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even should he be willing to supply the troops raised here on the same terms he does the others.

The Provincial Congress of New-York were not only directed “to contract for the troops employed for the defence of that Colony,” but the method directed appeared the most eligible, as the larger the contract offered, the more reasonable terms were to be expected, and could be afforded.

Should Congress determine to supersede what has been done in this Colony, as far forth as it relates to the Pennsylvania Battalions, we will endeavour to make the best terms we can with Mr. Livingston as to that part of his contract, and are inclined to believe he will not take any unreasonable advantages of the gentlemen bound to him in the contract, or of the publick.

Whatever further directions Congress may think proper in their wisdom to give in the premises, we would wish to receive with all convenient speed.

We have the honour to be, most respectfully, your most obedient, humble servants.

Ordered, That a copy thereof be engrossed, and signed by the Chairman, and transmitted.

Die Mercurii, 10 ho. A. M., March 27, 1776.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Mr. William Paulding, Chairman.

FOR NEW-YORK.—Mr. Sands, Mr. Beekman, Colonel McDougall, Mr. John V. Cortlandt.

FOR ALBANY.—Colonel P. R. Livingston.

FOR DUTCHESS.—Colonel Morris Graham, Mr. Everson.

FOR ORANGE.—Mr. Cuyper.

FOR CUMBERLAND.—Colonel William Williams.

FOR KING’S.—Mr. Leffertse.

FOR SUFFOLK.—Mr. Tredwell.


FOR RICHMOND.—Mr. Adrian Bancker.

Mr. Nicholas Low returned to the Committee of Safety, with an order of this Committee, dated the 21st instant, permitting him to export Provisions and Lumber to the West-Indies, to the amount of eight hundred and ninety-six Pounds and nine Pence, in return for Military Stores imported into the Colony of New-York, and formerly sold and delivered to the Committee of Safety of the Colony. Mr. Low requests that Mr. Joseph Lewis may have permission on his behalf, to export the value of two hundred Pounds, in Provisions, Lumber, or any other kind of produce of this Colony, from Suffolk County, in this Colony, to the West-Indies; and that the said sum of two hundred Pounds be deducted from Mr. Low’s said permit.

This request appearing to the Committee to be reasonable, and agreeable to the Resolutions and practice of the Continental Congress,

Ordered, That Mr. Joseph Lewis be permitted to export Provisions, Lumber, or produce of any kind, from Huntington, in Suffolk County, or any other part of Suffolk County, to the amount or value of two hundred Pounds, and no more; and that the Committee of Inspection, or such other Committee, at Huntington, or in any other part of Suffolk County as may have the care and direction of exports, see that Mr. Lewis do not exceed this permit in the value of his exports; and that Mr. Lewis be accountable to them to show from time to time the value and quantity of the articles to be by him exported, before they are exported, and to give all due proof and satisfaction relative thereto to such Committee or Committees.

And Ordered, That such Committees make proper returns thereof to this Committee of Safety, or the Provincial Congress, to enable them to make return to the honourable Continental Congress, of the quantity and value of such Exports, agreeable to a Resolution of the Continental Congress, dated the 26th day of December last past, in such cases provided.

And Ordered; That the General Committee of the City and County of New-York, or their sub-Committee for Exports, deduct the sum of two hundred Pounds from Mr. Low’s said permission to export, and permit him to export on his said order of the 21st day of March instant, only the amount or value of six hundred and ninety-six Pounds and nine Pence, and no more.

Colonel Brewer, the Barrackmaster-General, sent in to the Committee of Safety a memorandum, which was read and filed. He thereby signifies that he would want eight hundred and thirty-four Pots and one hundred Tea-Kettles, for five thousand men hourly expected. The said memorandum, or request, also mentions a supply of Wood, for which he will give a receipt that will bring the money.

Ordered, That Colonel Brewer be informed that Mr. Abraham Livingston is, by contract, to supply the Army with Wood.

And Colonel Curtenius is hereby repuested to give assistance or directions to Colonel Brewer, to enable him to get the number of Pots he wants; and to be so kind as to give any assistance, advice, or directions, he conveniently can, to Colonel Brewer, as to the procuring any necessaries Colonel Brewer may have occasion to procure.

Colonel Curtenius attended, and informed the Committee that he is much in want of cash to enable him to comply with the order of the Provincial Congress for purchasing necessaries for the Troops raising in this Colony, and other orders which he has received.

Ordered, That Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esq., as Treasurer of the Congress of this Colony, advance to Peter T. Curtenius, as Commissary of the Provincial Congress of this Colony, the sum of five thousand Pounds, on account, and take a receipt for the same.

Mr. Abraham Livingston attended, and delivered to the Committee a Bond from Philip Livingston and John Alsop, Esquires, and himself, in the sum of thirty thousand Pounds, conditioned for fulfilling his contract for victualling the Troops in this Colony.

The said Bond was read and filed; and Mr. Abraham Livingston requested an order on the Treasurer for five thousand Pounds, pursuant to the agreement of the Provincial Congress, on the 15th day of March instant, and the 22d power given by the Provincial Congress to the Committee of Safety:

Ordered, therefore, That Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esquire, as Treasurer of the Provincial Congress of this Colony, advance to Abraham Livingston, as contractor for victualling the Continental Troops in this Colony, the sum of five thousand Pounds, on account, in that department, Mr. Abraham Livingston to he accountable, and to give his receipt to the Treasurer for the same.

Ordered, That Captain Charles Alexander and Lieutenant John Hennessey be at liberty to inlist William Craig, a prisoner, now confined in the Jail of this City, and take him with them to Philadelphia; and that the said William Craig be discharged from confinement on the request of those gentlemen.

Ordered, That John McDonald immediately proceed to Orange County, and apply to Thomas Smith, Esq., for information relative to a Lead-Mine, (formerly mentioned by Mr. Smith in Congress as very valuable,) in some part of the said County; and that Mr. McDonald take Mr. Smith’s advice and direction relative to the same.

And Ordered, That the said John McDonald (after having explored such Mine or Mines in Orange County as Mr. Smith, or such other person or persons as Mr. Smith shall recommend him to for advice and assistance, shall point out to him) proceed to the Little-Nine-Partners, in Dutchess County, and there apply to Colonel Morris Graham and Jonathan Landon, Esq., and take their advice and direction relative to Lead-Mines in Dutchess County; that Mr. McDonald carefully explore such Mines in Dutchess County as he may be advised to explore by Colonel Graham and Mr. Landon, and to report the state and quality of all such Mines, both in Orange and Dutchess County, as he shall or may explore, to this Committee, with all convenient speed.

A Letter from Christian Jacobson, Chairman of the Committee of Richmond County, was read. They thereby return the names of persons for Field-Officers, and inform the Committee that they have divided the County into four Districts; that they will speedily hold elections for Captains and Subalterns, and return their names to be commissioned.

Ordered, That Mr. Bancker write a Letter to the Committee of Richmond County, requesting him to transmit the names of such persons for Field-Officers as they may be assured will serve when they return a list of Captains and Subalterns.

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