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John Head,
Lonewell Baker,
Joseph Baker,
Thomas Baker,
John White,
William Bard,
Elias Whittemore,
Samuel Abbot,
Moses Tyler,
Nathan Holt,
Michael Kimball,
Jere. Wardwell,
Joshua Tyler,
Joshua Kimball,
Isaac White,
William Kimball,
Jonathan Eliot,
Thomas Robinson,
James Knox,
John Sanders,
Moses McConnell,
Robert Stinson,
Robert Moor,
Jacob Doyne,
Ichabod Robie,
James Robertson,
Samuel Ganlt,
Phedris McCuthe,
Andrew Gault,
Joseph Hemphill,
John Cullimore,
Jacob Emery,
Samuel Cater,
John Conner,
David Conner,
Daniel McLucas,
Gideon Piper,
Timothy Knox.

In compliance with the within orders, we have requested all the males as directed; and the names underwritten are all within our Precincts that have neglected to subscribe the within Declaration, viz: Rev. Daniel Mitchell, Captain Benjamin Norris, Captain Samuel McConnet, Deacon John Man, Samuel Parker, William Robertson, Andrew Robertson, James Cunningham, Zebulon Robinson.

} Selectmen

To the Honourable Committee of Safety.

Colony of New-Hampshire, September 18, 1776.


Neal Hammell,
Thomas Morrison,
Thos. Cunningham,
James Templeton,
Thomas Davidson,
Samuel Miller,
William McNee, Jr.,
James Cunningham,
Alexander Stewart,
Aaron Brown,
Samuel Mitchell,
Charles White,
William Swan,
Samuel Houston,
William White,
John White,
William White,
David White,
Samuel Miller, Jun.,
James Richey,
William McNee,
John Scott,
William Smith,
William McCay,
James Robb,
Joseph Hammill,
Jonathan Wheelock,
John Gregg, Jun.,
Robert Smith,
John Smith,
Moses Cunningham,
William McKeene,
John White, Jun.,
William Moore,
William Robbi,
William Millen,
Samuel Mitchell,
John Young,
Abraham Holms,
John Mitchell,
David Steel,
Isaiah Taylor,
Charles Stuart,
Samuel Gregg,
William Spear,
Kalso Gray,
Matthew Templeton,
William Scott,
Thomas Steel,
James Taggart,
Elijah Puffer,
Daniel Mack,
Samuel Miller,
Alexander Robbe,
Samuel Hogg,
Samuel McAlester,
Robert Gray,
John Butler,
Isaac Mitchell,
Thomas Stewart,
John Blair,
John Taggert,
Samuel Hockley,
William Moore,
John McMurphey,
Robert Morrison,
Thomas Turner,
John Smith,
John Morrison,
Thos. Morrison, Jun.,
Joth. Blanchard,
Samuel Cunningham,
Robert Willson,
John Gregg,
Timothy Miner,
Hugh Wilson,
Samuel Wilson,
James Wilson,
John Wilson,
John White,
Benjamin Mitchel,
David Ames,
Adams Gregg.

Peterborough, June 17, 1776.

Pursuant to the within request, the inhabitants of the said Town of Peterborough have subscribed their names to the within resolves of the Continental Congress.

} Selectmen


Inhabitants in PIERMONT.
John Richards,
Thomas Gregg,
John McCorniel,
David Tyler,
Ebenezer Tyler,
Jonathan Tyler,
David Awber,
John Sawyer,
Enos Sawyer,
David Tyler, Jun.,
Francis Trenton,
Andrew Crook,
John Patterson,
Uriah Stone,
Cuager Medcalf,
Benjamin Stone,
Ephraim Patterson,
Abner Chandler,
Solomon Bailey,
Isaac Patterson,
Benjamin Patterson,
Zenas Case,
Thomas Davis, Jun.,
Noah Foord,
Jonathan Chandler,
Joseph Webb,
Daniel Tyler,
Thomas Crook,
Seth Foord,
Ephraim Root,
Charles Crook,
Azariah Webb,
Thomas Davis,
John Weed,
Charles Webb.

All the inhabitants of Piermont, of age, according to the within direction, have signed, except those that are in the Continental service.



Meshech Weare,
Nathaniel Folsom,
E. Thompson,
Stephen Evans,
Pierce Long,
P. White,
John Dudley,
H. Wentworth,
Thomas Hart,
William Peary,
George King,
George Turner,
George Wentworth,
Supply Clap,
John Langdon,
Joseph Bass,
Josh Wentworth,
John Penhallow,
Samuel Penhallow,
William Langdon,
John Furnald,
Joseph Simes,
George Gains,
Mark Seavey,
Joseph Pitman,
Thomas Gains,
Joseph Akerman,
Josiah Savage,
Benjamin Quimby,
George Ham,
Benjamin Akerman,
Walter Akerman,
Barnet Akerman,
Mark Nelson,
John Akerman,
John Hutchins,
Henry Nutter,
Hogh Henderson,
George Hull,
Thomas Thompson,
Perkins Ayers,
Tobias Warner,
John Pike,
James Grouard,
G. Durrell,
Stephen Ivniner,
Jacob Treadwell,
George Doig,
William Walker,
Nath’l Treadwell, Jr.,
James Haslet,
Theodore Moses,
Charles Treadwell,
W. E. Treadwell,
Charles Waters,
Samuel Bouls,
John Clarke,
Robert Hart,
Cotton Math. Stevens,
John Dennett,
George Waters,
Temple Knight,
Clement Jackson,
Daniel Grant,
John Davenport,
Samuel Servise,
Samuel Hutchings,
Joseph Jackson,
George King, Jun.,
William Knight,
William Gardner,
Philip Pendexter,
George S. Homans,
Nathaniel Shurburn,
William Stanwood,
William Gunnison,
David Macclure,
John Noble,
Daniel Pierce,
Moses Ross,
Joseph Low,
Alex. Greenlow,
Jacob Sheafe, Sen.,
Samuel Shurburn,
William Marshall,
James Swett,
D. Shurburn,
Nathaniel Treadwell,
Reuben Daniel,
Edward Shurburn,
Jonathan Ayers,
Richard Mills,
Jacob Mills,
Jona. Shillaber,
Joseph Shillaber,
Wilsom Ham, Jun.,
John Reed,
John Mackmahawn,
J. Whipple,
Hall Jackson,
Henry Seaward,
Samuel Lear,
William Appleton,
John Gregory,
George Jackson,
Stephen Mead,
Richard Fitzgerald,
Joshua Crocket,
Samuel Cate,
A. R. Cutter,
Abner Blaisdell,
Eliphelet Daniel,
Noah Peirce,
Giles Seaward,
Gershom Flagg,
Samuel Tripe,
Richard Langdon,
Richard Champney,
Samuel Sherref,
John Payn,
Joseph Benson,
John Bartlett,
William Parker,
Daniel Brewster,
Daniel Lunt,
William Brewster,
Benjamin Welch,
Nehemiah Rowell,
George Hart,
George Hart, Jun.,
Rendal Furnald,
John Shurburn,
Nathaniel S. Griffith,
Thomas Ransom,
Jacob Tilton,
Joseph Walker,
James Hart,
Luke Foster,
Thomas Surges,
Elisha Hill,
Joseph Cotton,
John Hart, 3d,
Samuel Bryard,
Moses Woodward,
Nahum Ward,
George Libby,
Samuel Cutts,
George Dame,
George Masey,
James Dwyer,
David Call,
Thomas Martin,
John Greenleaf,
Joseph Leach,
Samuel Jackson,
Edmund Davis,
Richard Jackson,
Joseph Ham,
John Tuckerman,
John Tuckerman, Jr.,
Nathaniel Mendum,
John Langdon,
R. Hart,
Edward Dempsey,
Jeremiah Libbey,
Benjamin Reed,
Jonathan Huntress,
James Priest,
James Stoodly, Jun.,
Samuel Ham, Jun.,
John Durys,
William Palmer,
Joseph Winkalls,
Peter Kennison,
Thomas Mead,
J David Brewster,
George Reed,
William Welch,
Asa Mann,
John Hooper,
Samuel Aris,
Edmund Butler,
Benjamin Patridge,
John Collins,
Henry Carter,
William Vaughan,
William Chiles,
John Varrel,
John Clark,
John White,
Edward Ayers,
Jeremiah Claney,
Edward Lowd,
Richard Harvey,
Reuben Snell,
Valentine Nutter,
Richard Ware,
Joseph McO?ks,
John Beck,
George Gebow,
Michael Fouler,
Clement March,
George Marshall, Jr.,
James Whi?taker,
George Marshall,
John Marshall, Sen.,
John Marshall, Jun.,
John Williams,
Moses Feren,
William Richards,
John Gunnison,
William Gibbs,
Richard Trusdell,
H. Jones,
Joseph Damrell,
Daniel Jackson, Jun.,
James Fall,
Gupey Stoodley,
John Grant,
Richard Kitson,
Benjamin G. Carter,
Joseph Moulton,
Samuel Dalling,
R. Wibird Penhallow,
Richard Fa Grey, Jr,
John Lang,
John Peirce,
Thomas Prince, Jun.,
John Stavers,
Joseph Lowd,
Edward Hart,
Ezekiel Pitman,
Daniel Lang,
Samuel Hart,
Nathaniel Melcher,
Ephraim Ham,
Samuel Drowne,
Henry Nutter,
Francis Alaswere,
William Adams,
John Melcher,
James McIntire,
Peter Man,
Samuel Gooch,
Henry Gardner,
Nathaniel Folsom,
Shackford Seward,
Kinsman Peverly,
Joseph Seward,
Joseph Ayers,
Benjamin Bigelow,
William Martin,
Samuel Walker,
James P. Th?ng,
John Gooch,
Daniel Towle,
Ru?h Spence,
Charles Raufik,
Tim. Mountford,
Benj. Austin, Jun.,
Samuel Hill,
Mark Fernald,
Gilbert Fernald,
Jonas Austin,
A. McEntyre,
Robert Robertson,
Jos. Allcock,
Thomas Moses,
Thomas Leigh,
John Moffatt,
Richard Wilson,
Thomas Palmer, Jun.,
Tobias Walker,
William Wilson,
John Pickering,
Thomas Shurburne,
Robert Yeaton,
Joseph Brotten,
Benjamin Brotten,
William Hunt,
Thomas Hodgson,
Samuel Haven,
Samuel Haven, Jun.,
William Jenkins,
Benjamin Chandler,
William Patridge,
James Melcher,
Benjamin Mackay,
James Shores, Jun.,
Abijah Holbrook,
William White,
Nahum Akerman,
Nathaniel Dennet,
Henry Shurburn,
James Hill,
Jeremiah Dennet,
Dennis Hight,
Benjamin Hodgedon,
Dennis Walker,
Richard Elliott,
Thomas Hayley,
Nathaniel Shannon,
Abraham Elliot,
Nat. Gookin,
Benjamin Miller, Jr.,
Moses Miller,
Samuel Thompson,
Mark Walker,
P. Colbath,
Jonathan Quint,
William Beck,
William Thompson,
Gideon Walker,
Theodore Dame,
John Thompson,
Nath’l Jackson, Sen,
Charles Hodgedon,
William Ham,
Thomas Ayers,
John Broten,
William Peverly,
John Dennett,
Richard Cutter,
William Abbot,
Thomas Bickford,
Henry Bickford,
Amos Shores,
Daniel Davis,
William Walden,
John Walden,
Thomas Walden,
Thomas Pittan,
John Davis,
William Hunt,
Samuel Slade,
Timothy Watson,
William Shores,
John Frost,
John Lord,
Nathan Whits,
Richard Evans,
Peter Shores, Jun.,
James Clarkson,
Peter Shores,
Obadiah Marshall,
Nathaniel Lear,
James Ryan,
John Showers,
Peter Ball,
Andrew Sherburn,
Richard Monson,
Richard White,
Michael Frost,
Amos Abbet,
William Gale,
Thos. Shurburn, Jun.,
William Cotton,
Robert Neall,
Joseph Leigh,
William Furnell,
William Cotton, Jun.,
Samuel Ball, Jun.,
Nathan’l Muchamore,

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