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James Hight,
John Hart, Jun.,
John Jackson,
Thomas Bowles,
John Boyd,
John Briard,
Nathaniel Pike,
John Ayres,
Joshua Pike,
Robert Furniss,
Henry Lang,
Mark Noble,
Benjamin Newmarch,
John Marden,
Samuel Beck,
Nathaniel Pitman,
Josiah Leach,
Edward Pendexter,
Caleb Currier,
Timothy Ham,
Thomas Currier,
Daniel Hart,
John Norton,
Mark Lang,
Thomas Seavey,
Samuel White Cate,
Thomas Marden,
John Gardner,
George Walden,
John Lang,
Joseph Savage,
William Nelson,
Caleb Brewster,
Phinehas Hodgcdon,
Charles Rendells,
George Ayers,
Thomas Ayers,
Samuel Whidden,
John Lucca,
Jeremiah Homes,
Joseph Norris,
George Shurburne,
John Banfill,
Joseph Banfill,
Thomas Cotton,
William Treferthern,
James Drisco,
Samuel Waterhouse,
John Beck, Jun.,
Thomas Studly,
Richard Sharnam,
John Pitman,
Reuben Shapley,
Ephraim Dennett,
Thomas Manning,
George Janverin,
Ebenezer Janverin,
James Arnold,
Daniel Jackson,
Ezekiel Gunnavier,
Leverett Hubbard,
Richard Woods,
Simeon Akarman,
John Wendell,
Thomas Clark,
Samuel Waters,
Hugh Bride,
Samuel Oakes,
Tobias Banfill,
Samuel Norris,
Josiah Haines,
Robert Holmes,
James Frisbee,
James Jones,
David Swett,
Enoch Huntress,
Israel Marden,
Tobias Lear,
Jonathan Swett,
Zebulon Wiggin,
Moses Brewster,
Samuel Ham,
William Shurburne,
Samuel Ball,
Joshua Jones,
John Moses,
William Homes,
James Jones,
Aaron Moses,
John Lewis, Jun.,
Samuel Langdon,
Joseph Langdon,
Leader Nelson,
John Langdon,
Samuel Beck,
Nathaniel Lang,
Andrew Beck,
John Shurburn,
James Moses,
Nadab Moses,
John Melcher,
Benjamin Lear,
James Lang,
Joseph Tucker,
A. Pipperrill,
Samuel Langdon, Jr.,
Joseph Whidden,
John Seavay,
Nathaniel Cotton,
Richard Tarlton,
James Tarlton, Jun.,
William Cate, Jun.,
Elias Tarlton,
John Leweis,
Samuel Hall,
Daniel Evans,
John Hooker,
Joseph Shaw,
Nathaniel Shurburn,
William Parker,
John Parker,
Michael Whidden,
Josiah Clark,
John Wheelwright,
Joshua Brackett,
John Seaward,
Matthew Haslett,
Thomas Pierce,
William Yeaton,
J. Sheafe, Jun.,
Paul Laighton,
Richard Dolly,
Joseph. Holbrook.
Total —509.

List of persons taken up in Portsmouth as being notoriously disaffected to the common cause, viz:

Isaac Rindge.
William Hart,
Peter Pearse,
Hugh Henderson,
Robert Robertson,
John Peirce,
William Torry,
Stephen Little,
Oliver Whipple,
Thomas Armet,
James Sheafe,
John Stavers,
Jonathan Warner,
Nathaniel Tread well,
James Hickey.

Pursuant to an order to us directed, by the Committee of Safety of this State, we have waited on every person in this Town, and have tendered the Association for signing; and do herewith return the said Association, and the names of those who have refused to sign the same, viz:

Noah Parker,
Isaac Rindge,
Chase Freeze,
Joseph Stacy Hastings,
Theodore Atkinson,
James Sheafe,
Stephen Little,
William Torry,
William Hart,
Major Samuel Hale,
Cotton Palmer,
Jno. Peirce, (Merch’t,)
Moses Noble,
John Eliot,
John Moore,
Thomas Armet,
Alford Butler,
Eleazer Russell,
Samuel Gardner,
George Jaffery,
Mark H. Wentworth,
Daniel Warner,
Jonathan Warner,
John Shurburne,
Samuel Waters, Jun.,
John Campbell,
Richard Tucker,
Giles Picket.

Daniel Rogers absent at Nottingham. Peter Pearse absent at Newington.

By order of the Committee:

H. WENTWORTH, Chairman.

} Selectmen
State of New-Hampshire,
Portsmouth, August 14, 1776.


George Russell,
James Badger,
Benjamin Muzzy,
Randel McDonell,
James Dickey,
Nathaniel Patten,
Samson Farnsworth,
William Hall,
Daniel Speed, Jun.,
Eason Dix,
Moses Lowell,
Phineas Aten,
Nathaniel Badger,
James Campbell,
James Rollf,
Swallow Tucker,
Samuel Russell,
George Woodward,
James McIntosh,
Matthew Waless,
Robert Seiver,
Isaac Shattuck,
William Spaulding.

In obedience to the above precept, we have taken the count, and our men have all signed it.

We the subscribers:

} Selectmen


Constant Barnay,
Jeremiah Thayer,
Abraham Barrus,
Nathaniel Wipple,
Barnabas Thrasher,
Israel Whipple,
Oliver Barrus,
John Danly
Isaac Benson,
Daniel Reed,
Daniel Greene,
John Holt,
Michael Barrus,
Allis Thayer
John Gansey,
Jere. Thayer, Jun.,
Ichabod Whipple,
Daniel Freeman,
David Barney,
Benjamin Thrasher
Ebenezer Barrus
Abra. Barrus, Jun.,
Timothy Robinson,
Nehemiah Thayer,
Daniel Whipple,
Othneal Day,
Thomas Woolley,
David Hix
Barnard Hix,
Jacob Mump,
Joseph Streeton,
William Aldrich,
Jonah Twitchel,
Ephraim Taft,
Silas Taft
Abraham Man,
Esquire Whipple,
Grindul Thayer,
James Norwood,
John Cass,
Oliver Ormsbee,
James Tilson,
Joseph Cass, Jun.,
Daniel Cass,
Daniel Cass, Jun.,
James Ranar,
Gideon Man,
Ephraim Alen,
Moses Alen,
Joseph Alen,
Jedediah Buffman,
Nathan Harkness,
Moses Tyler,
Solomon Artherton,
Abra. Comstock, Jun
Fran. Norwood, Jun
Joseph Cass,
Ebenezer Ornsle,
Reuben Parker,
John Robinson,
Peter Hoolbrook,
Nathan Woolley,
John Barrus,
Joseph Kazey,
James Kingsley,
Amos Garnsey,
Rufus Whipple,
Jonathan Areterton,
Oliver Garnsey,
Timothy Tomson,
Ezra Ormsbe,
James Westcott,
Solomon Aldrich,
Eli Page,
William Goddard,
Henry Ingalls,
Amos Hix,
Jonathan Bozard,
Jonathan Thurbur,
William Gunney,
Nathan Bullock,
Anthony Harris,
Nathaniel Taft,
Abraham Randul,
Asa Man,
John Cass,
Simeon Thayer,
Jonathan Bools,
Joseph Newel,
John Martem,
George Martem,
Robert Works,
Thomas Crain,
David Russel,
Moses Martin,
Peter Martin,
John Martin, Jun.,
William Cook,
Luke Cass,
Richard Peters, Jun.,
Noah Curtis,
Samuel Curtis,
Amariah Curtis,
Ananias Aldrich,
Samuel Shearman,
Abner Aldrich, Jun.,
Simpson Hammond,
Samuel Hix,
Ephraim Hix,
Edmund Ingalls,
Matherean Ballou,
Richard Peters,
Ebenezer Peters,
Ebenezer Martin,
Israel Peters,
John Wolley,
Ebenezer Cole,
Samuel Carpenter,
Jonathan Jillson,
John Ellis,
Leonard Cass,
Oliver Capron,
Azariah Comstock,
Seth Ballou,
Moses Comstock,
Ezra Day,
Stephen Kiniston,
Jeremiah Bullock,
Oliver Hix,
Abiel Knap,
Abner Aldrich,
Wile Aldrich,
Oliver Mason,
George Cook,
Nathan Aldrich,
Peter Aldrich,
Uriah Harris
Artemas Aldrich,
Enoch White,
Paul Handy
Holab Smith,
Aaron Aldrich,
Thomas Boen,
Joseph Wing,
John Wing,
Jonathan Gaskill,
John Sprague,
Israel Phillips,
Thomas Horton,
Silas Gaskell,
Paul Boyce,
James Below,
Silas Below,
Hezekiah Thurber,
Jonathan Sweet,
Daniel Peters.

Richmond, June 27, 1776.

To the Honourable Provincial Congress:

These do certify the reasons why we, the subscribers, do not sign the resolutions of the Congress, in taking up arms: We do not believe that it is the will of God to take away the lives of our fellow-creatures; not that we come out against the Congress or the American liberties; but whenever we are convinced to the contrary, we are ready to join our American brethren to defend, by arms, against the hostile attempts of the British fleets and armies.

Amos Boorn,
Thomas Ballou,
Enoch White,
William Cook,
Ananias Aldrich,
Thomas Horton,
Luke Cass,
Anthony Harris,
Uriah Harris,
Martin Ellis,
Oliver Mason,
Simeon Thayer.

} Selectmen

August 30, A. D. 1776.


Abraham Wetherbe,
Jeremiah Towne,
William Carlton,
Nehemiah Town,
Benjamin Bancroft,
John Simonds,
Amasa Turner,
Nathan Hubbard,
John Page,
John Townshend,
Ebenezer Lock,
Jeremiah Chapman,
Nathaniel Russell,
Jacob Hobbs,
John Dean,
Salmon Stone,
Enoch Hale,
Seth Dean,
Edward Jewett,
Jonathan Sherwin,
Abel Stone,
William Russell,
Nathaniel Page,
Solomon Cutler,
John Demary,
John Handsom,
Jonathan Sawtell,
John Whitaker,
James Crombie,
John Sherwin,
James Philbrick,
Samuel Tarbell,
Paul Fitch,
Samuel Sherwin,
James Wood,
John Hanaford,
Richard Kimball,
Benjamin Lovering,
Henry Godding,
Joshua Webster,
Ebenezer Shaw,
Joel Russell, Jun.,
Benjamin Carlton,
Abel Platts,
Daniel Davis,
Zebulon Converse,
Isaac Wood,
Benjamin Gould,
Jonathan Ingalls,
Josiah Ingalls,
Jeremiah Norcross,
Elisha Perkins,
Caleb Winn,
Joseph Plats,
Page Norcross,
Samuel Walker,
Aaron Estey,
Ezekiel Larnard,
Simon Davis, Jun.,
Rich Kimball, Jun.,
Daniel Russell,
Jotham Putnam,
Stephen Jewet,
David Hale,
Nathaniel Ingalls,
Nehemiah Bowers,
Richard Thompson,
Samuel Russell,
Francis Towne,
Amos Davis,
Wiliam Davis,
Moses Hale,
George Lake,
James Streetor,
Jonathan Ball,
John Thomson,
Ichabod Thomson,
Eleazer Coffin,
Jephthah Richardson,
Abijah Haskell,
Eliakim Darling,
Asa Sherwin,
Barnabas Cary,
Benjamin Newman,
Jehoshaphat Grout,
John Lovejoy, Jun.,
Othniel Thomas,
John Buswell,
Nehemiah Porter,
Daniel Lake,
Abel Plats,
Reuben Page,
Jonathan Town, Jun.,
Timothy Wood,
Solomon Whitney,
Israel Adams,
Simon Davis,
William Robbins
Jabez Norcross,
Abel Perkins,
Samuel page,
Joel Russell,
Ezekiel Rand,
John Ellis,
Jona. Parker, Jun,
Jonathan Towne,
Thomas Hutchinson,
John Fitch,
Jonathan Parker,
Asa Tyler,
Samuel Parker,


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