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Thomas Page, James Johnson, John Taylor, Jun.,
Samuel Drake, Andrew Mace, Joseph Philbrick,
Samuel Drake, Jun., Ephraim Moulton, John Philbrick,
John Drake, Jun., Jacob Palmer, Robert Moulton,
Joshua Fenney, Samuel Philbrick, Josiah Dearborn,
John Jenness, Jun., James Philbrick, Robert Drake,
Christopher Toppan, Gideon Shaw, John Drake,
Benjamin Page, Nathaniel Lamprey, Jonathan Godfree,
William Branscombe, Reuben Lamprey, Ward Lane,
John Hobbs, Jonathan Dowst, Samuel Nay,
Abner Page, Joshua Shaw, Daniel Lamprey,
Jonathan Lock, William Moulton, Edmund Mason,
Nathan Moulton, Samuel Lock, Samuel Marston,
John Moulton, 3d, Jeremiah Knowles, Joseph Dow,
Samuel Page, Amos Knowles, William Lane,
John Tuck, Amos Knowles, Jun., Jonathan Garland,
James Perkins, John Lamprey, Jun, John Randell,
Jonathan Tuck, Zachariah Brown, Cotton Ward,
Jonathan Tucker, Jr., Thomas Nudd, Elisha Johnson.
Nathaniel Towle, Simon Nudd,
Colony of New-Hampshire.

Pursuant to the within request, we, the subscribers, Selectmen of Hampton, have desired all males, within said Hampton, above twenty-one years of age, (Lunaticks, Idiots, and Negroes, excepted,) to sign to the Declaration on this paper; and there are, that have refused to sign the same, viz: Captain Jeremiah Marston and Daniel Philbrick.

Given under our hands. Dated at Hampton, aforesaid, June 4, 1776.

WILLIAM LANE, Selectmen of Hampton.

Jonathan Carleton; Joseph French, Jun., Samuel Kelly,
Samuel Little, John Atwood, Jonathan Eastman,
Bartholomew Heath, Benj. Treecellery, John Simson,
Timothy Goodwin, Ezra French, Nathaniel Chase,
Caleb Emmerson, Austin George, Ebenezer Copp,
Hezekiah Hutchens, John Wiear, Abner Little,
Reuben Harriman, John Bond, Jun., Joseph Noyes,
John Webster, Edmund Mooers, John Richardson,
Benjamin Little, Jr., Peter Eastman, John Sawyer,
William Moulton, Henry True, Moses Stevens,
Benj. Emerson, Jun., Eliphelet Poor, John Harriman,
Samuel Johnson, Daniel Little, Jan., Moses Kimball,
Samuel Flagg, Tristram Little, Joseph Webster,
James Gile, Samuel Johnson, Jr., Levi Webster,
John Gorden, Humphry Nichols, John Calfe,
James Eaton, Abner Rogers. Jonathan Page,
John Bond, Thomas Emery, Joseph Kimball,
David Poor, Christopher Rowell, Joseph Brown,
Edward Prescot, William George, John Kent,
Stephen Johnson, Wm. Richardson, Jr., Job Kent,
Joshua Bradshaw, Moses Little, Samuel Brown,
Roger Magrath, Thomas Williams, Samuel Brown, Jr.,
Robert Hogg, Peter Morss, Moses Brown,
Edmund Eastman, Robert Emerson, James West,
Joshua Eastman, Watts Emerson, Samuel Currier,
Ezekiel Currier, William Ritcherson, Jacob Currier,
Timothy Stephens, John Giffiers, John Atwood,
Daniel Little, Joshua Sawyer, Thomas Wodley,
John Darling, Caleb Webster, Benjamin Emerson,
Andrew Bryant, John Harriman, Jr., Thomas Harriman,
James Atwood, Amos Clark, Obadiah Weeks.
Oliver Worthen, Benjamin Lunt,  

The names of the persons refusing to sign the Declaration on this paper:

Cap. Wm. Marshall, Peter Morss, James Shepard,
Deacon Jos. French, Joshua Corlis, Jesse Johnson,
Deacon Benj. Kimball, Thomas Muzzey, Caleb Johnson,
Mr. John Hogg, Joseph Kimball, Jr., John Plummer,
John Muzzey, Esq., Henry Hilton, Kelley Plummer,
Lieut. Edmund Morss, William Stephens, Ebenezer Kimball.
John Mills, Parker Stephens,  

State of New-Hampshire, September 10, 1776.

In pursuance of the request of the honourable Committee of Safety, for the State aforesaid, we, the subscribers, have accordingly attended the service, and have presented the within Declaration to the inhabitants of the Town of Hampstead, and desired all male persons therein directed, to sign thereto; and after waiting upon sundry persons for their consideration and determination of their signing thereof, we have obtained the greater part of said town to subscribe their names thereto; and all those persons that have refused to sign to said Declaration, after being repeatedly desired, we return their names in a separate column on this paper.

JOHN ATWOOD, } Selectmen for Hampstead.

Moses Colbey, James Towle, Isaac Flanders,
David Quimby, Jos. Clifford Sanborn, Jacob Eastman,
Reuben True, Joseph Brown, Samuel Eastman,
Henry Dearborn, Jabez Page, Stephen Eastman,
Thos. Stow Ramsey, Thomas Chelis, Henry Morrill,
Jeremy Towle, Timothy Worth, Israel Dimond,
Abraham Chase, Jonathan French, Jr., Hezekiah Blake,
Thomas Page, Sam. Paul Dudly, Jonathan Blake,
John Selly, Ebenezer Walker, Jonathan Blake, Jr.,
Jonathan French, Joseph Tucker, Josiah Foxbery,
John Page, Edward Eastman, Isaac Clifford,
Henry Elkins, Matthias Pellew, William George,
Caleb Towle, Barnet Thorn, Jonathan Clough,
John Sanborn, Joseph Barron, Joseph Williams,
Jethro Sanborn, Samuel Sargent, Aaron Quimby,
Timothy Brown, Samuel Fellows, Ames Campall,
Jonathan Sanborn, Joseph Collins, Samuel Quimby,
Abraham Darling, Nehemiah Sleeper, James Sawyer,
Gideon Sawyer, Samuel March, Jabez Eaton,
David Tilton, Nathaniel Brown, David Flanders,
Elisha Bachelder, Nathan Jones, William Busel,
Josiah Bachelder, Ezra Jones, Eliphelet Haye,
Richard Nason, Nathan Jones, Jun., Benjamin Eastman,
Peter Elkins, Jonathan Jones, George Bartlett,
Jedediah Philbrick, Muses Quimby, James Lowell.
Humphrey Hook, Asa Flanders,  

In pursuance to the within request, we have shown this Declaration to all the inhabitants of this Parish, and all have signed, except Joseph Jones, Hezekiah Sleeper, Joseph Sweat, and Trostum Collins. The above named persons are called Quakers, and refuse to take up arms.

MOSES COLBY, } Selectmen of Hawke.

Hawke, June 7, 1776.

Jacob Rice, Joshua Heath, Joseph Williams,
James Bowman, Asa Putney, John Pedney,
Thomas Pope, Samuel Wayworth, Ephraim Morrill,
William Powers, Nathaniel Joslyn, Otis Howe,
Alexander Whitney, Francis Withington, Jesse Ross,
Ebenezer Harthorne, Abel Gibson, Eliphelet Colby,
Amos Goold, Jacob Whitcomb, Thomas Townsend,
Ezekiel Smith, Ezekiel Stone, Thomas Stone,
Elijah Rice, Benjamin Whitcomb, Phineas Ward,
Alexander Patterson, Samuel Faizel, Benjamin Clark,
Charles Whitcomb, Reuben Whitcomb, William Clark,
Moses Smith, David Campell, Isaac Gates,
David Pope, Uriah Arisden, Timothy Ross,
Timothy Gibson, Jr., Thomas Howlett, Timothy Gibson,
EliakimHow, Daniel Rice, William Heath,
Joseph Lewis, James Joslyn, Jonathan Wood,
Jonas Alexander, James Detins, Stephen Spaldin.

Those persons who refused to sign the within Declaration are underwritten:

Joseph Kimball, Ezra Tucker, Thomas Stone, Jr.,
William Kimball,     present Lieutenant. James Dusten,
Joshua Kimball, Ebenezer Herramon, Benjamin Currier,
Col. Sam. Kimball,     present Ensign. Capt. Aaron Adams,
William Chabers, Capt. Josiah Ward, Moses Powel,
Aaron Estam, Major Huse, Jonathan Basson,
Samual Morrison, Sargeant Heath, Nathaniel Merril,
Noah Gill, Robert Campbell, James Stone.

JONAS BOWMAN, } Selectmen of Henniker.

Joseph Symonds, Asa Dresser, Benjamin Lovejoy,
Isaac Andrews, Samuel Jones, Lot Jennison,
Archibald Taggart, Andrew Bixbe, George Booth,
Samuel Preston, William Love, Daniel Rolt,
Jedediah Preston, John Gibjon, Samuel Bradford,
Timothy Bradford, John Mead, Samuel Symonds,
John Nichols, John M. Calley, Jonathan Barnes,
James Taggert, Daniel Gibson, Timothy Wilkins,
William Pope, John Graham, Jacob Flint,
William Jones, Jun., William Jones, Nehemiah Wilkins,
John McClintock, William Taggart, Daniel McNeall.
Alex. McClintock, William Hutchinson,  

Jonathan Durant refuses to sign.

WILLIAM POPE, } Selectmen.

Rev. Bunker Gay, John Barret, Asa Flagg,
Aaron Cooper, Benajah Green, William Flagg,
Josiah Wheeler, Capt. Thos. Taylor, Micah Rockwood,
Isaac Barit, Jonathan Barrit, Oliver Doolittle,
Zadock Barit, John Evans, Nathaniel Smith,
Silas Barit, Medad Evans, Nathaniel Stearns,
Offo Burnam, Joshua Frost, Thomas Stoddard,
Samuel Cummins, Hezekiah Elmer, Zephaniah Richmond,
Robert Grandy, Aaron Wright, John Peacock,
Uriel Evans, William Goss, Aaron Peary,
Stephen Tuttle, RememhranceWright, Samuel Brown.
Moses Barret, Sives Shaltock,  

These are the names of those that refuse to sign the paper:

James Peirce, Thomas Rockwood, Nathan Thomas,
Thomas Butler, Daniel Jones, Esq., Aaron Barret,
Josiah Butler, Simon Jones, Benjamin Bacor.
Timothy Ladd,    

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