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the happiness of the People, and most effectually secure peace and good order in the Colony, during the continuance of the present dispute between Great Britain and the Colonies.

Resolved, That the ballots of the Members, for the said Committee, be received at five o’clock this afternoon.

Adjourned to five o’clock in the afternoon.

In Congress, Sunday, February 11, 1776, P. M.

The Congress met.

The Congress then proceeded to ballot for the Members of the Committee to prepare a plan or form of Government.

And the following gentlemen were, by Mr. President, declared duly elected by a majority of votes, viz:

Major Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, John Rutledge, Esq., Colonel Charles Pinckney, Colonel Henry Laurens, Colonel Christopher Gadsden, Hon. Rawlins Lowndes, Arthur Middleton, Esq., Hon. Henry Middleton, Thomas Bee, Esq., Thomas Lynch, Jun., Esq., Thomas Heyward, Jun., Esq.

Adjourned to nine o’clock to-morrow.

In Congress, Monday, February 12, 1776.

The Congress met.

And the Journal of yesterday was read.

Resolved, That no Guns be fired in or about Charles-town without permission from the proper officers; and that publick notice hereof be immediately given.

Resolved, That whosoever shall presume to violate the above Resolution, shall be subject and liable to a Fine of five Pounds, current money, for every Gun so fired; to be recovered before any three Members of the Charlestown Committee, two of whom shall be a quorum.

Ordered, That the Secretary do cause the above Resolutions to be forthwith printed, and made publick, in Handbills, and by beat of drum.

Ordered, That the Rev. Mr. Tennent, Colonel Fuller, Captain Shubrick, Captain Lynch, and Captain Harrington, be a Committee to consider and report the best method for promoting the manufactory of Saltpetre in this Colony.

Ordered, That Richard Rapley, Esq., be a Commissioner for stamping and signing the Money issued by Resolution of Congress, of the 14th of June last, in the room of Theodore Gaillard, Jun., Esq.

Ordered, That Captain Roger Smith, Mr. Edwards, Captain Gillon, Mr. Kershaw, Mr. Hall, Captain Harrington, Mr. Corbett, Colonel Gervais, and Mr. Dupont, be a Committee to inquire and report the quantity of Flour now in the Colony; how much will be requisite for the subsistence of the Inhabitants and Troops; and to consider and report proper ways and means for supplying the Colony with Sait, Sugar, Rum, and other necessaries of life, at reasonable rates; and also, the causes of, and remedies for, the present impositions upon the publick, in the high advance in price upon the necessaries of life, and all kinds of commodities and labour.

Read a continuation of the Proceedings of the Continental Congress, presented by Colonel Gadsden, to the time of his leaving Philadelphia.

Ordered, That Colonel Gadsden, Captain Shubrick, and Captain Gillon, be a Committee to examine a Ship now on the stocks at Captain Cochran’s; and to report whether it is a proper Vessel to be purchased and armed in the Colony service.

Resolved, That every Member of Congress be entitled, during the present Session, for his actual attendance therein, on the service of the Colony, to the allowance of forty Shillings, currency, per diem, upon application to the Treasurers, during the sitting thereof, or within three days after.

Resolved, That every Member of Congress who shall, during the present Session, absent himself from the service thereof, without leave first had and obtained, shall be sent for at his own expense.

Adjourned to eleven o’clock to-morrow.

In Congress, Tuesday, February 13, 1776.

The congress met.

And the Journal of yesterday was read.

A Petition of Henry Aitkin, Master of the Ship Port-Henderson, and Nathaniel Russell, of Charlestown, Merchant, was presented and read.

Ordered, That the said Petition be taken into consideration to-morrow.

Resolved, That Mr. President do issue his Warrant for immediately committing to Charlestown Jail the body of William Guest, charged with practices inimical to, and destructive of, the peace of this Colony.

And a Warrant was issued accordingly.

Ordered, That Mr. De Saussure, Colonel Gervais, and Mr. Salvador, be a Committee to extract such parts as they shall judge proper to be made generally known, from the intercepted Letters lately taken from Moses Kirkland, and laid before this Congress on the 3d instant, and also from a Letter formerly written by John Stuart, Esq., to the

Committee of Intelligence, dated . . . . . . . . . 1775; and that the Secretary do cause copies of such Extracts, certified by him, to be forthwith printed and published.

Resolved, That the Council of Safety be authorized to pay to Captain Thomas Brandon all reasonable charges, for having apprehended and brought to Charlestown persons taken in criminal practices; and also, to order payment of reasonable charges for other similar services.

Adjourned to ten o’clock to-morrow.

In Congress, Wednesday, February 14, 1776.

The Congress met.

And the Journal of yesterday was read.

The Congress being informed that Joseph Woods, Esq., one of the Members for the New-Acquisition, had this mom-ing departed this life,

Ordered, That the Members of Congress do attend the Funeral of the said Mr. Woods, in form, at five o’clock this afternoon; and that Colonel Neel, Colonel Gervais, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Weyman, be a Committee to conduct the same.

Colonel Tacitus Gaillard, elected one of the Representatives of the Parish of St. Matthew, not having taken his seat the last Session, now attended, and declined serving.

Ordered, That four hundred and fifty pounds weight of Gunpowder, borrowed from Augusta, by Captain Le Roy Hammond, for the publick service, be repaid.

A motion was made, That this Congress do order payment of certain expenses, amounting to two hundred and thirty-four Pounds, incurred by a detachment of Militia, under the command of Major Hicks, lately marched to this Town, for Camp-utensils and other articles.

A debate ensued; and the question being put, it was car-ried in the negative.

Read a Letter from the Committee at Beaufort, dated February 11, 1776, relative to the Shippers of the Cargo on board the Brigantine William, Captain Mercier, detained there.

Ordered, That the said Letter, with the Papers that were enclosed, be referred to the Council of Safety, and that they do report thereon.

Mr. De Saussure, from the Committee to whom was referred the Petition of John Ellis, reported.

And the said Report being taken into consideration,

Resolved, That the Money lodged in the Colony Treasury, for the purchase of a cargo of Rice, sold by Philip Tidyman to John Ellis and Thomas Todd, the 30th of November last, and by them since sold to Captain Alexander Gillon, be retained in the said Treasury until the further determination of this Congress.

Ordered, That the determination on the prayer of the Petitioner, to be permitted to depart the Colony, be postponed.

On motion, the following Resolution was unanimously agreed to:

Whereas, the Continental Congress, on the 1st day of November last, prohibited exportation from the the United Colonies until the 1st day of March next: And whereas,

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