Treasurer for that sum.

Francis Lewis, Esq., having informed this Congress that he has brought from Philadelphia the separate sums for which the Delegates of this Colony had obtained warrants from the Continental Congress, and requested the direction of this Congress as to the said money:

Thereupon, Ordered, That Francis Lewis, Esq., pay to Peter V. B. Livingston, Esq., Treasurer of the Provincial Congress of this Colony, the sum of twelve thousand Dollars, and the further sum of thirty-five thousand Dollars, amounting together to the sum of forty-seven thousand Dollars, obtained on two warrants from the Continental Congress. That Mr. Lewis deliver such receipts, or audited accounts, as he may have taken for any part of that money to the said Treasurer as cash, and that he take the Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer’s receipt for the same.

Mr. Hobart, from the Committee appointed on Saturday last to call on General Lee to know the reason of the firing by the Troops on persons coming to or going out of this City, and the reason of the interruptions given to the persons having Passports from this Congress, delivered in their Report, in the words following, to wit:

The purport of the Conversation between General LEE and the Committee.

“General Lee says that he inhibited the communication with the ships-of-war and the Dutchess of Gordon, because he was informed that Governour Tryon had seized a quantity of flour coming to this market, which he considered as a breach of the compact, which, though not perhaps expressly made, yet was undoubtedly implied, that while we continued to supply them with provisions, they would not obstruct any coming to this market. That he wished the Congress would write to Governour Tryon, and demand an explanation of his conduct. That if they should prefer the mode, he would write himself. That if, upon settling the matter, the Congress should incline to continue the daily

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