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Wilmington District incorporated into six Companies: From New-Hanover sixty-three, Onslow sixty-three, Duplin sixty-three, Brunswick sixty, Bidden sixty-three, Cumberland sixty-three.

Newbern District into seven Companies: From Dobbs one hundred and thirteen, Craven one hundred and twenty-two, Johnston fifty, Pitt fifty, Beaufort twenty-five, and Hyde twenty-five, in one Company.

Edenton District into seven Companies: From Bertie fifty, Martin fifty, Tyrrell fifty, Hertford fifty, Chowan fifty, Perquimans fifty, Pasquotank seventy-five.

Halifax District into seven Companies: From Halifax one hundred, Edgecomb one hundred, Bute one hundred, Northampton seventy-five.

Resolved, That the said Militia shall be divided into two Battalions, and that Thomas Brown, Colonel, James Arm strong, Lieutenant-Colonel, and James Moore, (of Duplin,) Major, be appointed to command that part of the Militia to be drafted from the District of Newbern and Wilmington; and that Philemon Hawkins, Jun., Colonel, Peter Dauge, Lieutenant-Colonel, and Drury Gee, Major, be appointed to command that part of the Militia to be drafted from the District of Edenton and Halifax.

Whereas it appears from a paper signed by Abraham Childers, Cornet in the First Troop of Light-Horse commanded by Captain Dickerson, that he had taken seven new Rifle-guns, with their moulds and wipers, from Arthur Moore, of the County of Orange, for the use of the Continental Army:

Resolved, That the said Abraham Childers has acted without authority, and with violence, evil in its example, and dangerous to the security of private property:

Wherefore, it is Ordered, That the said Captain Dickerson be required to bring the said Abraham Childers before this House forthwith, to answer for the said misbehaviour; and that the said Captain Dkkerson cause the said Guns to be restored to the said Arthur Moore.

Resolved, That the vacancies in the Second Regiment of Continental Troops raised in this Province be filled up, and the following persons appointed, viz:

Jarnei Gee, Captain, in the room of Captain Invin Toole, who has resigned, and that he rank as Fifth Captain; John Heritage, Captain, in the room of Captain Simon Bright, resigned, and that he rank as Sixth Captain; Philip Lowe, First Lieutenant, of Captain John Heritage’s Company; Joseph Worth, Robert Fenner, Thomas Standings, James Martin, Clement Nash, John Ingles, Second Lieutenants; John Craddock, Manlove Tarrant, Samuel Smith, and William Tocksey, Ensigns; John Ingles appointed Adjutant to the Second Regiment.

Prisoners, and Places of Destination.

Peter Hay, bail five hundred Pounds; Robert Gillis, bail five hundred Pounds; William Gibbs, enlarged, and to give security to the Committee of Onslow County, in the sum of five hundred Pounds; Conner Dowd, bail one thousand Pounds; William Bourke, parole to Northampton; Darcy Fowler to Duplin, Alexander McLean to Granville, —— Frazier to Halifax, Thomas Collins to Halifax, William Draper to Bertie, William Clarke to Nixonton, John Doak to Orange, with leave of one month to remove his effects from Cumberland; Duncan McNiell, bail; Angus Campbell, parole in Guilford, under the care of the Rev. James Campbell, with leave of fourteen days to remove his effects; Alexander Stewart, parole to Granville; James Lowe and Robert Adams, (who shot Captain Dent,) to Halifax Jail; George Micklejohn, parole in Perquimans, in that part of said County on the south side of the river, with leave of fourteen days to prepare himself; James Hunter, parole in Bute; George Mylne, bail two thousand Pounds.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o’clock.

Saturday, May 4, 1776.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

Ordered, That Colonel Long deliver to Mr. Henry Giffard, a certain Horse belonging to him, which Cudrick Mc Donald rode to Halifax, with a Saddle and Bridle.

Ordered, That Mr. Samuel Ashe, Mr. Parmele, Mr. Burgos, Mr. Gee, Mr. Penn, and Mr. Hooper, be added to the Committee of Inquiry,

Ordered, That Robert Adams, a Prisoner now in Halifax Jail, be enlarged, on his giving security, in the sum of fifty Pounds, for his good behaviour.

Mr. Solomon Sheppard has leave of absence.

Ordered, That Alexander McLean have leave to take his Horse, Bridle, and Saddle, now in the possession of Colonel. Long.

The Committee appointed to take under consideration the better regulation of the Militia of this Province, reported as follows:

Having weighed and duly considered the critical and dangerous situation we are in, and that open hostilities are commenced against us at one and the same time by our implacable enemies and their adherents, at every place assailable, are of opinion, that for the better and more effectual defence and protection of the Colony, the Militia thereof shall be divided into six Brigades, viz: one in each District, each Brigade to be under the command of a Brigadier-General.

That the Militia of every County shall consist of all the effective men from sixteen to sixty years of age, and shall be formed into one Regiment, under the command of a Colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel, and two Majors, except where the Congress have or may appoint two or more Regiments in a County, in which case such Regiment shall be commanded agreeable to the particular appointment. Every Regiment shall be divided into Companies of not less than fifty rank and file, two Sergeants, two Corporals, one Drummer, and one Fifer; each Company to be under the command of a Captain, Lieutenant, and Ensign. That every Company shall be divided into five Divisions; one Division to consist of all the more aged and infirm men; the other four Divisions shall draw lots for the first, second, third, and fourth turns to go on service, and shall be numbered according to such lots.

Resolved, That the foregoing arrangement shall imme diately, upon notice hereof, be made in every County in this Colony by the Field and Subaltern Officers, each in his respective department. That every Captain immediately upon such arrangement, (afterwards every six months,) shall return a Muster-Roil of his Company divided into Divisions, and numbered as aforesaid, to the Commanding Officer of the Regiment, under pain of forfeiting five Pounds for every default; and the Commanding Officers of each Regiment shall make an exact Return from such lists, within one week after he shall have received the same, to the Brigadier-General of the District, under pain of forfeiting fifty Pounds for every default.

That the Commanding Officer of every Regiment shall, whenever required thereto by the Brigadier-General of his District, order a General Muster at the most convenient place in his Regiment, under pain of forfeiting fifty Pounds for every default, provided that he shall not call them together more than twice in one year; and every Captain shall muster and train his Company, divided into Divisions as before directed, once in every month at least, and oftener if directed by the Commanding Officer, under pain of for feiting forty Shillings for every default. And every Soldier who shall neglect or refuse to attend the general and private musters, shall be subject to such penalties and forfeitures as are provided by the Militia laws in force in this Province. That the Brigadier-Generals respectively shall return one exact Muster-Roll of all the Officers and Soldiers of their respective Brigades, distinguished into their proper Compa nies and Divisions, to the Executive power which shall be established, once every year, and oftener if required, under penalty of one hundred Pounds for every default.

Resolved, That the Field-Officers of every Regiment be empowered to employ one or more Adjutant or Adjutants to train and discipline the Men, who shall attend every General and Private Muster for that purpose; and every such Adjutant shall be allowed ten Shillings for every Muster he shall so attend.

Resolved, That each Militia Soldier shall be furnished with a good Gun, Bayonet, Cartouch-Box, Shot-Bag and Powder-Horn, a Cutlass or Tomahawk; and where any person shall appear to the Field-Officers not possessed of sufficient property to afford such Arms and Accoutrements, the same shall be procured at the publick expense, and given to such person upon every muster day, and when he shall be ordered to march; and whenever the service of mus tering or marching shall be concluded, the said Arms and


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