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Colony of New-Hampshire, Derryfield, June 1, 1776.

To the Hon. MESHECH WEARE, Chairman:

This is to certify that we, the subscribers, have presented the within Declaration to the inhabitants of said Town, and they have all signed said Declaration who we, in our judgment, thought had a right to sign the same.

   Certified by us, &c. DAVID STARRET,

John Swan,
Richard Gilchrest,
Thomas Morse,
Eli Morse,
Joseph Greenwood,
Moses Adams,
Daniel Morse,
Joseph Twitchel,
Ebenezer Twitchel,
Samuel Twitchel,
Stephen Twitchel,
Simeon Johnson,
Ivory Perry,.
Benjamin Learned,
John Morse,
Henry Strongman,
Joseph Adams,
Benjamin Musson,
William Greenwood,
Levi Patridge,
Timothy Adams,
Eli Greenwood,
John Kuowlton,
Simeon Bullard,
John Muzzey,
Moses Johnson,
Reuben Morse,
Richard Strongmeny,
Ithamar Johnson,
Silas Stone, Jun.,
Ezra Morse,
Isaac Adams,
Isaac Bond,
Silas Stone,
Thomas Alden,
Josiah Greenwood,
Moses Greenwood,
James Rolins,
James Chambler,
Thomas Lewis,
Samuel Williams,
Ebenezer Hill,
Abijah Twitchel,
Nathaniel Bate,
William Strongmeny,
William Yardley,
John Wright,
Thomas Muzzey,
Moses Pratt,
Gershom Twitchel,
Caleb Stanford,
Labe Pussler,
Phinehas Stanford,
Nathan Burnap,
Gershom Twitchel, Jr.
Gardner Town,
Oliver Wright.

In compliance with your request, we have desired all the males in our Town, above twenty-one years of age, to sign to the Declaration on this paper, which they all did, without any dispute. Test:

Selectmen of Dublin.

Thomas Caldwell,
Sampson Calley,
Thomas Huse,
John Gould,
James Clement,
David Story,
Daniel Story,
Samuel Burnam,
John Sameson,
Step. Henayer,
Hezekiah Colby,
Abel Sargur,
Samuel Kelly,
Noah Sanger,
Edward Presbe,
James Gray,
Amos Emery,
Theophilus Goodwin,
Caleb Page,
Jeremiah Page,
Enoch Sargent,
William Holms,
Henry Pondrey,
Thomas Hoit,
John Holms,
James Alexander,
Nathan Butnam,
Thomas George,
John Marrill,
Asa Burnhan,
Asa Putney,
William Page,
John Hogg,
Enoch Sargent,
Sargent Colby,
Zebulon Gitchel,
Philip Wells,
Israel Clifford,
John Church,
Benjamin Dalman,
Thomas Mills,
David Hardey,
William Wheeler,
Plumer Wheeler,
Samuel Allison,
James Stewart,
Archibald Stinson,
Stephen Wheeler,
Samuel Stewart,
Moses Colby,
George Hogg,
Isaac Cheney,
Jonathan Stevens,
Richard Greenough,
Hugh Temeson,
David Favour,
Jacob Colley,
Jacob Chesamore,
Caleb Page, Jun.

The underwritten names were those who had the offer to sign, and refused: William Stark, William Stinson, Stephen Palmer, John Stinson, Robert Hogs, James Hogg, Abraham Burnam, John Folten, David Hogg, John McCordey.

Selectmen for Dunbarton.

Dunbarton, November 25, 1776.

John Lasell,
Benjamin Fuller,
Daniel Hovey,
John Lyman,
Simon P. Slapp,
Josiah Hovey,
Nathan Bicknell,
Elisha Bingham,
Jon. Padelford, Jun.,
Samuel Meacham,
Jonathan Padelford,
Philip Padelford,
Asa Williams.

To the Honourable Committee of Safety of the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE:

Those names which are within written, hereunto voluntarily set their hands. Attest:

Selectmen of Enfield.

Enfield, June 11, 1776.

Ebenezer Eames,
Richard Clark,
Jehu Jones,
Thomas Baxter,
James Treadway will, on
certain conditions.*
Robert Coats,
Joshua Wells,
Samuel Joslen,
Richard Joslen,
Charles Walworth,
Ezekiel Wells,
Caleb Clark,
Thomas Miner,
Samuel Jones,
Joseph Walter,
John Seofield,
Samuel Lathrop,
Ezekiel Gardner,
Solomon Scipio.
John Scofield,
Thomas Baldwin,
Caleb Welch,
Gideon Rudd,
Ebenezer Scofield.

To the Honourable Committee of Safety for the Colony of NEW-HAMPSHIRE:

These are to certify that every man in this town voluntarily signed this Agreement. Attest:


Canaan, July 1, A. D. 1776.

John Prescott,
Abraham Perkins,
Abraham Folsom,
Benjamin Rowell,
Jonathan Cilley,
Jonathan Meloon,
Seth Fogg,
Benjamin Dearborn,
Jonathan Fillrick,
Samuel Plummer,
Ezekiel Clough,
N. Wells,
David Lowell,
Jonathan Winslow,
Jacob Forss,
Joseph Blake,
Philip Harvy,
Jonathan Clark,
John Rowell,
Thomas Cauley,
John Cauley,
Simon Drake,
Edward Sawran,
Abraham Brown,
Joseph Chandler,
Samuel Shaw,
Richard Shaw,
Ebenezer Currier,
Ezra Strow,
John Strow,
Samuel Dearborn,
John Shurburn,
Richard Shurburn,
Jonathan Prescott,
Jonathan Calley,
William Crocket,
Moses Davis,
Samuel Parsons,
Ezekiel Hook,
John Lunt,
Francis James,
Joshua Brown,
James Rundlet,
William Dowlin,
Jeremiah Prescott,
Simon Dearborn,
Job Parsons,
James Samborn,
Joseph French,
Abraham Tilton,
Enoch Coffin,
Phineas Fogg,
Ribben Osgood,
John Gilman,
Jacob Rundlet,
Robert Judkins,
Charles Crockett,
Joseph Mason,
John Towhir,
Josiah Rundlet,
Josiah Norris,
John Chapmain,
Oliver Morrill,
Gould French,
James Chase, Jun.,
James Johnson,
Ebenezer Straw,
Josiah Towl,
John Marden,
William Straw,
David Lawrence,
Mark How,
Benjamin Smith, Jr.,
Benjamin Page,
Jonathan Clark, Jr.,
Abra’m Perkins, Jr.,
Josiah Edgerly,
Jonathan Rundlett,
Samuel Hunt,
Joseph Gale,
James Norris,
Benjamin Brown, Jr.,
Ezra French,
Jeremiah Jath,
Jethro B. Tilton,
Barzillai French,
Moses Coffin,
John Pike,
John Bartlett,
Samuel Cornor,
John Towl,
Simeon Robinson,
Thomas Burley,
Samuel Clark,
Benjamin Dockum,
Jonathan Eliot,
Josiah Smith,
David Hanes,
Daniel Basly,
Moses Dalton,
David Folsom,
Levi French,
Josiah Tilton,
Benjamin Dow,
James Dow,
John Chapman,
Edmund Chapman,
Benjamin Smith,
Edward Sanbon,
Daniel Sanborn,
Benjamin Johnson,
Benj. Johnson, Jun.,
Timothy Jones,
Isaac Dimond,
Jeremiah Sanborn,
Jacob Blaisdel,
Chandler Sanborn,
Josiah Chase,
Joseph Chandler,
Theophilus Blake,
Benjamin Dearborn,
Chase Osgood,
Jacob Freeze, Jun.,
Nathaniel Sanborn,
Ebenezer Dow,
Jonathan Fifield,
Hezekiah Clifford,
James Osgood,
Joseph Taylor,
Daniel Rundlett,
Richard Clifford,
Nicholas Robinson,
David Norris, Jun.,
Thomas Alley,
Joseph Preseott,
Samuel Morrill,
James Rundlet,
Jonathan Chase,
James Harvey,
Sargent Huse,
Josiah Folsom,
Eliphelet Cally,
Ezekiel Brown,
Brads, Gilman,
Daniel Gordon,
William Coffin,
Abraham Brown, Jr.,
Samuel Smith,
James Norris,
Nehemiah Wheeler,
Joseph Prescott,
Benjamin Clifford,
Samuel Morrill,
Ebenezer Fisk,
Jacob Frost,
Paul Lad,
John Page,
Ebenezer Blase,
Benjamin Rawlings,
Jonathan Thomas,
Thomas Robinson,
Joseph Edgerly,
Zebulon Edgerly,
William Gill,
Micah Prescot,
Nathan G. Prescot,
Dearborn Blake,
Philip Kelley,
Jonathan Ferren,
John Ferren,
Benjamin Clarke,
Samuel Veasey,
Robert Cross,
Simon Johnson,
Jon. Robinson, Jun,
Robert Wille,
Benj. Dockum, Jun.,
Joseph Dudley,
Benatah Dow,
Jacob Swain,
Winthrop Dow,
Theophilus Stevens,
Theoph. Stevens, Jr.,
John Pease,
Jonathan Robinson,
Stephen Clifford,
James Wadleigh,
John Perkins, Jun.,
John Lyford,
Henry Wiggin,
Thomas Wiggin,
Thomas Wiggin, Jr.,
Jonathan Kenison,
Stephen Clark,
David Perkins,
Jacob Clark,
Moses Page,
James Chase,
David Lawrence, Jr.,
Samuel French,
Paul Ladd, Jun.,
Nathan Swain,
Daniel Blake,
Jedediah Blake,
JJohn Carr,
John Carr, Jun.,
Benjamin Smart,
Nathan Samborn,
Nathan Samborn, Jr.,
James Norris, 4th.

Agreeable to the within Association Paper, we have shown it to the inhabitants; and those persons whose names are underwritten are persons that refuse to sign the same: John Barker, Jonathan Barker, Thomas Drake, Robert Blake, Joseph Shepard, Robert Smith, Nathaniel Ladd, Josiah Roberson, James Rundlet, Jun., Thomas Norris, Benjamin Morgan.

Selectmen of Epping.

John McClerey,
John Casey,
Josiah Knowles,
Simon Cass,
Andrew McGaffey,
Waymuth Wallace,

* I, on condition that no man who is taken a captive from the British Forces, be made an officer, or let to be a soldier in the Continental Army; and, secondly, that every American found and taken in arms against the United Colonies be immediately put to death; and, thirdly, that all and every of the British Troops that are captured by the Continental Force, by sea or land, or any other way taken, shall be kept in prison, or close confinement; and, fourthly, that every commanding officer, or a private soldier, or any person or persons, employed in any business whatever in the Continental Forces, who is found and proved to be a traitor to the United Colonies, in America, be put to death immediately. Upon these aforementioned conditions do I sign this Declaration.
    Witness my hand: JAMES TREADWAY.

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