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Resolved, That Mr. James Coor, Mr. William Alston, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Lock, Mr. Webb, Mr. Pfifer, Mr. Rutherford, Mr. John Campbell, Mr. Bradford, Mr. Caswell, Mr. Benbury, and Mr. G. Hill, be a Committee to regulate the Militia.

Resolved, That Mr. Hunt, Mr. Lock, and Mr. Person, be a Committee to take an Inventory of the Effects of the Tories, in the possession of Colonel Long.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o’clock.

Thursday, May 2, 1776.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

Mr. John Simpson, one of the Delegates for the County of Pitt, and Mr. Thomas Hunter, one of the Delegates for Chowan County, appeared, subscribed the Test, and took their seats in Congress.

Mr. Nathan Boddie has leave of absence.

Resolved, That Provisions and Ammunition be immediately sent from this place to General Moore, at Wilmington, and that Colonel Long and Mr. Benjamin McCulloch be appointed to carry this order into execution.

Resolved, That the Commanding Officers of the several Battalions issue immediate orders to their several Recruiting Officers to march their Recruits as fast as they shall inlist, and be properly armed, to join General Moore, at Head-Quarters; and that they march under the command of such Officer of the Company as can be best spared; and that the Officers and Soldiers belonging to the Second Battalion, who may be absent on furlough, do immediately join their Battalion, and march to join General Moore, at Wilmington.

Resolved, That ten pieces of the double-fortified Six-pounders, now lying at Newbern, belonging to the Province of South-Carolina, and also any Field-pieces which may be there, be immediately sent off to General Moore’s Head-Quarters, on Cape-Fear River; and that Colonel Long and Mr. Benjamin McCulloch be appointed to see the same done.

Resolved, That John Webb, Esq., be added to the Com missioners for procuring Arms in Halifax County, and that he immediately purchase all such as may be serviceable to the Army, that may be for sale; and that Colonel Long collect all the Arms which may have been taken from the Regulators and Tories, and hold them ready to be delivered to new Recruits, as the Officers may apply for them.

Resolved, That the Chairman of the Committee of Newbern cause the ten pieces of Cannon, ordered to be sent to Wilmington, to be delivered to the order of Colonel Long and Mr. Benjamin McCulloch, and also any Field-pieces which may be there; and that the Chairman receive from Colonel Long, or his order, such Provisions as he may have occasion to leave at Newbern, till further orders.

Ordered, That Robert Goodloe, Joseph Shearing, and Benjamin Seawell, be added to the Commissioners appointed to receive, procure, and purchase, Fire-Arms.

Resolved, That the Arms, Camp-Kettles, and Camp-Equipage, purchased by Mr. Charles Jacocks for this Province, be immediately delivered to Lieutenant Jacob Pollock, of Colonel Thomas Polk’s Regiment, as the new-raised Recruits are under marching orders to join General Moore, at Cape-Fear, Mr. Jacocks taking Lieutenant Pollock’s receipt for the same.

Mr. Charles McLean and Mr. James Johnston, two of the Members from Tryon County, appeared and took their seats.

Mr. Thomas Rcspiss has leave of absence.

Pursuant to a Resolve of this Congress, Mr. President returned Brigadier General Howe the following Thanks:

Brigadier-General HOWE:

“SIR: I am commanded by the Congress to return you their thanks for your manly, generous, and warlike conduct in these unhappy times, more especially for the reputation our Troops acquired under your command.

“I now, with infinite pleasure to myself, in compliance with that command, return you the thanks of this House for the important services rendered by you to the common cause; and, in particular, for your manly and officer-like xertions during the whole of the late dangerous, important, and critical campaign.”

To which the General returned the following Answer, viz:

“Mr. PRESIDENT: As I have no wish so ardent, no ambition so strong, as that of serving the noble cause to which I have devoted myself, how happy must it make me when, to the pleasing consciousness of having endeavoured to do my duty, you so politely add the approbation of my country. It is a heartfelt and honourable testimony that my efforts have not been wholly unsuccessful; and my felicity upon this occasion can only be increased by considering that I have this publick opportunity of expressing the obligations I feel to be due to those officers and men of every corps under my command, whose ready acceptance and spirited execution of the orders issued, have obtained me the distinguishing honours of this day. Permit me, sir, through you, to assure the honourable Convention that I have the most grateful sense of their favour, and that I conceive the best return I can make is, with zeal and activity, to pursue the dictates of my duty; in which resolution I cannot but persevere, as the good of my country is the end I aim at, and its applause the consequence and reward of promoting it. Accept, sir, my thanks for the manner in which you have so obligingly conveyed tome the sense of your honourable House.”

Ordered, That James Burnside, now on parole at Halifax, be discharged from the same.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o’clock.

Friday, May 3, 1776.

The Congress met, according to adjournment.

Ordered That the parole of Robert Acheson, Midshipman of the Syren, now within the limits of the Town of Halifax, be extended five miles without the limits of the same.

Resolved That Thomas Alderson be appointed Ensign in Captain Simon Alderson’s Company of the Regulars in this Province, in the room of James McKinnie.

Resolved, That Christopher Lacky be appointed Second Lieutenant in Captain John Enloe’s Company of the Fifth Regiment in this Province, in the room of  .  .  .  .  .  .  whorefuses to act.

Resolved, That the Members of this and all future Congresses shall be allowed ten Shillings per day for their attendance on the same, and their ferriages, and travelling to and returning home from said Congresses.

Resolved, That one hundred Pounds be granted towards finishing the Fort at Hanging-Point, on Neuse River, and that the said Fort be garrisoned by a Captain and twentyfour men.

Resolved, That John Daly be appointed Captain and Commander of the said Fort.

Resolved, That the said John Daly be appointed Commissary to the Troops to be garrisoned at Hanging-Point.

Resolved, That the three Southern Independent Companies, ordered to be raised in this Province, shall consist of no more Privates than sixty.

Resolved, That Micajah Little be appointed Second Lieutenant in Captain William Brinkly’s Company of the Third Regiment, in the room of Christopher Lakcy, removed to Captain Enloe’s Company, in the Fifth Regiment.

Resolved, That Colonel Long be requested to receive his Excellency General Lee at the line of this Colony, with a proper detachment of Troops, and escort him to Halifax.

Resolved, That the Proceedings of the Provincial Coun cil be taken under consideration to-morrow.

Mr. Hancock and Mr. Hogan have leave of absence.

Resolved, That the Commissioners for purchasing Guns in the Counties of Orange and Granville, be empowered to purchase Drums and Fifes for the Regiments ordered to be raised.

Resolved, That fifteen hundred Privates of the Militia, under proper Officers, be immediately drafted from the Districts of Edenton, Newbern, Halifax, and Wilmington, in the following manner, and march as quick as possible to Wilmington, on Cape-Fear, for the protection of this Province, to wit:

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