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To the Honourable Committee of Safety:

According to the within order of yours, we have procured all the names of our Parish, according as your Honours desired us.

Attested by us:

} Selectmen of Northampton.

Colony of New-Hamphire,
    Northampton, June 7, 1776.

Joseph Demeret,
Eliphelet Taylor,
Joshua Furbur,
Daniel Hoit,
John Durgin,
William Wollais,
Increase Batchelder,
Israel Hodgedon,
Nathaniel Chandler,
Jonathan Sanborn,
Elias Philbrick,
Captain of the Parish,
John Wadleigh,
Thomas Piper,
Francis James,
John Shurburn,
Samuel Shurburn,
Reuben Morgin,
Shurburn Blake,
Jonathan Blake,
Levi Dearborn,
Moses Godfree,
Abm. Batchelder,
William Blake,
Daves Batchelder,
Thomas Freeland,
Richard Garland,
Benjamin Johnson,
Nathaniel Twombly,
Asahel Blake,
Henry Sanborn,
Henry Dearborn,
Phineas Blake,
Nicholas Blake,
William Wadleigh,
Robert Hill,
David Knowles,
Benjamin Hill,
Valentine Kinson,
William Prescott,
Moses Johnson,
Samuel Johnson,
Elijah Carswell,
Richard Carswell,
Stephen Rawlins,
Jonathan Knolion,
Jonathan Clark,
Benjamin Wadleigh,
Sharborn Dearborn,
Zebulon Norris,
Solomon Bickford,
Caleb Clough,
Morris Longway,
Nat. Morril Jun.,
Nathaniel Morrill,
John Bickford,
Samuel Baitlet,
Stephen Hoit,
Benj. Jonson, Jun.,
Timothy Caswel,
John Batchelder,
Joseph Durgin,
Thomas Kaowlton.

Daniel Sawyer refuses to sign this, making plea that he is of a Quaker principle.

J. Mills,
Benjamin Butler,
Joseph Morrill,
Josiah Clark,
Thomas Healey,
Thomas Kensten,
Joseph Cilley,
Jonathan Davis,
Benjamin Shaw,
Ephraim Durgin,
Thomas Bartlet,
Alexander Lucy,
Henry Butler,
Vowd Leathers,
Abner Clough,
Cutten Cilley,
William Gill,
John Harvey,
John Wells,
Rice Rowell,
Zephaniah Butler,
John Ford,
Joseph Jackson,
Quick Preast,
John Brown,
Valentine Hill,
Samuel Gray,
Mason Rendel,
David Dennis,
Jacob Burnam,
John Bickford,
William Welch,
Thomas Bickford,
Robert Davis,
John Wille,
Samuel Burnam,
James Glass,
Samuel Daniels,
Nathaniel Hall,
Jonathan Willey,
Samuel Searls,
Abraham. Knight,
John Giles,
Aaron Hayes,
Gideon Straw,
Israel Randel,
William Clark,
John Merilles,
Robert Evans,
Asa Guile,
Nathaniel Randel,
Samuel Brasa,
Charles McCoy,
Francis Trickey,
Hezekiah Randel,
Edward Fox,
Thos. Whitehouse,
John Whitehouse,
Paul Garrish,
John Shaw, Jun.,
Thomas George,
Andrew Simpson,
Benjamin Stokes,
Charles Furnil,
Ham Libbey,
Joseph Robinson,
Moses Davis,
Daniel Young,
Joshua Trickey,
Joseph Nithe,
John Hordgdon,
Simeon Ladd,
Jonathan Foss,
Enoch Page,
Joseph Garman,
John Neally,
Jonathan Gore,
Abednego Lethers,
Benjamin Winslow,
Ichabod Row,
John Hutcherson,
John Gill,
John Chesle,
John Nelly, Jun.,
Joshua Stearns,
William Nelley,
Thomas Odel,
Robert Morrison,
James Kelse,
John Shaw,
Nicholas Leathers,
Jonathan Langley,
Abel Lethers,
Thomas McConnell,
Benjamin Jackson,
Solomon Davis,
Abner Davis,
Nicholas Brown,
Sawyer Chesle,
John Kereon,
John Collet,
Jonathan Rollings,
John Hany,
Winthrop Colbath.

Pursuant to the within Precept, we have presented this Covenant to the inhabitants of the Town of Nottingham, and the persons that refuse to sign it are on a separate paper.

} Selectmen.

State of New-Hampshire, August 16, 1776.

A list of the men in the Town of Nottingham, that refuse to sign the Covenant sent to the Selectmen by the Committee of Safety in April last, viz:

* Abraham Seails,
Philip Bartlet,
* Nathaniel Goodhu,
Noah Barker,
John Shepard,
* John Banfill,
* Joseph Nealley,
* John Bartlet,
* Thomas Hines,
Thomas Foss,
Francis Harvy,
Francis Harvy, Jan.,
* Eldad Langley,
Muses Davis,
Edmund Hodgdon,
Samuel Gore,
* John Watson,
* James Watson,
Nathan Watson,
Josiah Watson,
* Benjamin Watson,
Benjamin Whiteker,
Daniel Rogers, Esq.,
James Bean,
James Thurstin.

} Selectmen.

Nottingham, August 16, 1776.

Those with this mark * have advanced money to hire men to go to Crown-Point.

Asahel Blodget,
Asa Davis,
David Cummings,
John Caldwell,
Daniel Wyman,
James Caldwell,
Alexander Caldwell,
Thos. Caldwell, Jun.,
Samuel CaldwelJ,
William Merril,
James Ford,
Abraham Page,
Seth Wyman,
John Hazeltine, Jun.,
Henry Huey,
Jonathan Bradley,
John Hazeltine,
Samuel Smith,
Ichabod Esman,
Edward James,
Tim. Emerson, Jun.,
Robert Stuart,
Samuel Wason,
Jonathan Searls,
Thomas Hills,
Ezekiel Hills,
Peter Cross,
William Brown,
Nat. Merril, Jun.,
Isaac Merril,
Samuel Durent,
John Merril,
Abel Merril,
Justus Dakin,
Samuel Pollard,
Joshua Chase,
Stephen Gouch,
Stephen Lowel, Jan.,
Jesse Whiteman,
Moses Johnson,
Moses Barret,
Joseph Caldwell,
Thomas Caldwell,
Eliphelet Hadly,
Thomas Wason,
Eliphelet Hadly, Jun.,
Moses Hadly,
Parrit Hadly,
Stephen Hadly,
John Campbell,
Thomas Searles,
David Glover,
Nicholas Eastman,
Page Smith,
John Strickland,
Timothy Emerson,
Joseph Wilson,
Joseph Gould,
Samuel Warner,
Stephen Chase,
Jonathan Blodget,
Samuel Burbank,
Saml. Burbank, Jun.,
Amos Kinney,
Nathaniel Merril,
Samuel French,
George Burns, Jun.,
Samuel Grule,
Samuel Grule, Jun.,
Joseph Blodget,
Joseph Winn,
Joseph Winn, Jun.,
Ebenezer Polard,
Jeremiah Ploget,
Timothy Polard,
Abiathar Winn,
Jona. Hardy, Jun.,
Ezekiel Chase,
John Walker,
John Polara,
Nathaniel Hardy,
Timothy Smith,
Amos Pollard,
Richard Cutter,
Nathaniel Lunt,
Sanders Bradbury,
Samuel Marsh,
Benjamin Marshall,
Eleazer Cummings,
Ebenezer Cummings,
Daniel Hardy,
Samuel Hills,
Philip Hills,
Seth Hadly,
Simeon Barret,
Isaac Barret,
Oliver Hills,
Richard Hardy,
Joseph Pollard,
Jeremiah Hills,
William Hills,
Richard Marshall,
Thomas Marsh,
Elijah Hills,
Nat. Merril, Jun.,
Stephen Chase, Jun.,
John Pollard, Jun.,
Samuel Burbank,
George Burns,
Ebenezer Dakin,
Levi Dakin,
Henry Hale, Jun.,
Henry Hale,
John Hale,
Andrew Swasey,
James Watson, Jun.,
David Tarble,
Thomas Hamblet.

In obedience to the within request, we have desired all persons presented therein to sign, and find none to refuse except Captain Joseph Killy.

} Selectmen of Nottingham-West.

Nottingham-West, June 3, 1776.

Aaron Beel,
Absalom Fairwill,
William Beal,
Joseph Mason,
Richard Farwell,
Amos Skinner,
Nathaniel Breed,
Abijah Brown,
Joel Wright,
William Follet,
Timothy Farley,
James Bancroft,
Joseph Stanhope,
Eleazer Twitchel,
John Spinney,
Benjamin Nurse,
John French,
John Newhall,
Philip Bailash,
John Adams,
James Phillips,
Jonathan Nichols,
Henry Bemies,
John Estabrook,
Benj. Nurse, Jun.,
Amos Childs,
John Farewell,
Thomas Upham,
Nathaniel Breed, Jan.,
Jonathan Felt,
Noah Day,
Bunker Clark,
David Marshall,
Edmund Taylor,
Samuel Everet,
Johnson Se,
Reuben Wellman,
John Stroud.

In obedience to your Honours, we have faithfully discharged the duty requested, desiring each man to sign this Covenant within our limits; all of whom have signed except Major Breed Batchelhr.

} Selectmen of Packersfield.

William Coehran,
Samuel Daniell,
David Abbot,
William Carlton,
Job Abbot,
Nathaniel Ambrose,
Thos. Cunningham,
David. Lovejoy,
Chandler Lovejoy,
Samuel Abbot, Jun.,
Benj. Whittemore,
Benjamin Holt,
James Head,
Nath. Head,
Richard Head,
Samuel Lakeman,
Nathaniel Lakeman,
Nath’l Lakeman, Jr.,
Josiah Hagget,
Josiah Phelps,
Samuel Smith,
John Lad,
John Coehran, Jun.,
William Fife,
Francis Doyne,
John Fife,
Robert Simpson,
Joseph Simpson,
James Fife,
Nathaniel Head,
James Robinson,
David Frye,
William Martin,
Edward Smith,
John Carlton,
John Knox,
Lemuel Stickney,
Asa Foster, Jun.,
Joseph Swett,
Samuel Kimball,
Caleb Foster,
Moses Foster,
John Ayer,
Stephen Bartlet,
Samuel Jenness,
Joseph Parker,
Jeremiah Morgan,
Nathaniel Gilman,
Peter Gilman, Jan.,
Benjamin Piper,
Aaron Whittemore,
Daniel Noyes,
Asa Foster,
David Kimball,
Richard Bartlet,
Joseph Emery, Jan.,
Ambrose Goold,
John Moor,
Dean Merrill,
Thomas Morse,
Samuel Kelley,
William Friser,
James Coehran, Jr.,
Jonathan Bartlet,
Nehemiah McDaniel,
Robert McDaniel,
James Martin,
Joseph Coehran,
John McDaniel,
Peter Robinson,
Ezekiel Gilman,
Lieut. James Coffrin,
John Moor,
William Knox,
Solomon Whitehouse,
P. Whitehouse,
Joseph Coehran,
Caleb Lovejoy, Jun.,
Caleb Lovejoy,
William Man,
Nathan Waite,
Samuel Man,
John Man,
Samuel Noyes,
James Coehran,
3d Richard Bryant,
William Marstin, Jr.,
Samuel Conner,
Fry Heath,
John Knox,

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